Best Products To Make Hair Grow

Hair is probably the most beautiful feature that can make you look simply gorgeous. The strong and shiny hair, along with a nice hair style, can enhance your beauty and gives you a more appealing personality. For this it’s vital that you use the best hair products. For looking good, there should not be any kind of compromise in the selection of hair products. To look stunning get the best hair products and enhances the quality of hair.

The most important care of recuperating the hair quality is to select best shampoo and conditioner. The selection of these products should be done keeping in mind the quality and nature of hair. These days lots of hair products are available that are specifically designed keeping in mind different nature of hair. The most important challenge for you lies in the selection of best hair products that can match with your hair texture. For eg. If you have oily hair then pick those shampoo and conditioner that are for oily hair so that the hair can get the bounce and shine that it deserves.

If you are not sure which is the best shampoo and conditioner for you, then you can take help of the beauticians. They can guide you in a proper way and will help you to pick best products for yourself. Another alternative is the natural hair products. The natural product doesn’t have any ill effects on the hair and gives you the additional supplements that your hair requires.

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Frequently Asked Questions

    what are the best hair products to make your hair grow faster and healthy?
    im talking bout shampoo, greases, conditioners, etc. no matter the price.
    i have a afro and am trying to get my hair twisted or braided before school starts in the fall

    • ANSWER:
      There are some vitimins you can take take to enhance growth and make your hair healthier. I think its Vitimin E.

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    What is the best hair products to use to make your hair grow longer and stronger?

    • ANSWER:
      Okay. Your Avatar indicates that you’re a sista. Okay mama you need products for your specific hair type, moisture but, won’t clog pores. There is this new product. It’s all natural, won’t strip the hair of moisture and nourishes like crazy. They have vitamins, and hair treatments. You HAVE to use products that work from the inside out. Besides their vitamins last longer in your body so they work better. Others run right through you. You end up peeing them out. Anyway, someone told me about them and they’re website is I think they are doing some work on their site and it’s down temporarily. But, try them. Trust me. If it worked for my hair (which has NEVER been long but, now is longer than it’s ever been) it could work for you.

    Best afro hair products to help make my hair grow longer and thicker?
    Ok, I’ve had my hair pressed and i had it in curls, which has made my hair in the back thin and the in the front short and in the middle it’s longer, so my hair is really crazy!! I’ve tried a couple products but it seems my hair is not growing, and i was just wondering if anybody had any suggestions of what i could do to make my hair longer, stronger and thicker REAL FAST!!

    • ANSWER:
      Hi Bonita, I’m a hairstylist (27 years) and have worked in a predominantly black salon owned by one of my bestfriends. It sounds as if you are having breakage, either caused by a chemical relaxer or too hot of a pressing iron. One important thing to remember if you chemically relax, is that relaxed hair breaks easier. When the relaxer is applied, a certain amount of the cuticle layer (the outermost layer of your hairshaft) is removed. So, when the new hair grows out you have two diameters of hair on the same shaft, and it is at this very spot, where the diameters change, that breakage most often happens. To help prevent breakage, regular touch-ups are important.

      I would start with a good haircut. I know since you’re trying to grow it out this is the LAST thing you want to hear, but with trimming your stylist determines how much is going to come off, breakage is random and greater. One of the best product brands you can buy at a regular retail store is Nexxus. I would recommend Therappe shampoo, it’s high in moisture. For your conditioner, I recommend the Humectress, use this after every shampoo, you can even leave in a small amount for additional conditioning. Lastly I would recommend the Kerafix reconstructor, only use this every third shampoo. Reconstructors are heavy in protein and help rebuild degraded hair, but when they enter the hairshaft they push out moisture. Too much protein will dry hair out and cause breakage. It is important to use reconstructor to help rebuild the hair, just make sure you don’t over use it, and that you always follow your reconstructing treatments with a moisturizer. Within a few weeks you should notice a significant difference in the condition of your hair.

