Grow Healthy Hair

discover the dangers of relaxers and what to do about it!

How can chemicals relax, or straighten hair? Well first of all, as assumed, the chemical would need to be potent enough to do so. Both lye and no lye relaxers are very strong chemicals that work in the same manner by changing the basic structure of the hair shaft.

how does one relax here or straighten hair? By using very powerful chemicals like lye which work to change the basic structure of your hair. Very powerful toxic chemicals penetrate the hair cortex and break down the stricture and pattern of your hair

When you straighten your hair

Step 2: to reverse your hair relaxer

Point is your hair is damaged in a very powerful and dangerous way and no matter how you look at it; it is bad for your hair and scalp! And can and will eventually lead to hair loss

This process of straighten or relaxing your hair will make the hair like hay, weak and fragile and more susceptible to breakages

Once your relax your hair the damage is done and cant be reversed, the only thing you can do is
grow your hair out remove the toxin by products that clog up your hair follicles
You need to understand that relaxes w ill strip the hair of all that makes it hair and it offers no benefit to your hair at all!

So there are a few things you can do
make sure a professional straightens your hair make sure you hair is super healthy before you do damage , a healthy scalp and hair will lessen the damage to your scalp and hair Use a good hair herbal oil that will do the following to your hair. The one that works is Mira hair oil
Mira hair oil will

Grow your hair out
Prevent toxins from seeping into the scalp and blood stream

Use the oil on your hair 2-3 times a week to nourish and repair the damage caused by relaxers, the faster your hair grows, the more you can touch up your relaxers and the faster your can grow healthy hair out

The best bet is not to use relaxers but if you cant then use Mira hair oil to protect your hair and scalp. Always note that the more chemicals you apply to your hair and scalp the greater the damage and long term hair issues. If you dont treat your hair with an oil like MIRA HAIR OIL your hair will become

it is important to remember that if you do relax your hair you must also take it upon yourself to get a good hair oil treatment like Mira hair oil to maintain the look you desire but more importantly to limit damage and then nourish and stimulate healthy, fast and new hair

Try Mira hair oil below

Frequently Asked Questions

    What treatment needed for to grow healthy hair?
    One of my friend is suffering for hair loss.. He is young aged person… But hair losing problem.. Is there any treatment for to grow hair healthy… He needs to stop this hair loses issue.. He having very less hair..He is interested to grow more hair.. Is there any treatment for helps him to grow more hair?

    • ANSWER:
      Good Diet is definitely mandatory but not sufficient as the body’s assimilation process may be faltering. That is where a good nutrition, strengthening and supplementation of the hair-root is a must. It all finally comes to weak hair-roots. So look for solutions to strengthen the hair-root. You would need a supplementation of the hair-root with ingredients that promote the strength of your hair. What you should exactly be looking for is an ideal ph balanced formula that is gentle and works deep in your hair-root.

      The best products for hair maintenance, making them thick and strong from the roots is the Segals Solutions Program. It’s the only professional and dedicated haircare range and specialises in grow hair, making thin lifeless hair with weak roots into thick hair, strong and healthy. It delivers results without harmful chemicals and of course only with natural and organic extracts. See what it contains:

      Saw Palmetto,
      Rosemary extract,
      Gingko Biloba,
      Chamomile extract,
      Roobois extract,
      Willowherb extract,
      Vitamin B5,
      Horsetail extract,
      Grapefruit seed extract,
      Hempseed Oil,
      Jojoba Oil,
      Aloe Vera,
      Shea Butter,
      Wheatgerm extract,
      etc, etc.

      They have shampoos, hair-supplements, formulations, conditioners etc etc. Don’t think anything else in India has such a formidable combination like this to solve your hairloss issue. It is backed by research and trials unlike all commercial products in India. Incredible results – fast and safe. Nothing else will help you so much, infact nothing else has so much in it. Honestly, go for it. They give you a 45 day guarantee for solving hairloss problem, without any ifs and buts and conditions. Google search – ‘Segals Solutions India’ for availability & speak to them; doesn’t cost a penny !

      If you get anything with better ingredients, unhesitatingly go for it. But move fast lest it reaches a stage of desperation and no-return

    Can you still grow healthy hair and color it at the same time?
    I have been coloring my hair for almost 10 years. My natural hair color is a dirty blonde but I color it blonde every 6-7 weeks. Not playboy blonde but pretty blonde for the summer. I want to grow long healthy hair for my wedding next March so I was thinking of going back natural but I’m afraid if I go back natural ill hate the color.

    What should I do? Is there a color that I can still use to keep it healthy? Color it but not as blonde, but will it still be healthy?

    • ANSWER:
      Try the Natural Instincts line by Clairol (if you dye your hair yourself). It keeps it healthy.

    advice or tips on how to grow healthy hair after shaving it bald?
    im 17 and im female. in dec. 2006 i put fusion extentions on my hair and it pulled my hair out in spots. so i am going to shave it all bald this summer. {i plan on buying a nice wig or something}

    is there any websites or any advice or tips on what i should do to make my hair grow back healthy…? vitamins, shampoos and conditioners, treatments to my scalp?

    • ANSWER:
      I don’t know about web sites for this, but I do know what has helped my hair to grow in stronger and faster. Pick an excellent over the counter “high potency” multivitamin and spend a bit of extra money on some folic acid vitamins. Take your vitamins everyday (in doses recommended only). Eat a healthy, balanced diet, and avoid any starvation diets. Massage your scalp daily, or brush it twice a day with a baby brush for a good 15 minutes. Also, avoid blowing your new hair growth with a blow dryer or using irons or heat tools on it. In addition, buy a salon grade shampoo and conditioner to keep your scalp healthy. I like Matrix Volume Therapy, but their Hydra-therapy line is excellent as well. Good luck on your re-growth!

      P.S. I forgot, try to avoid wearing wigs or hats unless absolutley necessary. They can inhibit circulation to the scalp and slow growth. They also can increase the destruction to the new “baby hairs,” so only use the wigs when necessary.

    For men: How do i grow healthy hair naturally?
    I have kind of curly hair, which get split ends and frizzy if i grow it more than 4 inches, and one or 2 patches on my head where their is less hair, not NO hair, less hair. I just shaved my head to really really short, and have dandruff too. what can i do to let it grow healthy, without dandruff and no split ends, real shiny and healthy look naturally? thanks in advance

    • ANSWER:
      Beat two eggs and add two tablespoons of water to it. Wet the hair and apply the egg mixture over the hair. Now massage your scalp and let the mixture on for ten minutes to fifteen minutes. Then rinse the hair with lukewarm water. This will keep both dandruff and hair fall problem away from you. More simple remedies for dandruff at

    I need to grow hair healthy and fast?
    Any suggestions on what to do?
    I’m 13 years old and i recently got a haircut
    that is a few centimeters past my shoulders,layered.
    I dyed my hair a couple of months ago
    and my natural hair color is about two inches long up at the top…
    I want my natural hair color back and long!
    I want to grow my natural hair color out long and healthy.

    • ANSWER:
      Just color your hair at the ends to match your natural hair.

    How to grow long healthy hair?
    I want to grow my hair about three inches by the summer. My hair is fine and only damaged a little, but i blow dry and straighten it everyday. What can i do to make it healthy and make it grow a bit faster? I hear that taking vitamins helps this, and putting vaseline in your hair? I need to wash my hair everyday but is there a good shampoo i could use?

    • ANSWER:
      Use a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner bc hair that is moisturized is less likely to break. Taking occasional breaks from heat styling would help too. The vitamins zinc, biotin, and omega 3′s help grow hair faster. I was told by a doctor. good luck :)

    how to grow long and healthy hair?
    My hair is medium-thick, I used Aussie 3 minute miracles deep conditioner every time I was my hair (which is like 2 times a week). I started taking vitamins and I don’t use any heat on my hair whatsoever but my ends feel dry which is weird because I put in leave in conditioner & don’t do anything damaging. What products would you recommend (nothing from a salon or ulta something like herbal essence or pantene or aussie, etc)? And also things I can do to help my hair grow healthy?

    • ANSWER:
      Use conditioner and then shampoo. Do not blow dry let your hair dry on its own. Then use dove or aussie or herbal or even suave whatever you feel will work. Also make sure you brush throughly with a brush not a comb. Then when you sense split ends its time for a trim! Good luck.

    what vitamins should I take to grow healthy hair?
    I have been using folichili shampoo lately cause i heard it makes your hair grow alittle faster then usual. what are the best vitamins to take to make my hair looking good?

    • ANSWER:
      try hair oil; it really works! put it on at nite before bed and wake up and shampoo it off. usually coconut hair oil works the best but try others to suit ur hair

    How do I get my hair to grow healthy while on medication?
    I’m african american and I had cancer. My hair is finally growing back thicker. I am on many medications. I have been advised not to put any more chemicals in my hair so it won’t be fragile… What styles should I try and what products will make my hair grow healthy and strong?

    • ANSWER:
      Try to keep it natural,wash it with water and shampoo only.You can plait it as well and wash it once after sometime.

    how to grow hair long and healthy?
    hi! i just cut off all my dead ends (like 5 inches ) and now i want to know how to grow long HEALTHY hair. my hair grows like an inch a month (fast). so how can i keep it healthy. i straighten/curl every other day. what can i do to make it stay healthy. i don’t have much money at the moment btw, and i color it (darken it). any tips?

    • ANSWER:
      To grow your hair long and healthy the best thing to start with is using a good shampoo that will moisturize and protect your hair since you will be straightening/curling as well as coloring your hair often. Use protection spray’s before heating your hair so your hair won’t be so damaged by it. Washing your hair every other day will keep your hair nourished because the important oils from your scalp won’t be washed away and play a part in keeping your hair soft and healthy. Using a good hair mask once or twice a week and putting your hair up as much as possible to decrease the amount of friction that normally affect hair. I’m a huge fan of TRESeme products. I recommend using Anti-Breakage shampoo and conditioner as well as their heat tamer spray. Their prices range from -8. For a hair mask I suggest using Neutrogena’s Triple Moisture Deep Recovery hair mask which is around 6-7 dollars. I think that Pantene Pro-V is also a pretty good brand if you want to try their products. If you can’t afford to invest that kind of money on those hair products then some tips to help take care of hair is just keeping your hair neatly tied up, try to minimize the times you color or heat your hair, and comb it very carefully after you take a shower since hair is alot more delicate when wet (I suggest using a wide tooth comb). Anyways I hope that you love your hair in the end. Good luck.

    Does anyone know which vitamins and minerals you need to grow healthy and long hair and nails?
    I am trying to grow my hair long and I want to know which vitamins and minerals I will need a lot of to make my hair grow healthy and long… And also, if you know the vitamins I need, can you tell me in which foods I can find them in large amounts?

    • ANSWER:
      Biotin is a good supplement to take if you’re looking to grow out your nails and hair. It is found mostly in dairy products and seafood.

    Does dying your hair black makes your hair healthy, strong and grow?
    I have locs/dreads…and i dyed my hair black with herbashine dye and it worked great. But i want to know does black hair grows healthy and stronger than other shades/colors of hair? I’ve heard that it does because its darker and it has more resistant from the sun which is not prone to breakage. So, help me…is it true?

    • ANSWER:
      Unlike skin, hair isn’t alive and darker colors tend to absorb more radiation. That’s why darker colored surfaces get hotter in the sun.

    Which vitamin would be the one that helps grow healthy hair?
    Which is the vitamin that helps make skin healthy? (Along with the hair one) Thanks!

    • ANSWER:
      vitamin A
      you can get at least 260% recommended daily intake in a single carrot.
      you can also find it in broccoli and sweet potatos, to name a few.

      though know that since it’s not a soluble vitamin overdosing on it has consequences. (mainly dry skin)

    How do I get my hair to grow healthy and long?
    I want my hair to grow to my long like right above my butt or waist? and healthy.(= My hair is kinda long now, I think, and it’s blonde and I have been using the Mane N’ Tail shampoo and I heard that is good to use. Any tips??

    • ANSWER:
      Multi vitamin will help it grow faster and healthier

    How can i grow thick long healthy hair?
    For any African American girls, what is YOUR hair care routine, that makes your hair grow thick, long and healthy, and for how long?

    • ANSWER:
      Moisture is the key. I do have chemically straighten hair. I use pantene pro-v gold line formulated for african american hair. I also use the leave in creams and conditioners. To ensure that I have moisture in my hair I have a daily moisture spray by Dove and pink oil light moisturizer. If you have really really dry scalp use Blue Magic scalp conditioner (grease), but use sparingly because it can weight down your hair. Don’t be afraid to trim your ends to get rid of dead hair that sucks the moisture from healthy hair and avoid putting too much heat on your hair. I tried to flat iron it once and then wrap it at night. But if you need to apply heat, use a spray on protector for your hair like Ion Straighten Iron Spray or Thermasilk. Also apply oil sheen as needed. I do this and my hair is long, shiny and healthy. I am 100% african american and my hair is about 16 inches long.

    How to grow long, shiny healthy hair?
    I have really thick wavy hair, and I just got it cut. So what i’m wondering is how to grow it out again really fast. I’ve heard stuff about lemon juice making it shine, and egg giving it body, but does this really work? if you know any other ways to make hair grow really fast, like faster than normal, or just to make it look really healthy, please post it. Any tips appreciated. thank you :)
    I especially want to know how to grow it long really really fast.

    • ANSWER:
      okayyy here we go:

      1. once a weak before you shampoo and condition, wash your hair out with vinegar. about 1-2 cups. whatever works for you

      2. while you’re sleeping put your hair into braids so they can old moisture. (about twice a week.)

      3. before you get in the shower, heat the conditioner you’re gonna use in the microwave (not the whole bottle just how much you’re using.) microwave for 15 seconds. then when it’s time for conditioner put it on your head, rub it in, leave it in for three to five minutes. wash.

      hope i helped!

    What is the best way to make your hair grow healthy?
    I already have long hair but i want to let it grow out longer and healthier. What should I avoid and not avoid in this situation?

    • ANSWER:
      Use a good Shampoo and Conditioner. <

    How to grow long healthy hair and how to Avoid split ends complelty?
    Just cut my hair and going to grow it out healthy this time how do I maintain no dead ends and healthy hair

    • ANSWER:
      To grow it strong & healthy, take a 100% daily vitamin pill everyday & drink lots of water. Split ends are caused by excessive use of heat tools & drying hair products & dyes, so avoid heat as much as possible, do deep conditioning & dont dye your hair, if you must do a semi permanent dye which is less damaging.

    How can I grow long and healthy hair?
    I want long and healthy hair but I don’t know how to get it, I have dead ends but I don’t want to cut them because I don’t want to lose the length which isn’t that long my hair stops 1/2 a inch below my ears so how can I grow long healthy hair?

    • ANSWER:
      Okay. Get a weave or some braids. That’s it. There’s not pill that can make your hair grow. Fish oil or whatever stregthens it. Do you condition or moisturize you hair everyday? Do you put on a silk scarf everynight? And do you use a moisturizing shampoo? Having a weave or braids protects your hair from heat styling and constant brushing. Make sure to use a spray to keep your scalp moisturized if you do decide to get one. Your probably not taking care of your hair. Sad to say but clip those ends. Because let’s say your hair does grow. And when its time to really clip your ends, you’ll be cutting off more hair then what your grew.

    How can I grow healthy hair?
    Hi, I am a black woman. I cut my hair when I was about 15 and I am now 21. My hair is just above my shoulders and it has been the same length for a long time. What can I do to help it grow? What products do you use?

    • ANSWER:
      If this comes out sounding racist I SO don’t mean it! It’s really hard for black women to grow out their hair, I have a ton of black friends and have seen them get so frustrated about it. The best thing you can do is eat A LOT of greens. Mainly Spinach, become Popeye, I’m not kidding. Green leafy veggies have been proven to make your hair healthier and shinier since it works as an anti-oxidant. I would suggest a weave, but since your hair is already to just about your shoulders, it’s up to you. Try putting it into a really tight ponytail when you’re at home and see if that will help. Also taking vitamins can help, something with Keratine. A really good one is Hair, Skin and Nails by Nutrilite. Hope I helped :)

    How to grow out healthy hair?
    I recently got my hair cut to about my shoulder. I am wanting to grow it out a couple of inches while also keeping it healthy…i like to straighten my hair too. How often is it okay to straighten it without damaging it? Also what other ways can i wear my hair without using heat and without wearing it up? (my hairdresser said she could see some breakage from me putting up my hair too often) Also what are good ways to make sure my hair is staying healthy and is there anyway i can maybe help it grow a bit faster? thanks!

    • ANSWER:

    How to grow hair healthy and long?
    I have medium length hair and I’m trying to grow it long. What are some good tips?