      Remember that the average head of hair only grows about one half inch in length a month, and with curly hair it seems like less because of the tightness of the curl. If the hair is healthy you will maintain that month’s growth on your ends, but if it is dry and brittle you will lose the length gained in breakage of the older hair. Another thing, dry hair does not need heavy oils, they don’t penetrate the hair shaft. What dry brittle hair needs mostly is moisture. You will notice softer, lighter (in texture) hair with the Nexxus products, your hair will be shinier and fuller, never heavy or oily. Hope this helps, best wishes!

      EDITED TO ADD; Paul Mitchell makes a GREAT product to add to the above regime, it’s called Super Skinny. It’s silicone based, looks like a clear, oily gel. Put a small amount in your hair after shampooing and conditioning, right before styling. After your styling is completed, you can add a tiny bit more if desired. This product smells fantastic, and adds unbelievable shine, while taming flyaway hair. Caution… too much will make your hair appear oily, use less than you think you’ll need, you can always add more if desired.

    What are the best products to make African hair grow?
    I have fine african hair that falls on my neck and I don’t want to wear braids to make them longer. What products would you recommend to make them grow really fast? Thank you!!! :)

    • ANSWER:
      There are herbal oils that work really well. Generally products containing mint (to stimulate the follicles to produce more growth) and rosemary essential oil, lavender essential oil… nettle, and castor oil work better than those containing petroleum and mineral oil. There is tons of info on the web about how to get our hair to grow. I found Cathy Howse really informative and her suggestions make a lot of sense. I know that after cutting out certain products my hair grew down to my waist. I now make and sell hair care products that help to grow out hair fast and my products contain no petroleum, mineral oil, or sulfates.
      Sites that can help and Steffie Francais Hair Care on Facebook.

      Hollywood Beauty sells pretty good oils and hair creams, you can buy their products nearly anywhere. Also, African Pride’s Herbal Oil is one of my favorite store brought oils.
      For shampoo, I’d say Sally Beauty’s HairOne
      For conditioner, Suave Professionals Shea Butter, Mirra’s Pomegranate, and Renpure (Walgreens usually sells it)
      Aussie’s 3 minute miracle is great for deep conditioning
      Aussie’s leave in conditioner is pretty good
      and for heat protection you can’t beat Sally Beauty’s Silk Elements Olive spray

    what are the best hair products to grow hair long?
    I need some hair products (under !) that make my hair stronger, that fix or help repair split ends, and make my hair shinier.

    I really want to grow my hair long but i’m not sure what products really help!

    i want to grow my hair about 3 inches longer
    i mean actual products, like deep conditioners, balms, etc, not pills

    • ANSWER:

    best products to make your hair grow faster?
    is there any really good shampoo/conditioners that will make my really short layers grow out faster? also, any that make your hair really straight without having to straighten it a lot? i’ve tried garnier and pantene for the straightening, but neither seem to do that good of a job. any suggestions?

    • ANSWER:
      There is nothing that has been scientifically tested to make your hair grow faster.Well there are a lot that claim they do but I have yet to see any. There is a product called Nioxin that is help promote hair growth and help stop hair loss. It`s a great product. I recommend taking Supper Biotin (found at GNC) Nioxin also has a daily vitamin that has Biotin. Just eat right, get enough sleep, and don`t be stressed, and your hair will grow at it`s normal pace. Most important to help your hair grow fast is……..Your stylist! Make sure your have good communication with him or her. Don`t jump around to different salons because we all do hair different. As fare as a product I highly recommend Silky Smooth Moisture Serum by: TGI. Its awesome! but honestly there is no easy way to get silky shinny smooth hair without a little work;o) OH!! A good ceramic flat iron is essential If you spent under it`s probably not good enough.

    What is the best product to use to make your hair grow. I’ve tried mane & tail, salon products, hair vitamins
    My hair has always taken it’s good ole time growing, I dont know if it has anything to do with that I have natural curly hair. (tight curls) It seems like Ive tried everything and nothing works. If you know of anything that truely does work. let me know.

    • ANSWER:
      GNC has a supplement called “Nourishair” that makes the hair grow faster, you can read what’s in it by googling it. Be warned these pills are HUGE and you have to take 2 a day.
      Also ProCaps labs sells a “hair skin and nails” formula that does the same thing, supports hair growth and health, and is smaller and easier to swallow.
      If you take only Biotin [sometimes known as "vitamin H" ] alone, make sure you take at least 2.5 milligrams or 2500 micrograms [the same thing] a day because thats’ a good amount to take. I use the Nourishair supplement from GNC now and my hair is growing faster than it did, but it took about 6 to 8 weeks of daily use to see results

    What is the best thing to make hair grow faster?
    Out of shampoos, pills, etc, what is the best product to grow my hair long very quick?

    • ANSWER:
      Sea Kelp works pretty well, as it is a natural source of iodine – a chemical naturally secreted by your thyroid gland. It helps your hair and nails to grow, and can help your skin too.
      My hair grows so slowly…kelp was advised to me and i’ve been taking it for about a year and i can see a difference. Thats the only thing…it takes a while to get into your system but it’s pretty cheap to buy from health food stores.
      Other advice i got from my hairdresser was to stop straightening my hair every day, and use a good heat protecting spray when styling my hair – i use this every time i style my hair and i’ve seen a massive difference.
      Hope this helps! x

    what are the best hair products to use when trying to make your hair grow?

    • ANSWER:
      I use all Mane ‘N Tail Hair Products. I’ve noticed a lot of growth, but it does not work over night. I’ve been using their products for over 6 months now. Especially their Carrot Oil Cream and Reconstructor Protein Conditioning Treatment and shampoo and Conditioner. I just started using their leave in conditioner .

      I message my scalp and hair with their Carrot Oil Cream at least twice a week, and it’s done wonders for me. Messaging your scalp and adding moisture is the key for hair growth.

    What are the best African-American Hair Products to make you hair grow much longer in know time?
    I am tring the following products:
    Olive Oil hair shampoo and hair mostiuriser
    Carol’s Daughter shampoo and balm
    I tried Dr.Miracale didn’t help at all



    • ANSWER:
      I’m not African American (rather Native American,) but I have pretty dry, thick, medium-coarse straight hair. Generally, dry hair tends to break, and if you want it to grow long, it has to be kept moisturized so you keep what you have. The olive oil shampoo is a good idea, and you might want to try Luster’s Pink or Motions Hair Lotion (I use this every day to keep my short hair from sticking up straight.) I didn’t much like the stronger smell of the Luster’s Pink or Pink Light, and I remember one time when I was on assignment, bees came after me (it smells like coconut cake.)

    What is good to make your hair grow?? or What products are best?
    Now matter What product i use my hair doesn’t seem to grow and it doesn’t get healthy. i need products or secret recepies to put on my hair to help it grow! have any ideas?

    • ANSWER:

    Hair products to make hair grow longer faster Best answer will be chosen!!!?
    Hey what products can make your hair grow longer faster? This can be natural or a product out there. Any links or anything would help. Oh and if you have time what is your favorite hair style that is medium to long length hair for ages 12-14?? Just wondering….. lol I think of random questions in my head.

    • ANSWER:
      The ultimate truth is that for hair to grow longer, we have to eat healthy, exercise adequately, reduce stress and most important sleep well. Include B-complex, B6, and vitamin C, E to make up for any deficiencies.To Know more about your hair will help you.

    what are the best hair products to make your hair grow?

    • ANSWER:
      Hair grows from the roots which are in your scalp fed by the blood supply, ensure you have a good balanced diet and you’ll get healthy hair, but nothing will make it grow faster.

    What is the best way to make my hair grow?
    I’m 26 and am growing my hair by braiding. I’m not balding but I want to know what is the BEST hair product and BEST way to increase hair growth, strength, and length. Thanks

    • ANSWER:
      You should buy a hair, skin & nails vitamins. I’ve been using Natures Bounty hair, Skin and nails vitamins and i they have givin me great results.. My hair has grown alot. or you can also buy Biotin Vitamins Instead, biotin helps the hair grow. Also i have heard some really great reviews on Sulu Max Grow you can check their website out. They also have Reviews on SULU MAX Grow on Youtubem, you can check them out.
      NATURES BOUNTY HAIR, SKIN & NAILS VITAMINS: you can check out the product from

      rite aid.