    • ANSWER:
      I started to grow my hair long since 2003. I have good genes, and eat 3-5 servings of fresh fruits & veggies. I trim my hair 1″ a month, 4″ 2x a year. It’s down to my knees now. You do the math. Even healthy hairs like mine get split ends. You trim them yourself, using 2″ scissors, spend 5-10 mins. on a sunny day, strand by strand, section by section, sometimes you’ll find splits in the middle of the strand.
      Brush your hair only when it’s completely dried. Never on wet hair, I don’t even use a comb, nor a conditioner, unless your hair is chemically treated. Curly hair, finger comb it.

      It may grow very slowly or none at all if you’ve straightened your hair in the past.

      You get all your vitamins & minerals & proteins FREE from the good foods you eat from Mother Nature, not made by man, and no shampoo can help grow hair, not even those made for horses. Horses don’t abuse their hair, using heating tools, and they eat better than people, but it won’t add more hair & make their hair longer faster.Shampoo intended for animals may contain insecticides or other medications for treatment of skin conditions or parasite infestations such as fleas or mange. These must never be used on humans.
      Prenatal vitamins don’t make your hair grow. Pregnant women have to start taking care of their bodies when they’re pregnant, meaning stop smoking, drinking, dyeing or perming their hair SO OF COURSE their hair start growing again. But it has nothing to do with their hair, it has something to do to help the development of their unborn child.

      Foods for Healthy Hair – the website had moved, type it in.…

      Fruits, vegetables, legumes, and whole grains all supply B-complex vitamins, like biotin, folic acid and vitamin B12, as well as vitamin A, copper and zinc, which are all necessary for remedying dry, brittle hair and nourishing a healthy scalp. Some prime examples of foods that contain these nutrients for healthy hair include:
      ·                     Folic Acid – asparagus, beets, broccoli, avocados, Brussels sprouts, beans, chickpeas, soybeans, lentils, oranges, fresh peas, turkey and spinach.
      ·                     Biotin – cauliflower, liver, salmon, carrots, bananas, cereals, yeast, and soy flour. Keep in mind that biotin content is reduced when food is cooked or preserved.
      ·                     Vitamin B12 – foods rich in vitamin B12 include animal protein (such as beef, lamb, and veal), clams and oysters, liver, fish, milk, and egg yolks.
      •Vitamin A – butter, egg yolks, fish, fortified milk, organ meats (such as liver), and dark green, orange, red, and yellow fruits and vegetables, which all contain beta-carotene.
      •Copper – oysters and other shellfish, whole grains, beans, nuts, potatoes, and organ meats are good sources of copper. Dark leafy greens, dried fruits such as prunes, cocoa, black pepper, and yeast are also sources of copper in the diet.
      •Zinc – beef, eggs, liver, pork, poultry, and oysters. Also is also abundant in other high-protein foods, like cheese, legumes and nuts.
      If having a lush, beautiful mane of healthy hair is important to you, don’t just look to hot oil treatments and shine emollients. Eat these foods for healthy hair and say “bye-bye” to bad hair days.
      I know hair. I have 4 decades of hair know-how. I have silky, shiny, soft, smooth very healthy hair down to my knees. Previously damaged by perming & dyeing in the 80′s & 90′s. I’ve known people in their 30′s whose hair stopped growing from ironing their hair in the 70′s. I shampoo every 4th day, the cheapest money can buy like Garnier for Normal hair.

    What vitamins make your hair healthy and grow faster?
    i know nothing can really make your hair grow faster but which vitamins make your hair healthy
    all i know is protein?
    Thanks everyone!

    • ANSWER:

    I want to grow out healthy hair to give to locks of love?
    So my hair is shoulder length right now, It’s not long enough to donate yet, but I want tips to grow it out so its healthy, I have red hair, and I figured they probably don’t get a lot of red hair.

    SO,how do I donate hair? and what are tops to growing out healthy hair?

    • ANSWER:
      to donate, you need to have it cut in a ponytail and then send it to them. lots of salons will do this for you, but ask first. if not, i’m sure they have a website that says where to ship it.

      as for growing out healthy hair,
      i suggest not dying it, not using heat (blowdrying, curling irons, etc) and letting it dry naturally, don’t over-brush, make sure you get regular trims so the dead and splitting ends are cleaned up, only wash your hair with shampoo around 2-3 times a week, condition(!!!) it with a good conditioner or leave in treatment.

    How to grow out healthy hair (guy)?
    My bangs are preety short like 1 inch , I’m thinking about growing my hair out like chace crawford , tips on healthy soft hair so it grows faster?

    • ANSWER:
      Wash hair out by rinsing it under cold water then a little shampoo and rinse until its all gone then a small amount of conditioner and rinse make sure not to leave conditioner in. Leaving in conditioner can leave hair really soft and cause it to break. Tie up ur hair if possible to protect it from the wind and the environment

    Is it true that in order for your hair to GROW long and healthy, u have to TRIM it periodically?
    My mom says u should just let ur hair grow, and just comb it and shampoo it regularly; using product moderately when needed. But others I’ve spoken to have told me, that like pruning roses to make ‘m grow; one must cut their hair to make it grow long and healthy, otherwise the hair will split and “die” so instead of feeling all soft and silky, it’ll feel rough and dull; and no luster will show. I just want to know who’s right, mom or others. I just want healthy hair; long or short. I like the way if feels when it’s soft and silky to the touch; and want to keep it that way, and at times, shampoo doesn’t help maintain it, and combing it just pulls hair out. What should I do to maintain my shoulder-length soft silky hair so it will grow as long and healthy as I desire and still be as soft and silky and managable as it is now? Is there anyway I can maintain my hair for under a month? Honest answers, thanks.

    • ANSWER:
      Don’t tell her I said this, but your mom is wrong! It is true that to have your hair grow long and healthy, you must trim it. Just letting it grow will result in split ends that are not attractive at all. Once your hair has grown about an inch, go to the hairdresser and get no more than 1/4 of an inch cut off. You don’t want all that hard earned hair to end up on the floor, now do you?

      For shampoo, if your hair is thin, use a clear shampoo, like bath and body works shampoo, or pantene clarifying shampoo. If your hair is thick, you can go with white shampoos, like pantene classic clean, or intense moisture. Go with whatever you like for conditoner. After that, there’s not much else you need to take care of your hair. If your hair is really thick, you might want to do a deep conditioning treatment once a week, but that’s not necessary

    what is the best way to grow healthy hair naturally?
    what are the best herbs, foods, oils, supplements etc for hair growth? thanks!!

    • ANSWER:
      take some over the counter pre-natal vitamins. Will make you hair grow strong and healthy.

    What’s the best way to grow long healthy hair..?
    Any tips are great. I know trimming your hair monthly and avoiding straighteners/curling irons but is there a certain shampoo to help make your hair grow longer or anything? Any tips are appreciated : D.

    • ANSWER:
      I do an oil treatment with coconut oil (virgin, raw) at least once a week. This is a great oil to use because it has a small enough molecule to really seep into the hair. It’s good to rub into your scalp too- it’s been used as a scalp treatment for thousands of years in South India and other coastal regions. A healthy scalp usually means healthy hair as bad bacteria on our scalp can actually cause hair loss.

      Anyway, I let it soak in my hair as long as I can, then shampoo it out several times and I don’t even have to condition because the moisture sinks in so well. I actually usually do this 2x a week. Other days that I wash my hair I still don’t condition- I mix the coconut oil and whatever essential oil I feel like with purified water in a misting bottle, shake it well, and mist lightly all over my hair as a light leave in conditioner.

      I use Burts Bees pomegranate shampoo since it’s moisturizing but also good at getting rid of buildup. Any clarifying shampoo, not overused works well though.

      Getting plenty of protein and omega 3s is really important for healthy hair also. Eat a balanced diet to give your hair the best chance it can get of growing out healthy and long.

    I’m trying to grow longer healthy hair, washing twice a week?
    So I just got my hair cut pretty short because it was so damaged, and I want to grow long healthy hair. I’ve been washing my hair roughly twice a week, sometimes 3 times a week. I usually put my hair in a ponytail or use dry shampoo occasionaly. Is this a good way to grow longer hair?

    • ANSWER:

    What is a good recommendation to grow healthy hair and stop breakage?
    any suggestion will help

    • ANSWER:
      Well from a cometologists viewpoint…..
      Hair is dead… healthy it is depends on what you do to it after it grows.
      Want smooth, silky hair? Use a good shampoo and conditioner and a leave in conditioner like Infusim 23.
      Don’t flat iron it or blow dry it, and I’ll bet you wont have breakage or split ends.
      More chemicals or heat you put on hair the more damage you create.
      Get trims regularly…like at least every 3 months.

    how to grow long healthy beautiful hair?
    I just got my hair cut get rid of the damage so i could get a fresh start to grow my hair long and healthy

    What are some tips so i can keep it looking super healthy while it takes it sweet time to grow?

    • ANSWER:
      My sister’s hairdresser told her to wash it every other day. She says that will make her hair healthier.

    How can I grow longer healthy hair and what type of products should I use as a black women with thick hair.?
    I’ve been tryin to grow my hair for a year. But it dosen’t make it pass my neck because it keeps breaking off. I used so many diffrent shampoos and other probucts. What do you guy recommand.

    • ANSWER:
      We at Creativehairillusions use supplements along with a haircare regime to grow our hair.

      Haircare Regime: consist of buying the right products for your hair type and using shampoo, conditioner and leave-in conditioner every 2 weeks/ Deep Condition or Hot Oil treatment or protein pack, once a month.

      We use this one pill method:

      Vitol Hair/Nails/Skin 120T
      Retail Price: .95
      Your Price: .70

      Hair Nails-Skin contains vitamins, minerals and herbs
      with L-cysteine, silicon and biotin to support skin,
      nails and hair strength and vitality.

      Supplement Facts
      Amount Per Serving %DV
      Vitamin A 25000IU *
      Vitamin D 1000IU *
      Vitamin E 60IU *
      Vitamin C 300mg *
      Folic Acid 400mg *
      Thiamin 5mg *
      Riboflavin 5mg *
      Niacin 50mg *
      Vitamin B6 5mg *
      Vitamin B12 25mcg *
      Pantothenic Acid 50mg *
      Biotin 50mcg *
      Para Amino Benzoic Acid 50mg *
      Calcium 150mg *
      Phosphorus 100mg *
      Zinc 22.5g *
      Chromium 100mcg *
      Selenium 50mcg *
      Iodine 225mcg *
      Magnesium 100mg *
      Iron 10mg *
      Silicon 900mcg *
      Manganese 2mg *
      Potassium 95mg *
      Cysteine 20mcg *
      Bioflavonoid Complex 75mg *
      herbal/trace elements 500mg *
      *Daily Value (DV) not established

      14 Vitamins, 74 Minerals, Trace Minerals, 15 Herbs with
      Cysteine & Silcon plus.Suggested UseAs a dietary
      supplement, one tablet morning and evening.

      Other Ingredients
      Capsicum, Echinacea, Chamomile, Comfrey, Golden Seal, Gotu
      Kola, Hawthorn, Hyssop, Kelp, Licorice, Myrrh Gum, Sarsaparilla,
      Shavegrass, Valerian, Yucca, plus 74 naturally chelated Minerals
      and Trace Minerals in trace amounts

      Does Not Contain
      Starch, Sugar, Salt, Corn, Yeast, Wheat, Soy, Milk Derivatives,
      Synthetic Excipients (Binders, Waxes, Fillers, Lubricants,
      Disintegrators, Granulating Agents, Colors, Flavors) and Without
      The Use Of Toxic Chemical Solvents Or Preservatives.

      Warnings / Cautions
      Keep in cool, dry place. Vitamin batches may vary in color due
      to the maturity of its natural sources.

      I hope this helps

      Victory of Creativehairillusions

    How to grow long healthy hair fast?
    what are some tips that will help me grow long hair fast? my hair is about 2 inches past my shoulder and i want to grow about 6-8 inches longer about how long would this take?

    • ANSWER:
      The best way to get your hair to grow is to focus on your diet. Protein and healthy fats are very important. You can also improve your hair growth with vitamins like biotin, pantothenic acid, Inositol, and MSM. My sister uses prenatal vitamins and biotin for her hair, but I use Caribbean Hair Grow because my hair doesnt grow as fast as hers, and I needed something stronger to get mine to grow. Talk to your doctor before you take any supplements.

      Also, check out the article link below for more info about making your hair grow healthier. Good luck!

    How to treat heat damaged hair and grow healthy long hair?
    I want to know how to gett back smooth flowing hair after its been damaged by heat I.e. Hair strighteners etc. I also wanna know the best way to grow long hair.

    • ANSWER:
      You can’t treat damaged hair. The only thing you can do is change your methods to prevent FURTHER damage.

      Remember to always moisturize and protect your hair before you use any heating equipment on it. Paul Mitchell Skinny Serum and Chi Silk Infusion are good protectors, and then a spray like Chi 44 Iron Guard after it’s dry will also protect well.

      It’s also important not to iron/process your hair every single day – no more than 3 times a week.

    How can I grow long healthy hair?
    My hair is color damaged, and heat damaged.
    Recently, I haven’t been coloring it, and I haven’t straightened or blowdried it in 3 weeks.
    My hair is down to my shoulders, but I want to grow it really healthy/thick/long!
    Any advice?
    Thanks so much!(:

    • ANSWER:
      I don’t kno but I am wondering the same thing. I hope you find out so I can learn, too! :)

    Why does my hair grow healthy on one side of my head and not the other? And what can I do to fix it?
    My hair grows really well and healthy on the left side of my head, but on the right side its really dry and breaks off constantly. I had it evened out so it was the same length both sides a few weeks ago and now the left side is about 1 and a half inches shorter than the left and i have no idea why!
    please help!

    • ANSWER:
      Check this out:

      That might answer your question better than I can. Hope it helps :)

    How do I grow Long && Healthy hair?
    I havent really ever had my hair longer than my shoulders but now im growing it and its down to my bra strap at the back (Im a girl <3). I just want some tips from other people with long, kind of thin, wavy hair. Is brushing it often a good thing? And ways to condition/shampoo it that keep it healthy and growing fast. Any tips Appreciated!!!

    • ANSWER:

    how to keep hair healthy and grow longer?
    any tips on how to keep hair healthy and for it to grow longer? i really want to grow my hair a little long. i have a thick and full hair as well.
    btw, i do have some white hair. i think its a genetic thing because i had it since grade school so i color my hair once in awhile..not everytime though. sometimes, i do get insecure about it. so coloring hair damages hair?

    • ANSWER:
      For Healthy Hair That Can Grow Longer

      -massage your scalp
      -eat green veggies
      -no chemicals, coloring, heat, etc
      -make sure your ends are healthy
      -tried & tested hair
      -biotin pills are good
      -moisturize your hair well
      -condition more than you shampoo

      And the best one of all…


    If my nails grow really fast and healthy, does that ussually mean that hair is growing fast and healthy?
    just curious about if healthy nails usually a sign of healthy growing hair too

    • ANSWER:
      Yes because they are both made up of Keratin. To maximize your hair and nail growth/strength try taking in supplements.

      My favourites are at GNC:

      GNC Women’s Hair, Skin & Nails Program
      (This one’s the best because there are 3 bottles:
      1 Women’s Hair, Skin & Nails Formula with 3000 mcg of biotin
      2 Evening Primrose Oil 500
      3 Advanced Collagen Formula
      It gives you a 30 day supply of them all for only .99)

      Individual vitamins:

      GNC Women’s Hair, Skin & Nails Formula
      .99 for 30 day supply

      GNC Biotin 2500 mcg
      .99 for 60 day supply
      (keep in mind to not take more than 3,000 mcg a day)

      GNC MSM 1500 mg
      .99 for 120 day supply
      (Methylsulfonylmethane. It’s a food that comes from the ocean, is water soluble, and is not a drug, or a food additive. It is present in a variety of foods, including most fresh raw fruits and green vegetables, milk, meat, seafood, and some grains. MSM is required for healthy collagen and keratin which are essential for healthy hair, skin and nails. It makes your hair grow back even faster.)

      GNC Concentrated Fish Body Oils
      .99 for 60 day supply

      I take the first one (the program with the 3 bottles), MSM, and Fish Oils. My hair grows super fast and strong (2-3 inches a month!)

      Note: If you don’t want to take the above multivitamin and only want the Biotin (the vitamin you want), make sure you take some kind of multivitamin without Biotin in conjunction with the GNC 2500 mcg of Biotin. It won’t work unless it’s supplemented by other neccessary vitamins.

    How can i make my hair grow long and healthy without using any sort of chemicals?
    My hair takes a lot of time to grow long. I want to have pretty and healthy long hair. Please help me with some good advice.

    • ANSWER:
      use almond hair oil

    How do I grow healthy long hair FAST?
    I want long beautiful hair as soon as possible. I want to get it down to my stomache. Please don’t just say I have to just wait, because my hair grows slow and my hair is curentlly one intch past my shodlers and i think I would look much more pretty if i had nice thick long hair!

    If you know anything good please awnser!
    Thanks so much!

    • ANSWER:
      Deep conditioning your hair, and conditioning it well helps keep it moisturized. Many people growing their hair or with long hair like to use olive oil, coconut oil, or jojoba oil on their hair. It just depends on what makes yours happiest.

      Depending on your hair texture, you will want to use either a boar bristle brush or a wide toothed comb. Nothing with pointy things or anything that can get your hair caught.

      Don’t wash your hair daily! Start every other day, and try to go without it longer from there. This isn’t dirty rather than a way for your hair to produce natural, protective oils. I used to wash my hair every other day, and now I’m up to four where it still looks shiny and clean. :)

      Horse shampoo has worked well for me from experience. I went from shoulder length to almost waist length within a summer last time, and using it again it has grown faster. However I have very thick, wavy hair, and I hear it weighs thinner hair down, so it’s up to you and your experience, but I wouldn’t say don’t try it.

      Satin pillowcases are good for keeping hair untangled. Untangled hair is happy hair.

      I’ve heard different ways of eating have worked differently for others, but I have come to the conclusion that it’s good to eat anyway. Malnourishment slows down hair growth.

      As one answerer said above, biotin is pretty good. I hear some people even take pre-natal pills even if they don’t have to, but this is something to discuss with a doctor.

      DON’T trim your hair every 4-6 weeks. It does NOT make your hair grow faster, and it will only eliminate the growth you get and your hair will stay the same length. If your hair is too damaged and you have to, do what you’re comfortable with to get it healthy again to grow out, because split ends can continue to split the hair shaft. Many people with long hair will trim every half a year.

      A lot of long haired people like to put their hair in a braid or bun to avoid damage. You probably could too, and from my experience a bun works wonders. That isn’t to say you shouldn’t have fun styling it though!

      Some people are against things like hair dyes and heat styling. Others hair can take it. It just depends on how your hair is, so that’s up to you. These are all tips but not necessarily guide lines. When you find what works for you, keep at it and you’ll eventually have that lovely hair. :)

    how do i grow my hair long and healthy like kim kardashian?
    okay so i want to grow my hair really long like kim kardashian, but my hair keeps getting burned and has alot of split ends even though im using the tresseme heat protectant and i dont straighten my hair alot since im on break from school. to keep my hair healthy i trim it but if i keep triming it, my hair gets shorter, how do i keep it healthy but growing long?

    • ANSWER:
      Well first I would cut off any split ends and make sure your hair is healthy in that scene. Don’t use any heat at all but if you have too definitely use heat protector. Make sure you have a healthy diet and drink lots of water. Also make sure when you shampoo your hair you really massage your scalp cause that is where your hair grows from. Good luck :)

    Any suggestions to healthy hair that will grow faster?
    My hair isn’t it’s healthiest anymore, so it’s growing very shortly. I got it cut recently and the hairdresser cut it about 4 inches shorter than it was supposed to be cut.. How do i make my hair grow faster and become healthier?

    • ANSWER:
      umm actually when you braid your hair it grows faster in like normal pig tail braids yeah and shampoo and condition every time you shower

    Ways to grow healthy hair, faster?
    I’m growing my hair out, and it had alot of dry/split ends, and I did the only solution, I cut it off! I had hair about an inch past my boobs but I cut off about 1 inch & a half , so it’s about half way down my boob now. It’s not short, but its shorter. anyways, is there any ways I can grow healthier, stronger hair, faster? Advice?

    • ANSWER:

    Which shampoo and conditioner would you recommend for someone who wants to grow long, healthy hair?
    Any other tips for growing long healthy hair? Thanks!

    • ANSWER:
      nexxus humectants…its gives LOTS of moisture which is essential for healthy hair

    Does new hair grow in healthy if your hair is damaged?
    If you have really fried, damaged hair from excessive dying, etc, does the new hair grow in healthy if you don’t dye it? Or will it always be fried?

    • ANSWER:
      As new hair grows in, it will be healthy hair. This is because this hair was not dyed or damaged by straightening irons etc.

    How can I get my hair to grow healthy and long ‘faster’ – 10 points to the best answer : D?
    Okay so i’ve dyed my hair a lot.
    But I’m trying to take better care of my hair without using heat etc.

    My question is how can I get my hair to start growing healthy, thicker, and faster?

    If I can’t get it to grow faster I atleast want my hair to grow out healthy and thick.

    I heard home remedies are the best for your hair.
    So what are some things I can do, that you’ve personally experienced that worked.

    Thanks :)!

    • ANSWER:
      To improve hair growth you need to improve overall hair health, healthy hair and scalp will improve growth and condition of your hair, which in turn means you’ll have fewer split ends – even though you’re growing your hair still get regular trims as there’s no good in hanging onto split ends. Hair grows from folicles, as new hair cells are made old ones are pushed out to the surface of the skin where they harden and die creating hair. As hair is dead hair treatments effect on growth and hair quality are limited, you need good overall health to really improve hair health and increase growth.

      Try monistat, yes it’s a yeast ifnection cream, but it contains some of the same chemicals as rogaine so stimulates hair growth when massaged into your scalp, only without costing the earth. Massage is a seriously good way to help increase growth, I like to massage a few drops of rosemary essential oil into my scalp before washing my hair, rosemary is belived to stimulate hair growth. Massaging your scalp will improve health of your scalp and hair, also massaging promotes circulation around the hair follicles to promote growth, just use your fingers to massage your scalp in small circular movement being careful not to rub as it’ll damage your hair. Get into the habbit of massaging as often as you can, before washing your hair and also massage during washing your hair.

      I highly recommend going without shampoo, it’ll vastly improve your hairs condition and increase growth, essentially it is avoiding shampoo as this is nothing more than harsh detergent that strips away hairs natural oils and can contain harsh chemicals. If you stop using shampoo your hair will be much healthier, stronger, shiny, easier to manage, will grow faster and it won’t get greasy as when using shampoo your scalp overcompensates by creating more oils to replace what shampoo stripped away. You still wash your hair but instead use either water-only, no-poo or conditioner-only/curly girl methods. For no-poo you use one tablespoon baking soda to one cup of warm water, apply to your roots working it in and let it sit for a minute, this stimulates blood flow, cleans pores and gets off built-up grime, then rinse with two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar to one cup water, let it sit for a minute and then rinse out. Long-haired people tend to prefer the curly girl method also known as conditioner only, simply use conditioner to wash hair with as this has enough detergent to cleanse but won’t strip hair of natural oils as shampoo would. Seriously, don’t be scared to try it as you’re guaranteed better hair. More information;

      Avoid hair dryers as overheating can damage your hair and never rub with a towel as it will damage the hair cuticles, instead leave to dry naturally or if you do use a hairdryer use protecting sprays and choose a dryer with lighter or cooler settings – use until your hairs 90% dry, no more. Also try using a hair brush with natural bristles as these are much genler on your hair and can improve shine, another tip is to use a satin or silk pillow as this prevents hair snagging as it can on other materials, it also helps smooth hair so improves shine.

      Avoid chemicals as much as possible, most commercial toileteries will contain some pretty nasty chemicals that can cause a lot of damage to your hair – even those products that claim to improve hairs condition. Look into natural brands like Lush or Neal’s Yard, or even consider making your own hair care products, there are plenty of cheap books or web sites about with natural hair care products you can easily make at home. Avoid chemical dies too, I saw first-hand how bad chemical dies were for my hair, it was very badly damaged and took trice as long to dry or style, switching to henna dye is so much better, and as well as used for changing hair colour it can also be used as a fantastic conditioning treatment (use deep conditioning treatments like henna once a month). The best place for henna is

      Things such as stress or bad diet can seriously effect your hair, I saw the huge effect diet has on hair when one of my friends sadly became anorexic, the effects started showing allarmingly fast, as well as effecting general health her hair became so brittle it would litterally fall appart in her hands. Don’t underestimate the importance of diet, don’t follow fad diets or yo-yo diet, instead keep up a good healthy diet at all times and don’t punish yourself for the occasional treat. Particularly helpful foods are oily fish like sardines, oats, nuts, seeds, guavas, papyas, and of course lots of water, using a good multivitamin will help (you can get hair & nail vitamins but they aren’t necissery) and also I’d recommend flax seed oil in capsule form.

    Is it healthy to grow your hair that long?
    I’m thinking of growing my hair till like my waist or something but I don’t know if it works for my hair is naturally fine and as I grow older it gets finer by the time..when I cut it every month it doesn’t seem to get thicker or anything so I was thinking of growing it and just trim it every month for the split ends…but I don’t know if it’s gonna fall more?
    Are there any treatments to do to my hair so it would grow healthy even when it’s longer?

    • ANSWER:
      I have thin and very fine hair, and it’s currently hip length and it actually looks better than when it’s shorter. As long as you take proper care with it and treat it like a delicate piece of silk, you can have healthy, long hair. Massage and comb through olive or coconut into your hair and leave it in overnight, or 30 minutes before you wash your hair. You may have to wash it twice to get it all out. Wash your hair twice a week at the most, only once when it gets to your waist. Use a wide-toothed comb only when it’s dry, NEVER on wet hair. Drink plenty of water and have a healthy diet, take some B vitamins. Don’t use silcone-based products or heat stylers on your hair.

      Good luck!

    If You Use Hair Regrowth Products On Healthy Hair Will It Grow Faster?
    Trying To Find A Product Or Treatment That Helps Healthy Hair Grow Faster.

    • ANSWER:

    Do prenatal vitamins make your hair grow faster/healthy?
    I’m 17,and I want longer/Healthy hair but I don’t want to take just any vitamin someone recommended prenatal vitamins but shouldn’t that only be taken while pregnant.

    • ANSWER:
      Those are probably the best vitamins a woman can take. Essential vitamins in it can definitely make various aspects of your body improve and become healthier. As for longer I don’t think anything can really do that. And anyone having a period or a baby can take those. The only people who can’t take them are men and any woman at any age not having a period ex. menopause or birth control.

Hair And Nails Vitamin

Can Vitamins Regrow Hair?
Having a luxurious head of hair is associated with attractiveness, as reinforced by countless shampoo advertisements with women swinging their thick, shiny head of hair around while groaning ecstatically! That’s not to mention scores of advertisements for prescription medications, over-the-counter creams and hair transplant surgeries. Many would be willing to stand on their heads in a bowl full of green Jell-O for 15 minutes a day if they were told it would regrow their hair!

Most of us lose around 100 hairs a day – this is perfectly normal, just look your hairbrush! However, at least 50 percent of all adults will experience hair loss or thinning hair by age 60, and this affects approximately 40 million men and 20 million women. There are many types of hair loss:

Androgenetic alopecia, or pattern baldness. This is the most common type of hair loss. Male pattern baldness usually occurs in the front, crown and sides of the hairline. It’s not uncommon for male hair loss to begin in the 20′s. An androgen receptor gene on the X chromosome explains why a man’s baldness resembles that of his maternal grandfather more than his father. However, baldness can be inherited from the mother’s or father’s side of the family with equal frequency. Female thinning is most likely to occur on the crown and in the front. In both men and women, this type of hair loss is heredity and permanent.

The hormone dihydrotestosterone, or DHT, is also related to male pattern baldness. DHT binds with receptor sites on hair follicle cells to cause balding and decreases the length of the hair growing cycle so that each new regeneration of hair becomes smaller and thinner. That’s why you see so many advertisements for hair loss products extolling their virtues as DHT blockers, such as Propecia. DHT blockers also include natural supplements for thinning hair such as saw palmetto, nettles, pumpkin seed oil, green tea, emu oil, and soy isoflavones.

Telogen effluvium occurs in response to stress. This can be triggered by childbirth, major surgery, serious psychological stress, or serious illness such as high fever or severe flu. However, hair loss may not occur until three to six months following the stressful incident, so it’s difficult to connect the stress with the loss. Hair usually regrows within six to nine months.

Alopecia areata is temporary hair loss characterized by round patches of hair falling out of the scalp. This hereditary disease of the immune system can affect children or adults and is caused by white blood cells attacking the hair follicle.

Hair loss can also be affected by these other factors:

· Side effects of medications or treatments, including medications to treat arthritis, depression, heart problems, high blood pressure and gout – plus chemotherapy and radiation therapy.

· Symptoms of illness, such as diabetes, lupus or thyroid disorders.

· Overuse of hair treatments and products such as hair dye, permanents, straighteners, hot rollers, curling irons and blow dryers. This is called traumatic alopecia.

· Poor nutrition. This is especially true if you don’t get enough protein or iron in your diet.

Given all this, is vitamin E good for hair? Despite what all those exciting commercials say, current research shows that there is no absolute direct correlation between taking vitamin supplements and permanent hair regrowth. There’s a popular misconception that Vitamin E regrows hair. You can take all the Vitamin E supplements you want to, and even rub it on your head, but it won’t magically transform you into a Muppet in dire need of a haircut!
However, non-hereditary hair loss is an indicator of poor health. As a result, you should ensure that you’re eating a healthy diet and taking the right vitamins and minerals that help to prevent hair loss. Unexplained hair loss should be evaluated as a symptom of other health problems – if you experience this, check with your physician.

Although no particular vitamin or product will give you a head of hair like Cher’s in the 70′s, you should take minerals and vitamins that help prevent hair loss to complement your nutritious diet. Good nutrition is important to overall health and healthy hair growth. The following vitamins and minerals have been shown to help to prevent hair loss:

Vitamin A: This antioxidant produces healthy scalp sebum. Daily dose is 5,000 IU. Caution: Ingesting more than 25,000 IU of vitamin A daily is toxic – it can cause hair loss and other serious health problems. Food sources include fish liver oil, spinach, broccoli, cabbage, carrots, apricots and peaches.

Vitamin B 3, or Niacin: Promotes scalp circulation. Daily dose is 15 mg. Food sources include brewer’s yeast, wheat germ and fish.

Vitamin B 5, or Pantothenic acid: Helps prevent graying and hair loss. Daily dose is 4 to 7 mg. Food sources include whole grain cereals, brewer’s yeast and egg yolks.

Vitamin B 6: Helps prevents hair loss and assists in the production of melanin, which gives hair its color. Daily dose is 1.6 mg. Food sources include brewer’s yeast, whole grain cereals, vegetables and egg yolks.

Vitamin B 12: Helps prevents hair loss. Daily dose is 2 mg. Food sources include fish and eggs.

Vitamin C: This antioxidant maintains healthy skin and hair. Daily dose is 60 mg. Food sources include citrus fruits, strawberries, kiwi, cantaloupe, pineapple, tomatoes, green peppers, potatoes and dark green veggies.

Vitamin E: Does vitamin E promote hair growth? Well, this antioxidant does encourage scalp circulation. Daily dose is up to 400 IU. Food sources include cold-pressed vegetable oils, wheat germ oil, soybeans, raw seeds and nuts, dried beans, and leafy green veggies.

Biotin: Helps produce keratin, which may prevent graying and hair loss. Daily dose is 150 to 300 mcg. Food sources include brewer’s yeast, whole grains, egg yolks and rice.

Inositol: Keeps hair follicles healthy at the cellular level. Daily dose is up to 600 mg. Food sources include whole grains, brewer’s yeast and citrus fruits.

Calcium: An essential mineral that boosts hair growth. Daily dose is up to 1,500 mg. Food sources include tofu, fish, nuts, brewer’s yeast, beans, lentils and sesame seeds.

Chromium: Helps prevent hyperglycemia and hypoglycemia, which can cause hair loss. Daily dose: Up to 120 mg. Food sources include brewer’s yeast and whole wheat bread.

Copper: Helps prevent hair loss and defects in color or structure. Daily dose is up to 3 mg; but more than that can lead to dry hair, hair loss and severe health problems. Food sources include shellfish, green vegetables, whole grains, eggs and beans.

Iodine: Prevents dry hair and hair loss. Daily dose is 150 mcg. Food sources include fish, seaweed, kelp, iodized salt and garlic.

Iron: Prevents hair loss. Daily dose is 15 mg. Food sources include eggs, fish, whole grains, green vegetables and dried fruits.

Magnesium: This is one of the vitamins to regrow hair; it works in tandem with calcium to promote healthy hair growth. Daily dose is 280 mg. Food sources include green vegetables, wheat germ, whole grains, nuts, soy beans, chickpeas and fish.

Potassium: This is another one of the vitamins that make hair regrow; potassium promotes healthy hair growth. Daily dose is 3,500 mg. Food sources include avocados, bananas, lima beans, brown rice, dates, figs, dried fruit, garlic, nuts, potatoes, raisins, yams and yogurt.

Selenium: Keeps scalp supple and elastic. Daily dose is 55 mcg, but more than that can cause hair loss. Food sources include brewer’s yeast, grains, tuna and broccoli.