      Massage your scalp with your fingertips (not your nails) daily to stimulate and promote circulation to your scalp and reduce excess fallout. Invert your head while you shampoo &
      massage your scalp. This helps promote blood circulation to the head…also take biotin vitamins.ive been taking hair skin & nails vitamins from rite aid and my hair has been growing =] im so happy with my are some remedies you can do.

      herbs for hair growth:
      Stinging nettle

      -Mix rosemary with cleansing shampoo and apply in your hair. It works as a good anti-dandruff treatment.

      -Massage the oil of arnica, marigold, rosemary and southernwood into the scalp. It is very useful in hair loss.

      -Make an aloe vera shampoo. When combined with wheat germ oil and coconut milk, aloe vera gel makes a shampoo to promote hair growth. Use the shampoo as often as you wash your hair.

      -Use aloe vera gel to treat the areas of the scalp that are going bald. Aloe vera contains an enzyme that helps promote new hair growth for some people. The gel can be applied directly to the scalp, as aloe vera typically has no side effects.

      1.Drinking plenty of water and eating plenty of raw fruits and vegetables is probably the best way to achieving healthy hair.

      2.Vitamins B, C, F, zinc, iron, copper and protein are essential for hair growth.

      3. Brush your hair gently with preferably wooden brushes to increase hair growth.

      4.Boil 1 cup of celery leaves with stems, strain and add juice of 1 lemon. You can
      rinse your hair with this after washing your hair. It makes your hair look healthy
      and lustrous.

      5.Lavender oil has been shown to increase hair growth so massage the oil once a week and soak for 30 minutes before washing.

      6.If one wants to grow hair, trim the hair once every month.

      7.Never brush the hair when it is wet.

      8.Massage aloe vera gel over the scalp and leave it for about one hour.After this rinse the hair with warm water. It gives amazing results for hair growth.

      9.Rinsing your hair with apple cider vinegar and sage tea helps in hair growth

      10.Boil rosemary leaves in water and use this water while washing your hair daily to improve hair growth.

      11.Massaging your scalp vigorously with your fingers promotes hair growth.

      12.Rinsing your hair with one juiced lemon and one cup of water is said to bring
      life and shine back to dull hair.

      13.Rub olive oil into the scalp to promote hair growth.

      14.Massage the scalp with egg yolk, leave for 1 hour and wash.

      15.Rub olive oil into the scalp to promote hair growth.

      16.Rinse hair with a mix of apple cider vinegar and sage tea to help hair grow.

      Lavender oil – It is a popular oil for hair growth. It has been proved that application of
      lavender oil on regular basis has a significant effect on the growth of hair.

      Jojoba oil – This hair oil can be used if your hair type is dry. Jajoba oil will help to moisturize your dry hair when applied on regular basis. It can also be used before shampooing your hair to get a tangle free soft hair.

      Olive oil – Olive oil when applied on regular basis helps to strengthen your hair and improve the hair quality. This is because it helps to reduce the stress and also provide elasticity to your hair.

      Castor oil – Commonly used for hair growth. However this oil is very sticky so it can also be used in combination with other hair oils like coconut oil or almond oil for best results.

      Coconut oil – Coconut oil is commonly used for dry and damaged hair as it provides appropriate lubricant. The different nutrients in coconut oil like calcium, iron, potassium and magnesium provide good nourishment for the hair.

      Rosemary herbal oil – This oil is commonly used for flaky unwanted dandruff on the scalp.

      Almond oil – Almond oil helps to repair and strengthen your hair.

      HOPE I HELPED =)

    What is the best products to make your hair grow.?

    • ANSWER:
      eating healthy

    What is the best product to use to grow you hair and make it more manageable?
    I really need a product to grow my hair and make it more manageable because I am African American and I want my hair as well as me to look good. Please give me your feedback and tell me the best product out there


    • ANSWER:
      I would suggest KerraKare or Mizani products. They are used at many black salons and aren’t found at drug stores. They are at black beauty supply stores and are a little pricey but work wonder full.
      I would also suggest a good hair reconstructor. A reconstructor is a super super super conditioner and repairs any damage caused by chemicals such as relaxers. You hair will come out SOFT AS EVER. You can buy a bottle/jar of it ranging -25. KerraKare a a good one and also Nexus. There also is another good brand called Vitale hair reconstructor and its at most black hair stores. But don’t use reconstructor everytime you wash your hair because it is possible that your hair can become over conditioned.
      Invest in a really good flat iron and you want ceramic plates because they don’t cause as much hair damage. If you have time don’t blowdry hair before flat ironing. If you have time let it airdry or if you have a dryer sit under it. Blowdrying adds damage to it even before it is Flat Ironed.
      Make shure you have a good hair shine product/polisher.
      Also a good mosturizer is great but nothing so oily such as lusters wich is horrible for hair. Try motions at home motruizer or Kerrakare that both aren’t as oily. At night time make shure you mosturizer the edges of you hair so they don’t break.
      When in doubt go to the salon at least on once every 2 months.

      and to make it grow take hair vitamins. Hair vitamins work wonders!!

    What are the best products for making hair grow faster? Plz Help!?
    I really want my hair to be long my the end of the year or before. Right now I have a bob and just started using Mane n Tail shampoo plus the conditioner. Are there any other products that will make my hair grow faster?

    • ANSWER:
      Lavender oil has been shown to increase hair growth so massage the oil once a week and soak for 30 minutes before washing. Try for more details.

    Myhair is cut very short and i miss it being longer! whats the best hair product to make it grow faster?
    any kind of a really good shampoo that helps your hair to grow faster?

    • ANSWER: is your solution. The recipes and tricks worked like a miracle for me.

    What are the best hair products for MultiRacial hair?
    Well I’m Black puerto rican and Native american .
    What would be the best leave in conditioner and best shampoos? I want to keep my hair curly but LONG . What are some of the best products to make my hair grow fast ? And also, what are some of the best oils for straightening my hair?

    • ANSWER:
      Kinky Curly Knot Today is an amazing leave-in.
      Non sulphate shampoos are best (list of them here: )

      Products don’t grow hair. Hair care does.. keep your hair moist and away from heat and it will grow.

      Do not use oil when you straighten hair. Instead use heat protectants and leave-in conditioner. Flat ironing tutorial here:

    What is the best hair product to make black women’s hair grow?

    • ANSWER:
      Try using intense moisture products. I use Pantene. I deep condition every week. Alot of times its not that your hair doesnt grow, it s the products you put in it to prevent it from breaking off. One of the main reason the hair of African American women does not seem to show length is because of the lack of moisture. I also use DoGro to greese my scalp once a week. I know many are against this, but I remember how thick and long my hair was when my mother did it and the main thing she did was greese my scalp. I have had issues with my hair, especially when I became of age to do it myself. But when I came up with a weekly regimine of intense moisture products, the problems left. I cut my hair on average every 2 years. By the end of the 2nd year my hair is at least to my sholders. Talk to a hair dresser. They probably will tell you not to greese your scalp, but will tell you to get an intense moisturizer for your hair. Remember all those people people with Jheri curls. They all had long hair and it was beceause of that activator!!!!

    What’s the best hair product to make infants hair grow,and not be dry?

    • ANSWER:
      After bathing apply baby oil on your baby’s head.

    What is the best product to make hair grow in the temple area?

    • ANSWER:

    What are the best treatments/products to make my hair grow 2 inches a month?

    • ANSWER:

    Whats the best product to make my hair grow longer quickly?
    I need to add 2 inches to my hair in a month. What product do I use that will work the best and the quickest?