Silica: This natural supplement for thinning hair strengthens hair and prevents hair loss. Daily dose is 55 mcg, but excessive amounts can lead to hair loss. Food sources include seafood, rice, soybeans and green vegetables.

Sulfur: Sulfur is a main component in hair structure. Daily dose is 1 to 3 g. Food sources include onions, garlic, eggs, asparagus, fish and dairy products.

Zinc: Zinc works in tandem with vitamin A; a deficiency in either can cause dry hair. Daily dose is 12 mg. Food sources include spinach, sunflower seeds, mushrooms, whole grains and brewer’s yeast.

In addition to vitamins and minerals that boost hair growth, you should also include omega-3 fatty acids in your diet to prevent hair loss. Good sources include wild Alaskan salmon, sardines, herring, mackerel, flax seeds and walnuts.

Instead of trying to take each one of these vitamins and minerals separately each day, consider a complete multivitamin. A good one will provide all these nutrients in the sufficient, yet safe dosages. In addition, here are some helpful hair care tips:

· Use all-natural biotin-based shampoo and conditioner to help your hair appear thicker.

· Be easy with your hair; brush it gently, starting from the bottom and working your way up. Don’t ever harshly tug downward on tangles.

· Don’t blow dry your hair, use curling irons or hot rollers. Try some firm hair gel and a round styling brush instead; style your hair, then let it air dry.

· Don’t frequently put your hair in ponytail holders or barrettes, and never use rubber bands on your hair!

· Shorter hairstyles make hair look thicker.

· Avoid the Donald Trump comb over style at all costs!

To improve your hair’s health and the overall physical condition of your body, take the next step and improve dietary nutrition, take the right vitamin and mineral supplements, and minimize the stress in your life.

Cure For Baldness May 2011

Thousands of men every month are looking for a male pattern baldness cure, but what will they find? This is a topic I have been researching for many years and I needed an answer, because I was losing my hair, so this may be your lucky day.

All of us at one time or another lose some hair, but for many of us it will grow back. It’s when the hair does not grow back, that things start to become a nightmare. Some men embrace their baldness, while others like me want to do something about it now. If you been losing your hair, I want you to know, I can feel your pain!

Unfortunately, over a period of time they hair becomes weaker and then it gets to a point, where a person goes completely bald. A good number of men will only go bald on the very tops of their heads. Even when you begin to see you are balding on the very top of your head, you should start getting ready to use some type of natural therapy.
I want to talk for a moment about DHT, which is known as dihydrotestosterone. DHT seems to be the main reason why we began to lose our hair over a period of time. Of course, there may be many other different factors involved, that may be causing you to become bald, but DHT seems to be the main culprit. There many different reasons why a person may lose their hair.

Believe it or not, being in a bad marriage is enough to make a man pull his hair out or a woman! Now, you’ve got two bald marriage partners! In life, stress can cause us to lose our hair, therefore we should take every measure possible to live a stress free life. I know that may almost sound impossible, but with the proper planning, it is achievable.

Another important point that I want you to realize is, that medication may be causing your hair to fall out. I would encourage you to make an appointment with your doctor to find out if this is the case. Although, I do not advocate using medication, because I believe in taking a more natural approach, one that does not have the toxic side effects, I do understand that in some cases, you may need medication.

There are many misconceptions about what causes baldness, let’s take a quick look at a few. Some say that sunbathing can cause a person to go bald and that is just not true. Others have said that wearing a hat may cause you to go bald and that is not true either. There are natural methods, that I personally found online and tested myself. Let me tell you, the results that I experienced were astounding!

There are herbal solutions and powerful all-natural male pattern baldness guides online, that actually have life-changing information. As we all know, herbs have been used for thousands of years, especially in Chinese medicine and they have proved their effectiveness. I want you to start growing your hair back today, because I know what it’s like to deal with male pattern baldness. If you want to know how I simply grew my hair back click here!

Nails And Vitamins

Peeling Nails? Heres 8 Reasons Why Its Happening
Chipped, peeling, flaky fingernails are never in style. If you’re reading this, you’ve probably tried a lot of different products and strategies to stop the problem from happening. Understanding how your nails got that way in the first place could help you come up with a better strategy.

Here are eight of the top causes of peeling fingernails.

Climate Changes

No, we’re not talking about carbon emissions. Your nails are not suffering from global warming the way the polar bears are. It’s just that sudden changes in the weather, or extreme weather conditions, might be affecting your nails. Usually the culprit is cold, dry weather that dehydrates the nail plate, causing layers to separate and flake off. To solve it, try rubbing in a rich lotion or moisturizer every morning and eveningand wear gloves!

Dietary Issues

Many people will say that if your nails are peeling, it’s a lack of protein that’s the cause. This is really unlikely in North America or Western Europe, even if you’re a hard-core vegan. Usually, if diet’s to blame for your fingernail problems, it’s a lack of biotin, sulfur, or B-vitamins (which is a concern for vegans). A good supplement, along with a few extra servings of raw vegetables and fruit, should alleviate the chipping.

Prescription Medications

Some medicines have a drying effect on the skin and nails. If your peeling nails became an issue after you started taking a certain drug, you should head to the manufacturer’s website to double-check side effects. We’d never recommend quitting any physician-prescribed drug just for the sake of your fingernails. Instead, try improving your diet, as in step 2, and moisturizing, as in step 1. If that doesn’t work, pick a good nail strengthener (see step 8).

Psoriasis, Yeast Infections, or Other Skin Conditions

If you’re suffering from a skin condition such as psoriasis or a yeast infection, there could be knock-on effects for your nails. Many psoriasis patients also report chipping and peeling nails. If you’ve been given a prescription ointment or cream for what’s on your skin, try rubbing it on your nails, too.

Chemical Exposure

Lots of people don’t take proper precautions when cleaning the house or conducting pest control. For the sake of your lungs, ventilate the room. For the sake of your nails, wear gloves. Chemicals and solvents present in many cleaning products can dry out or damage your fingernails, leading to peeling.

Immersion in Water

Water swells and separates the layers of the nail plate. If you keep re-wetting the nails, they never dry properly, leading to flaking and peels. If you’re in a job where you soak your hands or have to wash them regularly, you’re going to have nail problems unless you take evasive action. Wear gloves wherever possible, and moisturize at least twice a day, if not more. Fitness swimmers who spend more than an hour in the pool should rub olive oil or petroleum jelly into their nails before starting their laps.

Post-Fake Nail Trauma

Really well-done acrylic nails look great, but it’s pretty much inevitable that your nails will be paper thin and damaged once you have the fakes taken off. You’ll have to be patient, and stimulate new growth with diet, moisturizers, and nail strengtheners. But don’t just pick any nail strengthener

The Wrong Kind of Nail Treatments

Nail strengtheners and peeling nail solutions contain a lot of chemicals. Most of them are designed to make your nails bond back together to prevent breaking and peeling. Some of them may actually be making the problem worse. Formaldehyde, an ingredient in several popular strengtheners, can cause drying and irritation of the skin and nailsnot to mention being a suspected cause of breast cancer. Switch to a nail care product that’s free of formaldehyde, toluene, and dibutyl pthalate, such as Nail Aid’s Peeling Nail Intense Repair Gel. Your entire body, not just your nails, will thank you.

Frequently Asked Questions

    How much faster will my hair grow with the product Hair Skin and Nails vitamins?
    i cut my hair soooo short its like at my chin and it used to be 4 inches past my shoulder. :[ and i bought the hair skin and nails product because i hear it helps your hair get healthier and grow faster. does anybody know how much faster it will grow when i take these vitamins?

    • ANSWER:
      try hair oil; it really works! put it on at nite before bed and wake up and shampoo it off. usually coconut hair oil works the best but try others to suit ur hair

    whats better to use prenatal or hair skin and nails vitamins?
    ive herd of people using prenatal vitamins to make there hair grow faster. and i was wondering if its honestly better then the hair skin and nails vitamins. i just want to know what ones better. and how old do you have to be to use the prenatal vitamins? can you take them if your younger then 18? and information its welcome. i just want a way to grow healthy strong hair and i want to fast.:)

    thank you:)

    • ANSWER:
      Do not ever take prenatals unless you are actually pregnant. You can actually overdose on vitamins and minerals. There are some serious health risks. I have looked this up and know this for a fact. Vitamin A is one of the several you should worry about. Your hair is going to grow around 1/2 every month. You should get it trimmed though every 3-4mth , only take about a inch off at most. This will insure deadends and split ends do not creep up the hair shaft and cause more damage over time. Keep your hair moisturized. Use a widetooth comb instead of a brush and DO NOT use hot tools on your hair because they cause split ends and breakage which is horrible for your hair. Take a multivitamin. They are good for you and you do not have to worry about health complications. One more thing about prenatals is that they can cause nausea and vomiting. Ok best of luck to you!

      One more thing: Some good natural moisturizers for your hair are olive oil, coconut oil, grapeseed oil, and jojoba oil. You can use all of these on your hair to help moisturization which will help with the growth process. Also raw egg and mayonnaise is very good for your hair to. =)

    Hair, skin, and nails vitamins- do they work?
    I’m looking for hair growth and i recently picked up some vitamins at Target that are called Hair, skin, and nails by origin (for women). I’ve never heard of the brand before, but if they do the job i’ll take them!

    Does anyone have experience with the vitamins? Do they work? And if so, how long before you see results?

    • ANSWER:
      YES YES YES, they work. Just taking a regular daily vitamin and eating a protein-rich diet will help as well, along with drinking lots of water.

      But YES, those hair/skin/nail vitamins DO work, as do prenatals. In fact, I’ve taken prenatals myself to make my hair grow faster (although I’m lucky, my hair grows an average of 3/4″ a month, and most people is 1/2″ per month… and when I took the prenatals mine grew about 1 inch per month!)

      Go for it! And good luck!

      (ps… make sure you’re getting regular trims, like once every 3 months or so to keep your hair growing out nice so it don’t get split and frizzy and yucky… even if it’s just 1/2″ off or so… it helps immensely in how quickly your hair will grow, too!)

      Good luck!!! :)

    where can i get hair skin and nails vitamins in the uk and caster oil?
    i wanna grow my hair and nails and apparently caster oil and hair skin and nails vitamins are good the people who made those videos on youtube are american so where can i get it in the uk?

    • ANSWER:
      Boots should sell castor oil. A tip as well if you’re planning on using castor oil on your skin with the Oil Cleaning Method is to only use a tiny amount of castor oil to grape seed oil or olive oil. Begin with a few drops and see how that goes. It can be really strong and drying stuff.

      Also, olive oil works a treat on your hair! Doesn’t make it greasy and it is one of the few oils that actually penetrate the hair shaft.

      Good luck!

    How long would it take hair, skin, and nails vitamins to start making a difference?
    I’m taking “One source complete Hair, Skin, and Nails Multi Beauty and Wellness formula for women” once a day. I want it to make a difference by the time school starts (August 17th). How long would it take for it to make a difference?

    • ANSWER:
      At least 60 days. If you want to speed up the process, eat healthy. A bunch of greens and healthy protein such as nuts, fish and poultry!

    What are the best skin, hair, nails vitamins on the market?
    And if there isn’t a good one to take, what are some good combo vitamins that will help especially my skin?

    • ANSWER:
      Gelatin tablets. Or prenatal vitamins. Omega 3 and fatty acids will do wonders for skin.

    How much do hair, skin, and nails vitamins affect hair growth?
    I read somewhere that your hair grows one inch in about two months on a regular basis. How much more do you think my hair would grow per two months with hair skin and nails? I just cut 6 or 7 inches off my hair and had it past my boobs and now I hate my hair. :(

    • ANSWER:

    Is there any hair, skin, and nails vitamins that have 5mg of biotin in them?
    I am searching for the best hair vitamins that are on the market. Hair vitamins that have 5mg of biotin in them but I have been able to find any that have more than 800 mcg; can someone please help me?

    • ANSWER:
      hairfinity. idk how much biotin content is in them but trust me they pretty much work for everybody!! my hair used to never grow and when it did it would break off and it was just past my ears. i took hairfinity for 7 months and now my hair is to the middle of my back. do some research on them and check out the testimonals and decide.

    Do the hair,skin and nails vitamins really work?
    Im trying to grow my hair quicker and im wondering if the nail skin and hair vitamins in Walmart really work? Or is it the same thing as taking a multivitamin(which im currently doing)?

    • ANSWER:
      No. There’s a reason why I have many sources.

      Save your money instead of buying hair growth products or supplements. Vogue Dec. 2010 issue has a section on biotin, supplements, etc. .
      The FDA don’t even approve of them. Because of inadequate quality control and inspection, supplements contaminated with heavy metals, pesticides, or prescription drugs have been sold to unsuspecting consumers. And FDA rules covering manufacturing quality don’t apply to the companies that supply herbs, vitamins, and other raw ingredients.
      Beginning in February 2008, they experienced one symptom after another: diarrhea, joint pain, hair loss, lung problems, and fingernails and toenails that fell off.…

      MSN “Vitamins Can Do More Harm Than Good.”…

      According Dr. Melissa Piliang, a dermatologist at the Cleveland Clinic. Americans spent an estimated 6 million on hair loss products last year, and chances are some of that money was not well spent. Don’t let charming salon owners, seductive ads or fancy gimmicks convince you otherwise.

      CNN, Slate, Consumer Reports, MSN, YAHOO have posted them online for years how people spend billion per year on vitamins and supplements.  According to Everyday Health, here’s an article that will tell you why . . . those PRODUCTS by any other name do NOT WORK.  It is false advertisements.

      Google: “Foods for Healthy Hair” – the website had moved, type it in. Two others also:……

      Growing healthy hair doesn’t come from a bottle or pills and hair products do not speed hair growth. Any hair oil, is another form to keep hair moisturized, nothing more. If you’re in HS, your hair & nails should be growing normally, and as healthily as possible, since you’re eating healthy foods. But when hair isn’t growing as fast, it’s because they’ve been tempered with: chemicals, hair straightening, etc. . . My hair grew from bob to waist length in 3 1/2 – 4 years in HS.

      I know hair. I have over 4 decades of hair know-how. I have silky, shiny, soft, smooth very healthy hair down to my knees. Previously damaged by perming & dyeing in the 80′s & 90′s. I’ve known people in their 30′s whose hair stopped growing from ironing their hair in the 70′s. When I was in HS, my hair grew from bob to waist length in 3 1/2 years (not bra strap as stated earlier).

    Do hair, skin, and nails vitamins really work?
    Im really thinking about buying these vitamins b/c im trying to grow out my hair and make my nails stronger. My friend takes them and they really work her! What to do yall think?

    • ANSWER:
      Not sure if the brand is available to you where you are, but I take Swisse “Hair, Skin and Nail” which contains a small amount of Biotin.

      I had paper thin nails and after a few weeks my nails were pretty darn strong! I can’t really comment on the hair part, I don’t think I have too much trouble there but I have been noticing less whiteheads on my face in the mornings. Not sure whether that could be the result of the vitamin or not though.

      I’d love to try another vitamin to compare this one to :)

    Do those hair skin & nails vitamins really work?
    I’ve been thinking about taking these vitamins to improve the appearance of my skin, but first I want to know if anyone here has tried them, and if they really make a difference in your skin?

    • ANSWER:
      yes and u know whats even better than those…PRENATALS!!!! they sell them in stores I grew my hair out using those!!!

    Can i take biotin vitamins and also take Hair nails and skin vitamins at the same time?
    or is too much? please let me know because i want to buy a hair skin and nail vitamins from natures bounty ,and i also wanted to buy the biotin one from natures bounty.? would i be able to take both of them? PLEASE HELP AND LET ME KNOW..thanks

    • ANSWER:
      You can take them..

    Has anyone tried hair skin and nails vitamins?
    I’m trying to grow my hair longera and I bought naturesbounty vitamins. Anyone try these vitamins?

    • ANSWER:
      They only help with the condition of new hair but dont provide anything to boost hair growth, the best thing to help youre hair grow is to not hinder it so you always get 1/2 inch of growth every month and you do this buy avoiding hair dye, heat styling and excessive brushing which could pull out some of you’re hair. Also get a trim every month or so because this will reduce split ends and help with the over-all health of youre hair (Dont worry, getting a trim every once and a while wont cancel out the time you took to grow it if you only take a small amount off)

    is it ok for a 13 year old to take hair skin and nails vitamins?
    im 13 and i was wondering if it is ok for me to take the hair, skin, and nails vitamins. help!

    • ANSWER:
      A general daily vitamin would be good and will help hair, skin and nails. You don’t need a special vitamin for those areas. A daily vitamin you buy at the drug store is balanced so that you don’t get too much of any one vitamin. Some vitamins flush right out of our system every day, like Vitamin C. Other vitamins, A,D, E, and K are stored in our bodies and taking too much of them can hurt you. Play it safe and get a daily vitamin at the drug store.