    • ANSWER:
      You need a product that will help against breakage and split ends, and that will stimulate your roots.

    what hair products make your hair grow the most from your shoulders to the middle of your back?
    my hair is at my shoulders and i want it to be in the middle of my back what hair products should i use that is best to make my hair grow how long will this take and no pills

    • ANSWER:

    What is the best product to make your hair grow longer?
    I have extremely thick hair, and I want it to grow to about the bottom of my ribcage…but I get it trimmed once a month so it doesn’t seem to grow very fast. I’ve tried using Mane & Tail because I heard that made it grow faster, but it didn’t work for me…what else could I try?

    • ANSWER:

    What are the best ways/ products to use and make African American hair grow? PLEASE HELP!!!?
    So, my hair just DOES NOT GROW and it barely touches the top of my neck and i want it to grow just a little longer before school starts in september. So if you can tell me some African American shampoos and greases that are reasonably priced that would be great. PLEASE HELP ME!!!!!!!!!! Thanks!!!

    • ANSWER:

    What is the best product to grow hair?
    My hair stops growing at my shoulders or at least it breaks and never fully grows. Is there any product out there that will keep my hair strong and make it grow?? Help!!

    • ANSWER:
      By taking the right steps, though, you can be sure that your hair will grow as fast as your genes will allow it to and that it will not be dull or lifeless. You will not suffer premature loss, either.

      No one cares how fast it grows or how many hairs are on your head, all you care about is that it stays there and grows as fast and as thick as possible. If you want this follow these hair growth tips.

      One of the biggest influences on your hair is your diet. The saying you are what you eat is never more true than for your hair and if you eat junk your hair will show it. Eat a balanced diet, cut out junk food, and quit smoking. Eat plenty of fruit and vegetables to get the vitamins you need.

      Hair is 95% protein and this is why diet is so important. If you lead a busy life and are not sure you are getting the vitamins and minerals you need, take hair growth supplements. These will make sure you get what you need and can also prevent premature hair loss.

      The best way to fast hair growth is through your diet and looking after your hair and scalp.

      If you want your hair to grow faster, change your diet and take hair supplements. This is guaranteed to work and give you thick and healthy hair.

      for Best One Click Source Link

    The best product to grow hair out?
    Im trying to grow out my hair as fast as possible…
    Any products that make it grow any faster?
    I know getting a trim lets your hair grow faster for the next month but please dont give me that answer.
    I just want any products you have in mind.
    like herbel essenses “long term relationship” ?
    or fructis ?
    any other good products??


    • ANSWER:
      i think products like those will help strengthen and make hair healthier so that it will grow faster. i used to use garnier long and strong and i guess it worked. pantene shampoo seems to make me feel like my hair is very healthy too. and anything that repairs is great too since any damage to your hair can set you back. my hair grows really really fast and i don’t know the exact reason but my hair is naturally very straight so it might be that it’s easier to notice. just keep up the trims and stay healthy. OH and take pictures every week and see if you notice a change over the next few months i’m sure that’d be funnn.

    what are the best products/brands for dry/damaged hair and hard to grow long hair?
    like shampoo, conditioner, deep conditioner, also any products that will make your hair grow longer faster

    • ANSWER:
      try hair oil; it really works! put it on at nite before bed and wake up and shampoo it off. usually coconut hair oil works the best but try others to suit ur hair

    what are the best ways/ products to make my hair grow longer?

    • ANSWER:
      Wash you hair daily with conditioner, do treatment weekly, and comb regularly, such activities can stimulate your metabolic rate, and protection. you can massage your hair skin with your figer tips softly before you go to bed (not nail).

    I want to start my hair over again by chopping it off what are some of the best products to use for it?
    my hair broke off severely and now I want to start over again. Whats some of the best hair products to make it grow back faster? Mind you im a mixed female so I would like to know about african american hair products.. Thankyou.

    • ANSWER:

    What products can you put in your hair to make it grow longer ?
    Are there any websites online that sell hair products or some hair sprays that can make your hair grow longer.
    I’m willing to give someone 30 points who can tell me the best online websites to get hair products that promote hair growth !?!