    Does vitamins such as GNC nourishair and other Hair skin and nails vitamins really stimulate hair growth?
    Im black and have relaxed hair and Im just looking for ways to get it thicker.. Help please?

    • ANSWER:
      vitamins help, but I do not think it stimulates hair growth. It may nourish it and we need certain vitamins in our bodies,however, growth cycle can not be manipulated from what I have been told.

    Do the {Nature’s Bounty} Hair, Skin, & Nails vitamins really work?
    I’m trying to grow my hair out and I decided to get these multivitamins called Hair, Skin, & Nails (from Nature’s Bounty)
    I’d like to know if theres anyone out there who knows from expirience if they help hair grow faster. Thanks!

    • ANSWER:
      f that!
      go to wal mart, and get biotin.
      lets just say 3 inches in 4 months,
      and its like.. 5 bucks.

    Do prenatal vitamins and hair, skin and nails vitamins really make your hair longer?
    [: I want my hair to grow out a little bit faster, will taking these help me?

    • ANSWER:
      No. Prenatal vitamins or vitamins like Biotin do not make your hair grow faster. You shouldn’t even consider prenatal vit. unless you’re pregnant! If it seems that prenatal vitamins make pregnant women’s hair grow faster, well it’s not the vitamins it’s the hormones from being pregnant. Biotin makes your hair stronger, and as such, you might be able to grow longer hair because it’s not breaking off.

    How long after starting hair, skin and nails vitamins should i start seeing results in my hair’s length?
    im trying to grow my hair out but it seems to have just stopped growing just past my shoulders :/ any other tips for how to grow out your hair??

    • ANSWER:
      About 3 months. I did they same thing. Didn’t straighten my hair use harsh products or anything and in like 3 months my hair went from my shoulders to my mid waist (;

    Do the hair, skin & nail vitamins work? & what exaclty do they do for you’re skin hair and nails?
    Do they help with damaged hair and spilt ends? & what do they do for you’re skin & nails?

    • ANSWER:
      vitamins C: A: K & E are best for your skin & hair: as well as biotin: gelatin & omega-3′s

      health starts @ the root: so they won’t do anything for split ends :: those can only be cut off to prevent further splitting & damage

      massage your scalp with olive: coconut: sesame seed: jojoba & sweet almond oils to stimulate healthy growth :: these oils are also good to spray throughout your hair & it will help smooth your hair::

      avoid using shampoos with sls: sles or als in them::–503134.html

      aubrey organics: made from earth: grahams: carol’s daughter: weleda: renpure: kiss my face: avalon organics: jasons: burt’s bees: emo gold: alba: druide: shikai: desert essence: giovanni: nature’s gate & valley of longevity are great: safe brands to use =]

      check all of your hair & skin products for harmful additives::

      regular deep conditioning will help & you make your own great ones @ home::

      a well balanced diet & exercise will help as well::

    When your taking “Hair, Skin, Nails Vitamins” how long does it take to work?
    If you take those vitamins how long will you hair grow? Or if it even works. And how long to see some thing different?

    • ANSWER:
      idk ummmm… i wanna know 2. so far, Omega stuff in fish works fastest

    Is it safe to take hair/skin/nails vitamins when you are 15?
    i just bought Finest Natural’s hair, skin, and nails vitamins
    it says to take 3 pills a day.
    i just want longer hair. Please help & tell me what vitamins are safe that i can take to make my hair longer.

    • ANSWER:

      The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) doesn’t have to approve supplements — no agency in the United States does. Because of inadequate quality control and inspection, supplements contaminated with heavy metals, pesticides, or prescription drugs have been sold to unsuspecting consumers. And FDA rules covering manufacturing quality don’t apply to the companies that supply herbs, vitamins, and other raw ingredients.
      Beginning in February 2008, they experienced one symptom after another: diarrhea, joint pain, HAIR LOSS, lung problems, and fingernails and toenails that fell off. FDA has received numerous reports of harm associated with the use of these products, including stroke, liver injury, kidney failure, heart palpitations, and death. 3-15-11

      CNN, Slate, Consumer Reports, MSN, YAHOO have posted them online for years how people spend billion per year on vitamins and supplements.  According to Everyday Health, here’s an article that will tell you why . . . those PRODUCTS by any other name do NOT WORK.  It is false advertisements.

      Google: Are Supplements Good For You? About 3,350,000,000 results results (0.13 seconds) 

      THEN Google: Are vitamins & supplements good for you? About 230,000,000 resultsresults results (0.17 seconds). Some can actually shorten your life!

      Google: Hair growth caused other men nationwide in class-action lawsuits. About 1,640,000 results (0.10 second.

      If you’ve straightened your hair in the past, it may grow slowly or none at all.
      Google: “Foods for Healthy Hair” – Your hair may be the fastest-growing tissue in the body but, unlike the skin, it cannot repair itself. That is why getting the right balance of vitamins and proteins is imperative. Don’t expect to look like you’ve stepped out of a hair commercial the day after you’ve changed your diet. It is likely to take at least three months before you actually see tangible results.

      Growing healthy hair doesn’t come from a bottle or pills and hair products do not speed hair growth. Any hair oil, is another form to keep hair moisturized, nothing more. If you’re in HS, your hair & nails should be growing normally, and as healthily as possible, since you’re eating healthy foods. But when hair isn’t growing as fast, it’s because they’ve been tampered with: chemicals, hair straightening, etc. . .

    do hair skin and nails vitamins really make ur hair grow faster?
    and do they also make ur hair look better/healthier?

    if u have tried them did they work for u?

    i have just bought some but have only been taking them for 4 days so far.
    how long until i will see a difference?

    • ANSWER:
      Depends on how your body chemistry reacts to the paticular vitamins you are taking. Never tried them myself, I just stick to the multivitamins active.

    How long will my hair grow in a year if I take daily hair and nails vitamins ?
    I’m wanting to grow ten inches before I graduate highschool, :/ someone help please ? Thanks <3

    • ANSWER:
      hair grows at 1/2″ per month, so in a year 6″, regardless of what you eat. these things merely mean stronger healthier hair which should survive better.

    is it ok if i take biotin while im taking a hair,skin and nails vitamins?
    could i take both of them even though the hair, skin and nails vitamins already contain biotin would it be bad if i take too much if of it? please let me know and the reason why i want to take it is for hair growth.thanks

    • ANSWER:
      Well biotin is for hair skin and nails and if you take it alone you wil see the difference. I take 8000 mcg of biotin.1 a day and my nails and hair are very long. Good luck.

    How long does your hair grow when using hair,skin and nails vitamins?

    • ANSWER:
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      After the Series the players were put on trial for throwing the series but they were all found innocent (The Blacksox). Another very important event happened after the series. The owners decided to change the three person commission that baseball had to a one man commissioner. They considered former presidents, senators, and judges. Their search ended when they named Kenesaw Mountain Landis as the commissioner of baseball (Ward and Burns 143). Landis banned all of the players involved for life in order to restore the public’s faith in baseball (The Blacksox). Although Joe Jackson and Eddie Cicotte are considered to be two of the best players in the history of baseball, they are to this day not allowed to enter the baseball hall of fame. After banning the players were banned Landis was quoted as saying “Regardless of the verdict of juries, no player who throws a ballgame, no player that undertakes or promises to throw a ballgame, no player that sits in conference with a bunch of crooked players and gamblers where the ways and means of throwing a game are being discussed and does not promptly tell his club about it, will ever play professional baseball” (Linder). Even after Landis had said this and after banning all of the eight players for life the public was still skeptical about the integrity of major league baseball (Ward and Burns 145).
      After they were banned Joe Jackson, Eddie Cicotte, and Swede Risberg played in semi-professional leagues under different names (The Blacksox). Buck Weaver was astonished by Landis’ verdict because he himself had not participated in the fix but he had known about it which was why he was banned for life. Weaver tried to get reinstated six times and Landis rejected him all six times. This dedication just goes to show how much the players really loved the game of baseball. These players were not a bunch of mean hearted people, they loved the game of baseball and did not mean for the Series to have such a bad effect on the public. Most of them, apart from Chick Gandil, were ashamed of what they had done to the public. Joe Jackson opened up a bar after his playing days. One day Ty Cobb waltzed into the bar. After Jackson had failed to recognize Cobb he went over to him and said “Don’t you recognize me Joe.” To which Jackson replied “Sure I do Ty” “I just thought no one wanted to speak to me again, a lot of them don’t.” This is an example of just how ashamed Jackson was of himself.
      It is very easy to see just how much influence the bad ownership of Charles Comiskey had on his organization and especially the players. From not doing simple things like laundering the player’s clothes and lying to them about bonuses that they were to receive he destroyed the team’s morale and dignity. It is from that tightfistedness that the players turned on him and threw the 1919 World Series. Comiskey turned some of the greatest players of all time, Joe Jackson and Eddie Cicotte, into crooked players. This team should have easily won the World Series; they had the best record in the American League, the highest batting average, most hits, most stolen bases and they were at the top of the league in most statistical categories. Unfortunately because Charles Comiskey was such a bad owner, the team had no other choice but to do something to rebel against him. These player’s were being run like Comiskey’s minions, they could not change teams or negotiate for a higher salary, Comiskey could do pretty much whatever he wanted to with them. Charles Comiskey catalyzed the events that led to the downfall of the 1919 White Sox. First he was cheap which is never a good quality for anyone to have. This cheapness led to the player’s unhappiness which ultimately led to the player’s decision to throw the World Series. It may not have been the best of decisions but the players felt that they had no other choice and that this was their last option to rid themselves of the oppression of Comiskey. Since the players threw the World Series they were thrown out of baseball. So ultimately it was the cheapness of Charles Comiskey that caused this team’s demise and the downfall of two of baseball’s greatest players and “one of the greatest teams of all time.” There have been three movies, and countless websites devoted to this subject and the fact that Charles Comiskey ruined one of the greatest teams in baseball history and destroyed the careers’ of eight ball players.

    How old do you have to be to use hair skin and nails vitamins?

    • ANSWER:
      i think you have to be 13 and up

    Are hair, skin, and nails vitamins safe for minors?
    I’ve heard hair, skin, and nails vitamins work and I want to try them but im not sure if theyre safe for minors…?

    • ANSWER:

    My hair is coming out from stress(I think) anyway I already take hair nails and skin vitamins. What will?
    happen if I start to take a daily vitamin with the hair skin nail vitamins. Do you think that can help my hair stop falling out and grow back.

    • ANSWER:
      i too take a daily vitamin and Hair, Skin and Nails (nature’s bounty) vitamins, because i was losing a lot of hair. The Hair, Skin and Nails pills were great at first i noticed that i wasn’t losing as much hair as before and my hair started to grow faster. However after 8months of taking it i noticed that my hair became so thin. Now i think i’m going to stop taking the pills. I love my hair because it’s thin and so soft to touch but i do miss my thick hair because it was so much easier to manage! I definately recomend these pills but stop as soon as you notice your hair getting thinner. It also helps to eat a handful of nuts each day such as almonds and walnuts for thicker hair.

    is it safe to take hair/skin/nails vitamins when you are 15?
    i just bought nature’s bounty hair, skin, and nails vitamins. they have 3,000 mg of biotin. i want my hair to grow faster and healthier. is it safe for a 15 yr old?
    also it says to take it 3 times a day.
    also it says to take it 3 times a day.

    • ANSWER:

    does The hair, skin and nails vitamins really work? It’s by the company (Nature’s Bounty)?
    I want to know because i just started to take them, and i don’t want to keep on taking it if it doesn’t work.

    • ANSWER:
      i take them and my hair is just gettin longer month by month.
      and the nails,
      i have to clip mine or they would be really long.

    what do skin hair and nails vitamins do for your skin?
    like does it help acne or what?

    • ANSWER:
      it does what oatmeal and home treatments does. Makes it softer and healthy.

    Nature Valley Hair Skin and Nails Vitamins?
    Take three a day? I think that’s a bit too much.
    I’ve been trying different things to clear up my skin because nothing is working. What results have you seen from the vitamin? Difference in your hair, skin, and nails?

    Do you think this is a healthy supplement and should I be taking the printed serving size daily?

    Answers much appreciated from past/current users of the vitamin.

    • ANSWER:
      It is vital to eat effectively to keep fit. Acai berry is an amazing super food that keeps you fit and additionally has the bonus of assisting you to lose lots of weight. There is a free trial going on at the moment at , try it out, how worse could it make things?

    want to grow nails – vitamins not helping?
    I am still taking prenatals and have to admit that my nails have shown some improvment and can grow HOWEVER they constantly split, break(across the middle – ouch) and are very brittle and become instantly weak upon any contact with water.
    I need something more to strengthen them and keep them intact.
    Any advice would be appreciated as I am seriously considering gel nail but HATE the idea of the upkeep.

    • ANSWER:
      before bed–put vaseline on your hands and nail put gloves on-that will keep them growing with moisture

      then try getting Sally Hansen Hard as Nails.

    When is it best to take hair, skin & nails vitamins?
    So I take hair, skin & nails vitamins by natures bounty and i wanted to know when is it best to take
    them, like before a meal, after a meal, or empty stomach in order to get the most benefit?

    and I also drink alot of water which i think is good to help it breakup

    • ANSWER:
      I do not think the formulation of vitamins will require you take them with food. I am old, and I have taken multivitamins for many years. The ingredients in the vitamins are not affected whether taken with or without food. I take my vitamins after breakfast that are advertised for hair and nail nourishment. Some people have sensitive stomach-lining, and taken vitamins on an empty stomach may cause heartburn.


    would it be better for me to take b complex or skin hair and nails vitamins for hair growth?
    my hair grows fine but i want to help it along. give it the best nourishment possible because i cant afford the diet i need right now. i am also trying regenetresse. please advise. thanx

    • ANSWER:
      They have some of the same nutrients in them both, but usually B complex is more budget friendly, so that’s the one I’d choose for myself.

    What makes hair grow the fastest: Prenatal vitamins or Hair Skin and Nails vitamins?
    my hair grows EXTREMELY slow, it was growing longer and the idiot hair lady cut it too short so now its like an inch past my shoulders :((( ughhhhhh my moms hair grows about 1/4 inch a month, so my hair is prety much the same.

    how much faster will it grow if i take these??!!

    • ANSWER:
      Prenatal vitamins work really well for hair growth, but make sure you get the good ones. Some only have a few vitamins and minerals in them and won’t help much. Also, taking a biotin supplement can help.

    Can I take Hair, Skin, and Nails vitamins with Flinstone gummies?
    i baught a pregnancy test today and it came out positive btw to let yall know i wanna take hair skin and nail vitamins with flinstone gummies. can i or is it too much..i would take prenatle vitamins but imma wait until3months but for right now can i take both of them vitamins daily?

    • ANSWER:

    Hair, skin, and nails vitamins-do they work?
    my hair barley grows!
    i was wondering if they really work? so far, i’ve heard positive reviews.
    thankss :]

    • ANSWER:
      YES! i use vitamins every day for my skin and hair and they work better than anything! especialy pre natle ones!

    what are some of the best hair, skin, nails vitamins on the market?
    i’m looking for some good hair, skin and nail vitamins to promote healthy hair and nail growth and to keep skin looking healthy

    • ANSWER:

    does the hair skin and nails vitamins make your hair grow faster?

    • ANSWER:
      yes. it does trust me 3 years of medical school

    are hair, skin, and nails vitamins safe for minors?
    I’ve heard hair, skin, and nails vitamins work and I want to try them but I’m not sure if they’re safe for minors.

    • ANSWER:

    Does hair, skin, and nails vitamins really work?
    If it worked for you which brand did you use? and how long did it take for it to work?
    10 points, thank you.

    • ANSWER:
      It didn’t for me.
      To improve all three I..
      -Eat two eggs daily (it’s not bad for you, good cholesterol) and drink lots of water.
      -Take 5000mcgs of Biotin Daily.
      -Take a Prenatal Vitamin Daily.
      -Take 3000mgs of MSM Daily. (also in vitamin isle)
      -Take fish oil Daily. (I live in the vitamin isle)
      -And take a B Complex Daily. (I’m pretty much a junkie :D)

      If you’re growing or improving your hair. Wash with Mane ‘n Tail Shampoo and Conditioner and massage your scalp. (Pet isle! Switching it up!)

      I swear by each of these things!!

    Has anyone taken perfectil skin, hair and nails vitamins?
    If so can you tell me how long it took for your hair to start growing…..can you tell me the good points……. and would it grow faster if i took 2 a day instead of 1?

    • ANSWER:
      Yes i have taken it, my hair was breaking off due to too much straightning and was just getting shorter and shorter! it does make a difference, for me it took a couple of months to notice any extra growth in my hair, but overall it does seam more healthy, and is stronger. It really helps your nails grow and stay strong too. Havnt noticed any change in my skin really. I wouldnt take more than the reccommended dose, and make sure you take it with a meal or otherwise it can give you a funny tummy! there is another type called hairsublime which is supposed to be good too! Vx

    Question about Hair Skin and Nails vitamins?
    I bought some today and read on the bottle that people under 18 shouldn’t take them. does anyone know why not? because if it’s not serious i plan to keep taking them. p.s. i’m almost 16.

    • ANSWER:
      Call the company and ask. Better safe than sorry!

    Are the store brand (Target, CVS) Hair, Skin, and Nails vitamins equal to name brand?
    I just bought “Hair, Skin, Nails” at Target. It is by Origin and I was wondering if it is equal to other hair, skin, and nail vitamins.

    • ANSWER:
      Both my mom and I live by this brand. I take one everyday. Both my mom and I have great hair. I’m always complimented on how thick and healthy my hair looks, and how great my skin is. I highly recommend this product. It will take about 3 weeks – 1 month to see results.

    Has anyone tried hair,skin, and nails vitamins?
    I just got mines from cvs. It said to take 3 a day. I want to know have anyone every tried it and did it work?

    • ANSWER:
      I’m almost positive it works, because my friend tried it to make her hair grow. I remember her nails always breaking off, a week after using that they were long and not brittle. I also know that prenatal vitamins work for healthy hair, skin, and nails. Just because you aren’t pregnant doesn’t mean you can’t use it. My friend went to those after that stuff she bought at gmc. I don’t know why though. But try them out, if they don’t work for you, try the prenatal vitamins. You can find them at walmart

    is hair, skin, and nails vitamins from natures bounty for 14 year olds?
    i want my hair to grow longer and when i heard about these vitamins, i knew i had to try it. But i looked on the directions and it said “for adults and to take 3 during meals. i would like to know if i could take them and how many times i should take them a day?

    • ANSWER:

    do hair skin and nails vitamins really work?
    they are from the Spring Valley brand (got them at walmart)

    • ANSWER:
      I used to use those exact vitamins but then I got lazy and stopped taking them! I’m trying to start again :)
      When I used them, the thing they really affected was my skin! It cleared up my skin so well I swear haha. And I know it was the vitamins because I never changed my daily routine or anything.
      My nails already grow fast and strong on their own so I can’t really say the pills did anything for my nails.
      I didn’t notice much of a change in hair growth either but you probably have to wait a few months to see any real results there.

      Overall, I’d recommend them because they worked so well on my skin :)

    Has anyone tried skin,hair and nails vitamins?
    Has anyone tried the skin, hair, and nails vitamins and if so did it actually make your hair/nails healthier and grow faster?
    How long did it take?

    loves xXx

    • ANSWER:
      Your best bet to promote growth is to take biotin,msm or good ole’prenatal vitamins.these are cheaper alternatives to vitamins for hsn,but they have great if not better results.I started off taking the prenatals for hair growth,and after about two weeks my nails grew stronger,so therefor,much skin is clearer,i have a lot less hair has always been thick but i’ve started to experience a lot of shedding so someone suggested the vitamins and they do work.i swear by biotin,but one downside to taking pn vitamins,you may gain weight.i gained a couple of pounds but it’s worth it! hth

    Do hair, skin and nails vitamins work?
    i bought the futurebiotics brand…has anyone tried hair, skin, nails vitamins B4?
    or any kind of hair vitamins. do they really make a difference?
    it has biotin in in
    and i dont want to take prenatals cause i dont want to get too much iron :P

    • ANSWER:
      Prenatal vitamins work well for hair and nail growth. Idk about the brand you bought, but the others work great for me.

Nail Vitamins

What Vitamins Should I Take To Improve My Hair, Skin And Nails?
The biggest news recently about beauty, especially hair, skin, and nail health, revolves around the ability of vitamins and minerals to help skin be healthy and young looking. Nutrients, vitamins, and minerals can promote hair growth, healthier looking hair, and help strengthen nails so they don’t chip and break. This means not just nutrients found in lotions and creams that go on the skin, but those that are found naturally in the food we eat, and in vitamin and mineral supplements that can be taken to help improve hair, skin, and nails from the inside out.

Vitamin and mineral supplements added to a healthy diet can make such a difference that you don’t need to spend a lot of money on a full regimen of skincare products. Fortunately, most of the same things that are good for your skin will also work to give you healthy hair and nails; that makes taking a supplement so much simpler!

Vitamins C and E
As far as your skin goes, both vitamin C and E are very important in stopping the negative effects of too much exposure to the sun, such as wrinkles and ageing. Vitamin E has been shown to decrease sun damage and wrinkles and smooth out the texture of skin. Long term use of both of these vitamins can reduce the chances of getting sunburnt and vitamin C can help with collagen formation.

For skin, hair, and nails, both vitamin C and E act as antioxidants. Vitamin E and C improve blood circulation (and nutrient delivery) to the scalp, resulting in healthier hair. C and E taken as a supplement and in a topical lotion can reverse the damage caused by free radicals, and help replace collagen and elastin.
Vitamin C also promotes healthy nails. Hangnails can be caused by a deficiency in Vitamin C. You can get vitamin C from leafy green vegetables, citrus (such as a lime, grapefruit and oranges), and cherries. A powder form of supplement is probably the easiest way to digest synthesised vitamin C. Just mix it in with juice.

Vitamin A
If the levels of vitamin A in your body are too low, you may experience things like dry and flaky skin as well as dry scalp. Vitamin A is important for maintaining healthy skin and repairing damaged skin. There are also vitamin A lotions that can significantly reduce wrinkles, and even help control acne.

Taking a vitamin A supplement (or beta carotene) helps the scalp produce the oils it needs to avoid flakiness and dryness. Pregnant women need to seek advice before taking vitamin A and everyone needs to be careful not to over do it. Too much can be toxic.

Vitamin K
In our bodies, the job of vitamin K is to help with blood clotting. For the skin it works to reduce dark circles under the eyes as well as fade bruising, especially when used as a topical cream. Vitamin K is made by bacteria in the gut so keeping your insides healthy helps with the production of vitamin K. A routine to support the intestines and stomach may be one way to keep your good tummy bugs happy and healthy and busy producing vitamin K.

Biotin (Vitamin B7)
One of the B vitamins, biotin, may one of the most important supplements you can take for you skin, hair and nails. Biotin (B7) is a nutrient contained the cells of our hair, nails, and skin. When you don’t have enough biotin, itchy skin and scalp result as well as hair loss. Try a multi-B supplement that contains biotin and as well as Niacin, B5, B6, and B12, all of which are important for healthy skin, hair and nails.

Minerals for Hair, Skin, and Nails
Like vitamins C and E, the minerals copper, selenium and zinc, can help develop elastin to make skin tighter and smoother. They also have other benefits and are usually included in good multi-vitamin supplements specifically for hair and nails.

Check with Your Doctor
Before you begin taking anything new, it’s always a good idea to check with your doctor to make sure that they won’t have any negative reactions with any medications you may be taking. The doctor can also advise you on safe dosages to take each day. Be sure to read the label and only take the recommended daily dose.

As complementary therapies are not tested in the same way as pharmaceutical drugs they have varying levels of effectiveness, so try a few different brands till you find a product that works well for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

    Are hair skin and nail vitamins better for hair growth or prenatal vitamins?
    I’ve heard that if you take prenatal vitamins your hair grows suuuuuuper fast, even though this doesn’t technically make sense since they mostly specialize in folic acid for the baby and not the vitamin B that makes hair grow faster. However, I’ve also read that prenatal vitamins can be harmful if you aren’t pregnant. Would hair, skin and nail vitamins make your hair grow faster or prenatal vitamins?

    • ANSWER:
      Firstly, no product on the market makes your hair grow faster. That’s a myth. Secondly, prenatal vitamins do not make your hair grow faster. Obviously, pregnant women are taking prenatals, but it’s not the vitamins that’s making their hair grow faster, it’s the hormones from being pregnant! Thirdly, biotin does not make your hair grow and nails grow faster. What it actually does is make your hair and nails stronger. If you have strong nails and hair then you’re able to grow then long naturally, and this is simply because they’re not breaking off. Think about it.

      To answer your question: Neither. Be patient as your hair grows. Hair grows 1/2 inch per month and a bit faster during the summer.

    What hair skin nail vitamins do you recommend for teens?
    do hair nail skin vitamins work, do they increase hair growth, clear up acne, improve finger nails and toe nails. is it dangerous to take hair skin nail vitamins

    • ANSWER:
      B complex or any good multiple vitamin.

    Hair and nail growth vitamins. How well do they work?
    I started taking one source hair and nail vitamins. Has anyone taken them, and if so, how well do they work? How long did it take to see results? How much do you think it acutally helped? Are there any better brands out there? I saw some on GNC but don’t know much about what is out there. I want to grow my hair out as quick as possible.

    • ANSWER:
      for hair and nail growth vitamins ive heard they are great for your nails and hair. as for growing it out hair vitamins generally only makes it shinier and more full of life.

    Do the vitamins and and nail products work?
    I need to grow my nails long so I bought one of those hair, skin, nails vitamins. I was also thinking about buying one of those things where you paint on your nails and thye are suppose to grow faster. I was just wondering if they actually work?

    • ANSWER:
      The nail polish that grows your nails in 5-7 days works!! I am wearing some right now, and my nails have never been this long. Just a tip, when your nails are to the desired length, I would get some hard as nails nail strengthener. Hope this helps ;)

    Do hair skin and nail vitamins work?
    I been using them for years off and on. I would like to know do they work for others. I believe they work for my nails, I would like to know for my skin and hair is it a difference, I notice my hair is thicker however I wonder what does it do for my skin/complexion. What are the risk if you take hair skin nail vitamins along with a daily vitamin.

    • ANSWER:
      It won’t make a huge difference but normally yes they make your hair and skin healthier.

    How long does it take for hair, skin, and nail vitamins to work?
    I would like my nails to grow faster because I work with water all day so they get soft and break off and I would really like them to grow out pretty fast, and I was wondering if I took biotin or the hair skin nail vitamins if they would work and if so how long it would take before I notice results..

    • ANSWER:
      Lol, thanks for answering my question. :P I guess I’m going to have to find out myself. Haha, I could let you know how long it would take. Hopefully no longer than 3 weeks. Lol.

    Any good hair and nail vitamins?
    I’ve tried several hair, skin, and nail vitamins, and none of them work. Does anyone know of any vitamins that will help African American hair repair and grow? Thanx I appreciate it!

    • ANSWER:
      prenatal vitamins help hair skin and nails and it doesnt mattter if ur prego or not to take them they just help give u ur nutrients either way!

    What hair, skin, and nail vitamins are best? ?
    My hair, skin, and nails are really important to me so I want to keep them healthy. In the past, I’ve heard girls from my school saying they take hair, skin, and nail vitamins. Honestly, to me it sounded crazy that they would spend so much money on “special vitamins.” But I wondered if they do work or if I should just take regular vitamins? And which brand do you use if you use them? What were your results?

    • ANSWER:
      Well, there is a vitamin called Biotin that you can purchase over the counter at your local drug store. It’s for your hair and nails. It helps them grow and stay healthy.

    What are the best hair/skin&nail vitamins?
    Which ones are the best for getting healthier hair, clearer/healthier skin, and stronger nails? I know there are a lot of hair/skin&nail vitamins out there. Which are the best? I’m 17, if that makes any difference.

    • ANSWER:
      You’re right,there are a lot out there to choose from,I’m gonna purchase a hair vitamin in the near future too.I read every review before i decided on a vitamin that i thought suited my needs,here are the websites that i went too:

      One thing to remember when looking for vitamins is that just because its says just hair vitamins or skin vitamins on the bottle doesn’t mean that it can’t benefit both hair,skin,and nails.What really matters is that you find all the right ingredients.Make sure that you do not take any kind of vitamin on an empty stomach,more than likely you will become very nauseous,always take it with a meal.

    How will hair skin & nail vitamins affect my skin?
    I just started taking them on Monday to improve my hair and make it grow faster. How will it affect my skin? Right now, I have some bad break outs on my face. Will it make them go away? Should I be taking these vitamins if I have break outs? Thanks!

    • ANSWER:
      hi xxx

      yeah i’m sure it will :)

      ALSO apply castor oil to you hair,it will make you’re hair very beautiful,when i was using it,my hair grew faster than usual,also applying honey on your face,then rinsing it off will make your skin really nice and healthy.
      ALSO apply OLIVE oil to hair and skin it will make it healthy too!
      Read more about it in google if you don’t believe me xoox

      Good luck xoxo

    does Natrols Hair skin and nail vitamins really help your hair to grow?
    My hair grows really really slow and i want it to grow faster cuz i want long hair. I want to know if these vitamins actuly work or if anyone knows of any that work. please help me!!

    • ANSWER:
      Well for one try using Mane N’ Tail Horse Shampoo. I use it all the
      time and it makes your hair grow faster. I;d say massage it into
      your scalp b/c thats going to help the roots if you just put it on
      the ends, it not going to do anything to it. You can find it at
      walmart in the pet section. also you should drink plenty of water
      to condition your hair and when shampooing and conditioning you should
      use cold or luke warm water on your hair so it won’t damage it.
      Even hot water hurts your hair.

      Btw if your looking for a cute hairstyle to try out these
      tutorials. they are awesome. ;D

      Subscribe if you like the styles

    Does Biotin/Hair skin nail vitamins make curly hair even curlier?
    I’ve been using Hair Skin and Nail vitamins (which contain Biotin) to make my curly hair grow longer because I hate how my curls are so tight, and so by growing it out they will be streched and not in ringlets. ANYWAY so I was just wondering, I’ve noticed my hair becoming slightly more curlier (more ringlets) than usual.. does biotin make curly hair curlier? Thanks :)

    • ANSWER:
      No its proabbly just getting longer.

    How would taking 3 hair, skin, and nail vitamins effect me?
    On the back, it says serving size two caplets,
    I want my hair to grow faster.
    In a year, it will be at a length I would like better, But my hair grows really slow.
    I take two daily, and my hair hasn’t seemed any longer, or healthier.
    My hair is about to my collar bone right now, I would love it to be 6 inches + in less than a year..

    Will it be ok to take three daily?

    • ANSWER:
      If the recommended dose is 2 per day, only take 2. If you take more than that, your body will only absorb what it needs and you will pee out the rest. That is why sometimes your pee is bright yellow after you take vitamins. So generally it would be a waste to take more than required. There is also the very real possibility of vitamin overdose, but I think you’d need to take a lot more than that.

    I have been on rexall hair skin and nail vitamins, andthing else to make hair grow?
    i will give points for answers, i need to grow my hair long for a wedding. i have been takin the pills do they really work?

    • ANSWER:
      i take udo’s Ultimate Oil Blend about a table spoon every morning (they recommend 3 times a day) , it really makes my hair and nails grow so much faster. It tastes horrible but works (i find a small glass of milk after wards really makes the taste go away fastest)
      it is a blend of Organic flax seed oil, Organic sunflower seed oil, Organic sesame seed oil, Rice and oat germ oils, Organic coconut oil, Organic evening primrose oil, Lecithin, Vitamin E, Antioxidants (tocotrienols), Rosemary oil.
      took me about 2-3 weeks to really notice a difference (i get acrylic nails and since taking it i have to get my nails filled twice as often and my hair grows much faster as well. it also does great things for your skin)

    does anyone know if hair and nail vitamins gives you an upset stomach?

    Im taking a vitamin that has “biotin” in it, that seems to be making me sick.

    • ANSWER:
      It could if not taken with food (an example only). However, I would recommend checking with your doctor as well to see what they say.

    What are some good and reasonably priced hair and nail vitamins? (names of the vitamins and brands please)?
    i want to help my hair along a little bit to grow longer and more lushious in a quicker time if at all possible. ive been recommended vitamins… but what ones? and where can i get them? Im from the uk

    • ANSWER:
      If you go into Boots, they have their own brand, called skin hair and nail vitamins. Its a little grey tub thing with a purple sticker on. They cost £5 for a months supply, Ive been using them only 2 weeks, but I can see improvements in my nails for sure, as for my hair I think it will take longer to see a change, but their really good, contain alot of vitamins ! They have biotin, zinc, iron, vitamins c, d and e, i could go on! :-) i lav em x

    Do the hair skin and nail vitamins work?
    how fast do they work and do they make a big difference?

    • ANSWER:

    How long before i notice a difference with hair skin and nail vitamins?
    its just some vitamin from cvs..i have been taking it a week….

    • ANSWER:
      Actually it may take up to a month, for you to really notice. One thing you may want to take note is that they do make your hair stronger, so if you process it at all you may get different results. I lighten my hair and went for a touch up, the lady left everything on the normal amount of time, then washed it off and nothing. Nothing changed it didn’t take, I had to wait 2 weeks and come back. Just thought you should know.

    do hair skin and nail vitamins really work?
    i’ve been taking them for 2 months now to help my hair grow! its just not growing! am i wasting my money?