    • ANSWER:
      1) make sure it’s healthy. use lots of conditioner, get it trimmed when need be, etc.
      2) massage your scalp. it increases the blood flow and makes your hair grow faster.
      3) get lots of sleep. your hair grows fastest when you’re resting.
      4) eat as much fruit/veg as you can.
      5) drink 8 glasses of water a day.
      6) exercise at least 3 times a week for half an hour. again, it increases the blood flow.
      7) there are some vitamins you can get from places like Holland & Barrett and Boots.

    What products or naturally is the BEST and fastest way to make hair grow longer?
    i like usually straighten my hair everyday or like 4/5 times a week and i know that it really unhealthy and also that what making my hair stop growing faster, and so i decided to try to stop using it a lot and also already trimmed it or whatever…so help me with the question above!!

    • ANSWER:
      Take a multivitamin, trim your ends every 4 to 6 weeks, drink 8 glasses of water daily, massaging the scalp promotes blood circulation to the scalp which grows hair as well. Stop using heat, limit yourself to once or twice per month and when you do use heat, use a heat protectant. Also, protein is very good for the hair. So drinking protein shakes and using protein on the hair (like Mane n’ tail or Mega Tek) can help, don’t use to much as it can damage the hair. Sulfur or miconazole nitrate also helps with growth, you use both products on the scalp and not the hair. The reason why these products work is because it destroys the bacteria on the scalp that actually stops or slows hair growth. Co wash your hair weekly (meaning wash with conditioner only) and use shampoos that don’t contain alcohol. Remember hair grows 1/2 inch per month on average, on average. That means this is the average person, so that doesn’t mean someones hair can’t grow slower or faster than 1/2 inch per month.

    How do you make your hair grow fast? 10 points for best answer?
    my hair wont grow! any products or foods you can eat to make it longer? member best answer gets 10 points.

    • ANSWER:
      my aunt used mane and tail and her hair grew pretty quickly the only thing is it helps make it
      thick too and i dnt kno if thats wat u want.
      when you brush your hair start from the bottom of your hair and work your way up and hold on to the hair above the section your brushing
      bcuz you will be pulling from you hand instead of from your roots
      and use leave in conditioner
      and massage your scalp for 3 minutes in the shower everyday
      massaging the scalp will stimulate growth and give it time to grow
      also get it trimmed regularly and dont use heat on your hair alot
      and if you are goin to use heat make sure you get a good heat protectant
      and just take really good care of your hair

    What is the best product for helping hair grow FASTER?
    has anyone used any products that have actually worked to make hair grow faster?

    • ANSWER:
      Well there is no product to help your hair miraculously grow faster but you cant o things to help in grow faster: Be kind to your hair, don’t put it in tight ponytails, and don’t try to yank knots out when you get them. Drink lots of water and tke a Multivitamin Supplement. Also use moisturizing shampoo and conditioner. If you you a straightener or curling iron in your hair put heat protection serum in it…When you buy a straightener or any other heat styling tool use ION ceramic, it doesn’t frizz or rip out your hair, you might also try the ION Shampoo and Conditioner for heat products….Check out Sally’s beauty supply. Be very kind to your hair, put it in lose braids when you sleep, unless it is very short. GOOD LUCK!

    Whats the best way to make my hair grow quickly?
    I got my hair cut and its short and I want my hair to grow a lot longer. Any suggestions of hair products or ways to make it grow quicker?

    • ANSWER:
      I would say not to use chemicals on your hair.Why don’t you go for some home remedies. Egg whites, lemon juice, oil massages, reducing stress and diet changes can reduce hair fall and make it healthier.You can find more cheap, effective and natural home remedies for hair loss as well as for healthy hair at…

    What’s the best shampoo/conditioner or hair product you use? Or to grow your hair?
    What’s the product done to improve your hair?
    What’s the best product you’ve used to grow your hair? and make it stronger?