    • ANSWER:
      In a way yes you are as you cant speed up the rate at which your hair grows but taking vitamins is good if your diet is lacking in certain things. In an ideal world we would all eat the correct amount of foods to keep our body healthy but as people are all individuals we have likes and dislikes. There are lots of food the so called experts say we should be eating but some of them I find disgusting.
      As long as you eat a decent diet you shouldn’t need vitamins and minerals but lots of people like the elderly and ill folk don’t so taking a multivit is a good thing as it replaces the things they are not getting in their diet.

    hair and nail vitamins VS Biotin which one is better and why?
    which one works better to make your hair grow faster? and were can i buy it and how much? are there any side affects? can i take it because im 15. how much hair growth will i see in a month?

    • ANSWER:
      Biotin is included in many good multivitamins anyway.

    Filipinos, where can I buy imported skin, hair, and nail vitamins in the philippines?
    I am not sure if there is a local brand..

    In what shop can I buy this kind of vitamins?

    Thank you so much.

    • ANSWER:
      try GNC or healthy options at megamall.

    Do the hair, skin & nail vitamins work? & what exaclty do they do for you’re skin hair and nails?
    Do they help with damaged hair and spilt ends? & what do they do for you’re skin & nails?

    • ANSWER:
      vitamins C: A: K & E are best for your skin & hair: as well as biotin: gelatin & omega-3′s

      health starts @ the root: so they won’t do anything for split ends :: those can only be cut off to prevent further splitting & damage

      massage your scalp with olive: coconut: sesame seed: jojoba & sweet almond oils to stimulate healthy growth :: these oils are also good to spray throughout your hair & it will help smooth your hair::

      avoid using shampoos with sls: sles or als in them::–503134.html

      aubrey organics: made from earth: grahams: carol’s daughter: weleda: renpure: kiss my face: avalon organics: jasons: burt’s bees: emo gold: alba: druide: shikai: desert essence: giovanni: nature’s gate & valley of longevity are great: safe brands to use =]

      check all of your hair & skin products for harmful additives::

      regular deep conditioning will help & you make your own great ones @ home::

      a well balanced diet & exercise will help as well::

    Do hair and nail vitamins work and what are the side effects?
    i want to know what they do before i use them

    • ANSWER:

    can i take prenatal vitamins and hair skin and nail vitamins?
    i am trying to grow my hair out quickly. I was taking “hair skin and nail” supplements and then i switched to prenatal vitamins because i heard they help stimulate growth much quicker…and they do! However, i was wondering if I could take both of the vitamins once a day on a daily basis, would this make my hair grow even quicker? Or would it be unhealthy to take both of the supplements? Thanks! And any other hair growing advice would be appreciated :)

    • ANSWER:

    how do i get nail vitamins for my fingernails turning brown?
    my fingernails are brown on the tip and wont go away.

    • ANSWER:
      Cut them off

    Will I gain weight if start taking skin, hair and nail vitamins?

    • ANSWER:

    Hair, Skin, & Nail Vitamins – Do they work?
    I’ve never taken Hair, Skin & Nails Vitamins so I’m just wondering if they really do work? If so, what exactly does it do to your hair, skin and nails? I have weak nails that break easily. Will it make them strong? Will it make my hair grow? How about my skin? What will it do to my skin? Look more radiant? or nothing. Just curious what these vitamins do before I purchase them. All answers are appreciated. Thank you in advance!

    • ANSWER:
      They do work if you take them daily. They help make your hair and nails stronger, just like calcium supplements help maintain healthy bones. I know that just the vitamins alone won’t cure all–but it will help.

    Do Hair, Skin & Nail vitamins really work?
    I just bought a bottle of Hair, Skin & Nails vitamins from Target and it has MSM, Biotin and Gelatin in it. Does it really work? Anyone have any success with this? What exactly does it do?
    Thanks in advance.

    • ANSWER:
      yes hair skin and nails does work.
      but you have to take it for three months to see the full effects.
      after about a month youll notice all the new baby hairs around your face,
      and your skin will also have a healthier glow, and your acme will be a minimum.

      my nails have always been long and strong so im not sure if it did help them any.

      oh but the bad news is
      that ive heard it can upset your stomach
      and make you have gas.

    What benefits come with using nail vitamins?

    [ am asking this on behalf of a female friend]

    • ANSWER:
      A head of strong, thick hair, shiny nails and glowing skin may be a standard of beauty, but they don’t sell it in a bottle. Hair and nail vitamins claim to make your hair less brittle and cause it to grow faster and fuller. Hair and nail vitamins claim to stop nail breakage and promote longer growth. In reality, hair and nail vitamin packages aren’t miracle workers, but rather a mixture of vitamins and minerals you need for good health anyway. Unless you’re deficient in any of the vitamins contained in these formulas, you may not see any effect. Vitamins are no substitute for good nutrition, nor should they be used as treatment for underlying medical problems that may be causing hair, skin and nail problems. Talk to your doctor before you begin such a regimen.

    If you take hair skin and nail vitamins what will it do?
    Will it make hair grow faster and healthier and clear up skin?

    • ANSWER:
      It might for some people but not everyone. It will probably make your hair and nails stronger. You should do research on it before taking them! Good luck!

    How long will it take for my hair to grow 3 inches while im taking hair, skin and nail vitamins ?

    • ANSWER:
      Not sure, everyone is different. Hair grows on average at 1/2 inch per month but that doesn’t mean hair can’t grow slower or faster than 1/2 inch. It depends on if you are drinking 8 glasses of water and your diet. You can also massage your scalp and deep conditioner your hair, which promotes hair growth. MSM helps with hair growth, and has given women 3/4 inch or 1 1/2 inch of growth a month, some even get 1/4 inch per week. They sell it at Walmart for 9 dollars and you get 90 capsules.

    What are some good “hair & nail” vitamins (hair loss)?
    i’m not balding either or anything like that… its just i lose a lot in the shower, and when i brush my hair. But this has always happend to me even when i was little.

    Some one told me to try some vitamins, and that it might be from not eatign properly so should i get a muti-vitamin and a hair and nail vitamin or just one?

    • ANSWER:
      You are going to laugh when you read this, but I am totally serious.
      Go to the drugstore and buy some PRENATAL vitamins… I’m not kidding! Your hair and nails will get so thick and long after about
      3 to 6 weeks of them……… good luck!

    Anyone try the Hair, Skin, and Nail Vitamins at Dollar General?
    I was hesitant to buy Dollar General brand vitamins, but I’ve tried a few other things of their’s that are really good quality. I’ve been using these vitamins for a couple months. They’re really helping my nails, I don’t know about my hair. I’ve heard it can take some time to notice a difference in hair growth. I’ve read on a hair site I visit that several ppl have had good results with Ultra Nourishair (GNC). I like the DG, though, because they contain calcium – I take it as a multi, so I need a hair vitamin that contains calcium. They also contain a lot of other good stuff for hair – similar to the GNC vits. Anyone use these, and how long did it take you to notice results w/hair growth and condition (if you did).

    • ANSWER:
      i heard it was good! i use another brand that i found at sweetbay for biotin only. I was thinking about trying it because it has biotin as well as other minerals. I’ve been taking biotin and it took me about a couple months to notice results.

    Are prenatal vitamins good to take for hair and nail thickness and growth?
    Im not pregnant but I heard taking a prenatal vitamin will help with nail and hair thickness and growth. Is this true? And if I do take it would it be too much vitamins for my system?
    Altho I heard they can sometimes make some people sick.

    • ANSWER:
      It definitely will help with your hair and nails. If you aren’t taking any other kind of vitamins, it shouldn’t be a problem taking them. Just make sure that you do a regular dosage as stated on the bottle. 1-2 a day is more than enough to get the vitamins and minerals that you want for your hair and nails.

    do hair vitamins and nail and skin work?
    i am takeing vitamins for my hair and nails and skin do they work.

    • ANSWER:
      They are helpful but it takes time, within a month or two you should notice results.

    hair skin and nail vitamins do they work ?
    my hair doesnt grow it’s dry and broken , i’ve been trying anything for it to get healthier , nothing had worked. i want to buy these and want to know if they work

    • ANSWER:
      yepp! i used it a couple of years ago and my hair grew from my shoulders down to my back. i love it and get it. its deffinnately a product that works and amazing. :D

    Should I take hair skin and nail vitamins to help myhair grow faster?

    • ANSWER:
      Healthy hair growth starts with good nutrition. Your hair needs certain nutrients to grow properly. This can be achieved by getting enough of the right fats, vitamins, and minerals from your diet, or from dietary supplements. There are also some other supplements that may also be able to help, like saw palmetto, Pygeum Africanum, MSM, and grape seed extract. I like Caribbean Hair Grow. You should talk to your doctor before you do, or take anything, and also do your own research (wikipedia, pubmed, etc.) as well. Hope this helps…

    What are the best hair nail & skin vitamins?
    What brand of hair nail & skin vitamins work best?? and do they work well??

    • ANSWER:
      They work very well :)

      Amazon has:

      Walgreens has:,-Skin-and-Nails/ID=prod394671&navCount=1&navAction=push-product?V=G&ec=frgl_&ci_src=14110944&ci_sku=sku394672

      The difference between the two brands is . The one on Amazon is more expensive.

      Hoped this helped :)

    Im taking hair,skin,and nail vitamins and i would like to know if zinc makes your hair grow faster than it?
    normally would and if so how much faster? thank you!i’d appreciate your answer

    • ANSWER:

    how long does it take for hair skin and nail vitamins to work?
    ive just got some hair, skin and nail tablets from holland and barret and was just wondering, do they actually work? if anyone as had them before? do they make your hair grow and what do they do to your skin and nails? answers are much apreciated, thanks(:

    • ANSWER:
      I’m not sure what you got but all you really need is calcium, vitamin D, E and A. Fish oil tablets work well also. I’d give it a couple days to a week to start building up.

    Since I’m 13 is it ok to take hair skin and nail vitamins?
    My hair is poofy and curly the problem is it is too short alot of people told me if it was longer it wouldnt be like this. Also my nails are always breaking and ripping . IS IT AIGHT TO TAKE HAIR,SKIN AND NAIL VITAMINS FOR A 13 YEAR OLD?

    • ANSWER:
      The problem is more likely your diet. You should be able to get all your nutrients from your food.

      If you aren’t, a plain old daily vitamin is all you need. The hair, skin, and nail vitamin sometimes sold in stores is just a hyped up version of what you can get with a daily vitamin, and is usually more expensive, too!

      Don’t expect a vitamin to ‘cure’ your hairtype. That’s genetics. You can ease its frizziness by taking care not to use hot,hot blowdryers, straightners, or curling irons on it. Also, use a good quality shampoo without ‘cones.’ These are ingredients ending in -cone that coat your hair. The coating isn’t easily washed off, and can be come discolored, brittle, and break off with your hair. Use a good quality conditioner, too, and I always recommend hair oil regardless of ethnicity. It is the BEST protectant. Don’t over do it, though, or your hair will just look limp and greasy.

    Where can I get hair and nail vitamins?
    and do they make hair grow faster?

    • ANSWER:

    I heard if you take skin hair nail vitamins it would cure red eyes is this true?
    ive had constant red eyes now for more than a year , can anybody help me before my eyes are totally blood shot

    • ANSWER:
      No. If you have had eye problems for that long you should see a doctor and an optician.

    Can one benefit from taking prenatal vitamins for hair and nail growth even if not pregnant?
    A friend stated i could just buy prenatal vitamins instead of getting more expensive vitamins that specify for hair, nails, & skin. Just chekcing this out! Thanks in advance for taking time reply.

    • ANSWER:
      Prenatals will help with your hair and nails however, if you are not pregnant, you insurance will probably not cover the cost of them and some brands can be upwards of 100 a bottle…

    are fish oil vitamins better than hair skin nail vitamins?
    i just bought some omega 3 fish oil soft gel tablets.. and switching to them because i havent seen a difference in hair skin nail vitamins that i used for 3 weeks and i was wondering if fish oil vitamins work better and that you will see a diffrence in themin two to three weeks help me out

    • ANSWER:

    if i use prenatal vitamins along with the hair, skin, and nail vitamins will it make my hair grow fast?
    if so, how quickly? and im not pregnant.

    • ANSWER:
      No. Hair grows about 1/2 inch per month for most people. But those kinds of vitamins can help prevent breakage and such.

    Anyone Who takes Hair,Skin and nail vitamins with Biotin in them?
    Do they work and what were the best things it did for you?

    • ANSWER:
      They really do work, what they do is make your nails stronger, the white part even looks whiter and they also make your hair grow. What people really do is take the hair, skin and nails vitamin with a separate capsule of Biotin, some take 5,000 Mcg but 5000 can be a bit too much, some people have actually had to stop taking biotin because they get migranes. The reason is because that strenth is a little high, so if you want stayrt at 1000-2500 mcg a day.
      hope this help =)

    What are the best hair,skin and nail vitamins to take?

    • ANSWER:
      Vitamins are over-exemplified now. If you take a Multi it has half of what you need.

      You need the B vitamins, the ones that are water soluble and leave your system every time you tinkle. The C type vitamins which are fat soluble, are stored in the body, however, the water soluble ones are not easily found in fast food diets, unless you are like Jason and eat Subway everyday…..

      Lettuce, tomatoes, onions, pickles have those water based vitamins in them. Eat more rabbit food, it is good for you no matter how you consider it………………

    Do hair, skin & nail vitamins make your hair grow faster?
    I heard they do, but at what rate?


    • ANSWER:
      It does the body more harm than good.

      The FDA don’t even approve of them. Because of inadequate quality control and inspection, supplements contaminated with heavy metals, pesticides, or prescription drugs have been sold to unsuspecting consumers. And FDA rules covering manufacturing quality don’t apply to the companies that supply herbs, vitamins, and other raw ingredients.
      Beginning in February 2008, they experienced one symptom after another: diarrhea, joint pain, hair loss, lung problems, and fingernails and toenails that fell off. FDA has received numerous reports of harm associated with the use of these products, including stroke, liver injury, kidney failure, heart palpitations, and death. 3-15-11

      Google: MSN “Vitamins Can Do More Harm Than Good.”
      According Dr. Melissa Piliang, a dermatologist at the Cleveland Clinic. Americans spent an estimated 6 million on hair loss products last year, and chances are some of that money was not well spent. Don’t let charming salon owners, seductive ads or fancy gimmicks convince you otherwise.

      CNN, Slate, Consumer Reports, MSN, YAHOO have posted them online for years how people spend billion per year on vitamins and supplements.  According to Everyday Health, here’s an article that will tell you why . . . those PRODUCTS by any other name do NOT WORK.  It is false advertisements. Google: Are Supplements Good For You? About 7,430,000 results (0.15 seconds). THEN Google: Are vitamins & supplements good for you? About 4,250,000 results (0.14 seconds) Some can actually shorten your life!
      Google: Hair growth caused other men nationwide in class-action lawsuits. About 1,640,000 results (0.10 second.

      If you have a good diet and eating healthy, your hair, skin & nails benefits more, 3-5 servings daily of fresh fruits & vegetables.

      If you’ve straightened your hair in the past, it may grow slowly or none at all.
      Google: “Foods for Healthy Hair” – Your hair may be the fastest-growing tissue in the body but, unlike the skin, it cannot repair itself. That is why getting the right balance of vitamins and proteins is imperative. Don’t expect to look like you’ve stepped out of a hair commercial the day after you’ve changed your diet. It is likely to take at least three months before you actually see tangible results.

    could I take hair, skin and nail vitamins under 18?
    Today I bought nature’s bounty hair, skin and nails vitamin’s. The only concern I have is that it says that it is not intended for people under 18. I’m 17, my birthday is in 5 more months and im at the right weight for my height. I dont think its that serious to wait that long for vitamins. what do you think?

    • ANSWER:
      While the vitamin will probably not kill you or anything, the best thing to do is to ask your general physician. They can tell you whether or not the vitamin can be harmful to you. Most likely, it says “not intended for people under 18″ because it, like most medications, has never been tested on people under 18 and the specific effects of the medication on a developing body is unknown.

Coupons For Hair Products

Great Clips Coupons – How You Can Spend Less On Hair Cuts With the continual highs and lows in todays economy, its easy to see why numerous men and women need to save extra money. From household goods to hair cuts, you’ll find ways to save money on practically everything . All you have to do is find coupons that you can utilize and you will see your savings begin to accumulate!
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Product Hair

Hair Growth Tips As people age, they begin to lose their hair. It starts to thin out and inevitably, fall out. You might notice that the thickness of your hair has changed dramatically over the last 10 years. There are plenty of hair growth tips that you can take to make sure that you don’t continue to lose your hair. As people continue to lose their hair, their self-confidence goes down and they don’t feel as attractive as they did before. Fortunately, not all hair loss is a sign of aging. There are plenty of younger individuals who experience hair loss as well.