    I’m black, but I don’t believe in black/white products beyond like grease for the scalp, relaxers or gels.

    • ANSWER:

    how to make your hair grow faster in a short period of time

    • ANSWER:
      Lavender oil has been shown to increase hair growth so massage the oil once a week and soak for 30 minutes before washing. Try for more details.

    what is the best product to to make your hair grow strong and thick?

    • ANSWER:

    best product to make you hair grow faster! HELP?!?!?

    • ANSWER:
      Heyy Chicka,
      Hair will grow if it is healthy. Split ends prevent the hair from growing and make it take more time to grow it out. I would suggest Herbal Essences Long Term Relationship shampoo, conditioner, and leave-in creme, because it prevents split ends.
      I would also reccomend Pantene Pro-V Beautiful Lengths Shampoo and conditioner, which also prevent split ends and has Aquacurrent Science, a breakthrough in hair care.

      Herbal Essences-


      Hope I Helped!

    what’s the best hair product to make it grow really fast?

    • ANSWER:

    what is the best products for African American hair?
    im 15 and African American what are the best hair products to tame it and make it grow faster? :)
    thanks for the help!

    • ANSWER:
      carol’s daughter!

      morrocan oil is good too :)

    What is the best way to grow my hair out and make sure that it stays healthy???
    My hair is below my shoulders right now, which is long I guess. But I thought it would be fun to let it grow out even longer for a change. I’m Persian, so my hair is thick and has curls (although I use rollers to get it straight). I use Frizz Ease products, which work great on my hair. I get a haircut every 3 months, and I cut off a little more than an inch.
    So, my hair grows prettys fast, but I’m concerned about it still looking healthy when it gets long. I don’t want long hair, with split ends. That would look horrible! So, what’s the best way of growing my hair out and keeping it healthy???

    • ANSWER:
      Regular trims should keep you from getting split ends. Avoid using heat (blowdrying, hot rollers, etc) on your hair whenever possible as that can cause breakage. Avoid coloring and perming, or do so only occassionally and carefully!.

      According to my hairstylist… a pH balanced shampoo is a must. I’ve had a hard time finding any (except for /bottle at the salon).

    Need to know best hair care for black woman and tips on how to make hair grow when can’t go to hair dresser
    My hair is thin shoulder length.I use motions hair products please help

    • ANSWER:
      Wash and deep condition at least once a week. Limit use of curling irons and flat irons. Limit blow drying, it’s best to use rollers and sit under a hooded dryer. Wrap hair at night with a silk or satin scarf to prevent breakage. Relax hair every six weeks and make sure to have ends trimmed. Do not use a lot of grease or oil in your hair either, it will weigh it down. I only grease my scalp after washing.

    whats the best hair produt to make your hair grow FAST!?
    i really wanna grow my hair out before school starts because i have really short hair, and long hair is way prettier than short. it grows kinda slow so i need to know the not-so expensive products that cn make your hair grow really long, REALLY fast. please help!

    • ANSWER:

      Trim very often
      hair extensions
      put vaseline on the very tips, leave 1 hour and wash
      use, AUSSIE,

    what is the best product to make ur hair grow?

    • ANSWER:
      coconut oil

    whats the best product to make my hair grow really fast?

    • ANSWER:
      coconut oil works! u should try it. i have been leaving it on my head for 3 days and it works great. my hair grew a lil bit in a couple of days. the most effective hair growth pill is called provillus. provillus in the #1 hair growth pill in the market today.

    What’s the best product/treatment to make my hair grow SUPER SUPER fast!?

    • ANSWER:
      Any shampoo or conditioner that tingles your scalp stimulates hair growth. I use john frieda root awakening and it makes my hair grow. I’ve also heard mane and tail works. Be sure to get a trim every 4-6 weeks and don’t use heat tools as much as possible.

    what’s the best product/way to make your hair grow fast?

    • ANSWER:
      Lavender oil has been shown to increase hair growth so massage the oil once a week and soak for 30 minutes before washing. Try for more details.