Eating a Healthy Diet

Consuming a healthy diet high in nutrients and low in sweets, refined sugars, grease, and other less-than-healthy foods is an effective way to make sure that your body is getting all it needs to stimulate hair growth. Eating a diet particularly high in fruits that contain an abundance of antioxidants such as berries, pineapples, kiwi, grapefruit, oranges, plums, apricots, prunes, and dates will help to protect the hair and keep it looking healthy and vibrant.

You may notice that people who don’t eat healthy have unhealthy-looking hair. Individuals who are especially “skinny” or extremely overweight who eat mostly processed and fast foods don’t get any nutrients and consequently have bodies that are filled with toxins and pollutants. What goes inside your body ultimately shows on the outside, especially on the skin, hair, and nails. You may also consider taking a multi-vitamin or a vitamin specifically made to boost hair growth.

Minimizing Stress

This is one the hair growth tips you won’t want to ignore. Stress has a very negative effect on the human body in general. When people become stressed, they begin to experience a numerous amount of undesirable symptoms including muscle tension, poor circulation, headaches, ulcers, insomnia, panic attacks, irritability, etc. Each of these effects creates stress which causes the body to work against itself. This will show on the outside of your body. The lack of circulation will cause your hair to grow much slower, and it may even fall out at a must faster rate. To make it grow, try getting a legitimate amount of daily exercise such as 30 to 45 minutes per day of your chosen activity.

Avoiding Things That Make Your Hair Fall Out

Avoiding certain things is one of the more valuable hair growth tips to pay attention to. Any products that contain chemical ingredients, regardless of how much retailers and advertisers may tell you that they will help with hair growth, they won’t. The reasons is because chemical conditioners, shampoos, hairsprays, and gels contain ingredients that dry the hair out. They also contain harmful additives that can damage future hair growth and clog pores. For best results, it’s recommended to use all natural products that don’t contain chemical ingredients.

Another one of the hair growth tips to consider is to avoid overusing the hair dryer, curling iron, or any other appliance that puts out an abundance of heat. Use of these appliances is okay in moderation, but can burn and damage the hair if applied too often.

Remember to check out Sacred Hair Growth for a report on how to grow healthy luscious hair.

Henna And Hair

Strawberry Blonde Hairstyles
Strawberry blonde is a reddish blonde shade which got really popular when Rita Hayworth made a hit out of it in the 40′s. Because of her hair, she became a star and considered the sexiest women in Hollywood. She was the idol of soldier’s dreams and the inspiration for many women.

When Choosing the Shade

Even in Strawberry hair colors, there are different shades and possibilities. There are endless ways to dye your hair in blonde especially. Strawberry blonde is a hair color that matches the warm skin tones, so don’t forget to match it not only with your personality, but skin tone to if you want to make sure you get a nice result. It is also a great choice for women with freckles, because it adds hue to the skin tone. The pale, light skin will get a fresher and more youthful look

The strawberry blonde hairstyle matches any age and any personality. You can create classy looks or youthful edgy ones, straight or curly ones. There are many retro looks which are in trend now, mostly with waved hairstyles that match with the soft color. Leaving your hair loose or creating pinup updos make the most sophisticated hairstyles. The hot color is already enough to grab attention and create eye- catching looks, so the up or downdo you choose will just emphasize your gorgeous features.

For a more exotic look, you can even try some golden blonde highlights in it, so that your hair will look stunning and fresh.

Isla Fisher’s Strawberry BlondeHairstyle

Thanks to it’s hot chicness that provides, many celebrities opt for the strawberry blonde. Just have a look at Lindsay Lohan, Isla Fisher, Rose McGowan, Amy Adams and even Jessica Alba. Get inspired from these glamorous celebrities and make yourself a red carpet look. It is a hairstyle that will always be considered a hot and attractive look. Find the shade that suits you and start enchanting with your beauty.

Frequently Asked Questions

    How does henna hair dye react with chlorine?
    I am on the swim team, but I would really like to dye my hair. I’ve dyed my hair with henna before, and I love it. I was wondering if anything bad happens if you dye your hair with henna, then swim for a few months. I’ve heard stories about people dying their hair with normal hair dye, or getting it professionally dyed, and their hair turns a nasty green color. Would this happen with henna? Why or why not? Thanks for any help. :]

    • ANSWER:
      I don’t know why it won’t happen but it won’t.

    Can henna-hair dye and a brazilian straightening treatment mix?
    I want to use henna to dye my hair darker but i’ve heard that mixing it with certain treatments can discolor or damage hair. Will the straightening change the color, and vice versa? Which should I do first?

    • ANSWER:
      If you have chemically died or altered your hair, used hair relaxer or other products of similar chemicals you will need to wait 1-2 months before using henna. You can strand test your hair if you think it has been long enough. During a strand test you will notice it the henna bonds with the proteins of your hair.

    What is your henna hair coloring regimen?
    My hair is all natural and I use natural products. Want to know what other people experiences are with henna. This will be my 1st time : )

    • ANSWER:
      I love it, I’m a convert for life. Henna’s made my hair shinier and smoother than any of the dozens of products I’ve tried in the past, and it stays that way, henna doesn’t fade or dull. So yeah, I love it, I love the color and benefits and smell and just about everything about it.

      Whether you love it depends on whether you’ll like the color. If you can’t get the shade you want, you won’t like henna no matter how much you love the shine and softness it gives. If you want to change your color often with chemicals, don’t use henna. It’s very resistant to bleaching, and it’s hard to cover with synthetic dyes. Pure henna won’t cause weird reactions, but it won’t want to leave your hair. Henna’s a good choice when you won’t want to go lighter, you want to improve your hair’s condition, and you want to avoid chemicals. So test out a sample, and if you hate it you can always grow it out.

      For my routine, I usually use just straight lemon juice – although I’ll experiment with anything, as long as it’s sour and safe it’s ok – and let it sit from 6 hours to overnight, depending on how fast my henna produces dye. I shampoo my hair, then I slap the mud in there however seems easiest. For my long hair I divide it into front, back, and sides, and concentrate on getting every strand fully covered and slather in henna. I find just wearing gloves and grabbing handfuls is easier than using a carrot bag to other device, but way messier.

      Having a helper is awesome, but with practice you can do it alone. I wrap it in saran and shower caps, then either sleep in it, or watch several movies if I’m doing it in the day. For the color I want, I always try for at least 6 hours with the paste on. Then I use up to 1/3 of a bottle of cheap, watery conditioner to get it out. I just rinse until most of the henna is gone, then use conditioner to get the remainder out, and rinse until it feels gone. After 3-4 days, the initial orange darkens to red. I’m always surprised how noticeably orange-red it is for a few days, and pleased after a week when I notice it’s all dark red and looks natural.

    How to make dark brown henna dye show up on medium brown hair?
    My natural color is medium brown/auburn and I wanted to color the underlayers of my hair a few shades darker but when I used dark brown henna hair dye, there was little to no change in color! I followed all the directions but I was wondering, if I were to attempt this again, is there anything I can to to make the henna show up darker on my hair?

    • ANSWER:
      leave it in longer

    How to make brown henna hair dye fade faster?
    Hi. Today I dyed my hair brown with henna, but I left it on too long and it turned BLACK! How can I get it to fade quicker? Please help! I need something that will make it fade to some shade of medium brown within the next week!

    • ANSWER:
      whatever you do dont try bleaching it, it is harsh for your. something i have found to work is head and shoulders, it is more harsh on your hair and is known for making hair dye fade. another thing that is good is dish soap or a lemon based shampoo. for these products i leave them in for a minute or two and then use a deep conditioner afterwords. i hope this helps. :] there are lots of sites that can help on google if you type in ‘fade hair dye’.

    Can i use henna hair dye or shampoo over permanent hair dye?
    I have dirty blond to light brown hair color naturally.
    I put permanent blond highlights in my hair bout 6 months ago.
    Just now i got my hair permanently dyed back to my regular hair color.
    Will i be able to use henna hair dye or henna shampoo to lighten my hair again?
    i want to use henna because it fades after time and won’t give me roots.

    • ANSWER:
      hmm…henna does not lighten hair only darken it.

    What are the step in using Henna Hair Dye on previously dyed hair?
    i wanted to dye my hair reddish brown and my friend suggested i use henna hair dye. where can i buy it in the US and how to do i mix the henna? Is there anything i should do to my previously dyed hair before i use henna? the last time i dyed my hair when in december 2009. My hair is current a darkish medium brown. should i just stick with regular dye or try the henna dye? thank you.

    • ANSWER:
      well, I would Say Use Henna!! :) I think It works Great! :D :D

      Hope I helped!!

      Answer Mine?

    How long should i leave henna hair dye on black hair?
    my current hair colour now is black with golden brown highlights. i want to dye my whole hair black, like remove the highlights… how long should i leave the henna? i heard only 2-3 mins. i don’t want my hair to look so black almost like a wig/fake hair. and i’ve never dyed my hair before, only highlighted.

    • ANSWER:
      DK, hair dyes, even Henna, is still chemicals and can damage the hair the same way. Henna is a brown to reddish brown dye made from a plant. If it is black, or any other color besides brown or reddish brown, it contains other ingredients. It also may contain other ingredients to make the stain darker, make the hair absorb the color more easily, or make the stain last longer.
      Could these ingredients hurt you? It depends. Individuals are different and may be sensitive to different things. If you don’t know what the ingredients are, it’s impossible to tell what they might do if you put them on your scalp. I’ve responded others who post on YA HAIR, that gave them an allergic reaction. Even poison ivy is natural. There are good mushrooms, and there are bad mushrooms.

      Here’s a new article I found re: henna, which is supposed to be better for you than reg. box dye. It’s a good read!

      Playing with chemicals is not like playing with clothes, there are penalties for playing chemicals in the lab. Even hair color experts at the salon are not rocket scientists, they do a bang up dye jobs to their clients or their own hair.

    Is it safe to mix two different brands henna hair dyes?
    I have two different henna brands. One is Surya and the other is Rainbow Persian henna hair dye. One is black and the other strawberry blonde. I want to mix both, because that’s what was left over, of the last time I hennaed my hair. I want to finish this first before buying more. I was wondering can you mix this two brands together. My hair is a light auburn. Will they mix well together. Will this cause a bad reaction.

    Thank you!

    • ANSWER:
      .i wouldnt mix the dyes becuz dyes have different chemicals in the which cause a reaction… so dnt do it.

    Can I use Organic Henna hair dye twice in a row?
    Last night I dyed my hair burgundy red with organic rainbow henna hair dye. But I did not get my roots covered very well. So my question is, can I touch up my roots with more henna tonight? Or would that be bad for my hair? And if some henna gets on the part I already dyed, will it make the hair darker? Please remember there are no chemicals involved, this is all organic and plant based. Thanks so much for your help!

    • ANSWER:
      Ofcourse you can apply henna again. There is no harm in it but yes the previously dyed hair would be little darker.

    Can I use henna hair dye to make a temperary tattoo?
    I want a tattoo but I dont want a real 1.(too painful). And I also dont kno where I can get a henna tattoo. I have some henna hair dye, so can I use it to tattoo my skin?

    • ANSWER:
      As long as it is 100% pure henna, you can use it to make henna on your body.
      I get great henna for body art here and it works wonderfully, and doesn’t have any twigs, bits of leaf fibers or anything in it that will clog the applicator.
      Have fun.

    What do you know about henna hair dyes?
    I have colored my hair repeatedly with home coloring kits to the point that I had to cut off about 2/12 inches of broken & damaged hair today. Not to mention the color has faded to an ugly reddish color, I wanted a cool brown. My question is would a light brown henna mixture work for my hair? And what should I know before using it? Also could you recommend a reputable place to buy some? Thanks in advance.

    • ANSWER:
      The basics you should know before attempting natural dyes:

      - Plant powders do not react with chemical dyes, but that still can combine to make weird colors, so always test first.

      - Only henna and indigo are permanent. When you use other plants with henna, they become permanent mostly. Indigo alone (which makes hair jet black) can fade a little, but henna won’t. Indigo on top of henna is less likely to fade.

      - Henna is only red, to get other colors you must add something else. No plants will lighten hair either, so you must accept you can only go darker or add colors, but never lighten. Natural dyes are translucent, so your natural color affects your final color, and color variations will be preserved but blend well too.

      - You can use chemical dyes afterward as long as you’re using pure plant dyes, but henna can be hard to cover with darker dyes, and can be hard to impossible to remove. Either way, you often get more orange than you want. Indigo, if bleached, can look green or blue (not a reaction but just the look of the dye), so you may want to stay natural once you go natural.

      -Henna also has an unusual preparation. It takes hours to release dye for use and needs a liquid more acidic than water, but other plants don’t. So when using other plants, you must keep the powders separate. You mix henna paste, then hours later when its ready you add in the other plant pastes. A powdered mix of several plants together will give poor results, either because the henna isn’t ready or the other plant dyes have degraded. This is why it’s best to work from scratch. If you buy a pre-made henna/other plant mix, the plants should be packaged separately.

      - For browns you have a few choices. Henna and buxus make lighter ash browns. Henna and indigo make dark browns. Henna and indigo and alma make cool dark browns without a red tone. Walnut powder and henna makes a reddish brown, but can trigger nut allergies. I’d order some samples and test hair from your brush using other recipes as guides. Yes, natural dyes are a lot of work if you want to fine tune a color, but it’s the only way to customize your color with a dye that’s actually good for your hair. I’ve never seen amla added to a henna/buxus mix, but it’s possible it would give the ash brown a cooler tint as it does for henna/indigo mixes. The only way to know is order samples and test out ratios.

    Can I use henna hair dye to subtly darken my hair?
    I have strawberry blonde hair with blonde highlights and want to subtly and semi-permanently darken my hair to a light auburn. Is henna hair dye the best for this? What color?

    • ANSWER:
      No, henna is not your best choice if you’re looking for a semi-permanent dye that will dye strawberry blonde to a light auburn. Pure henna is a permanent dye that bond with the keratin in your hair and the only way to get it out of your hair is to cut it out. With your hair color, if you chose to dye with henna you will probably end up with a darkish coppery red. Also, real, pure henna only dyes red. If you’re looking at a henna that says it dyes a different color, stay away! That henna has had metallic salts added to it that if you decide to dye in the future will fry your hair. The red can be mitigated with the addition of indigo to darken it, however.
      For more information, go to This is a trustworthy site that will only sell you the best that you need.

    Can I dye my hair with Henna if I’ve already dyed it with a chemical hair dye?
    I dyed my hair about 2 months ago (Clairol) and now I’m thinking of dying it with henna but I’m worried it’ll completely damage it.

    I heard that if you dye your already-dyed henna hair with a chemical hair dye that it will burn up, fall out, or something similar…So, will the same happen if I dye my chemically dyed hair with henna?

    • ANSWER:
      With pure henna, probably nothing, but test the hair in your hairbrush to be sure. With compound henna that contained metallic salts, your hair just might turn green, or swampy black, or curl up and fall off. So make sure your henna is pure, and test beforehand. Empty all your brushes, moosh the henna paste into the hairball, wrap it in plastic or stick it in a baggie and forget about it for 8 hours. Then rinse out the hairball, and leave it someone for 3 days. You should see any damage right away, but you won’t see the final color for awhile, since it take a few days for henna to oxidize and darken.

    Why is my brown henna not showing through my previously dyed black henna hair?
    Before you guys scold me for using colored henna, it’s totally okay because I’m not at all allergic to para-phenylenediaime. :) I have dyed my hair twice using black henna and now I tried brown, but unfortunately the brown hasn’t shown through yet towards the bottom! :( I thought henna shows through regardless of whether the base is darker? Help!

    Or maybe when my hair dries it will show through?

    • ANSWER:
      Henna doesn’t have anything in it to lift off dark color… So if you’ve dyed your hair black before, the brown will just be brown over the black. I can see how that wouldn’t show through. If you’re using dye with PPD in it anyway, why not go with a commercial dye that both lifts and colors at the same time?

    Is dying hair BROWN with henna a good idea?
    I want to dye my hair brown, temporary because my roots are so dark and I want to see my real hair color. Well try out my real hair color, which is brown. I have been dying my hair blonde for years. Anyways so I thought henna would be good for my hair but I am worried about how red a box of henna hair dye might turn out. Should I use henna? Or just use a regular temp dye?

    • ANSWER:
      You cannot really find any temporary plant dyes. Henna, and indigo as well, are both permanent. The other plants need henna to “stick”, usually alone they will fade quickly within a few washings or not show up at all, or be patchy. You’re welcome to try, perhaps a mixture of walnut powder, buxus, and amla could give you a brown that doesn’t last. But it’s also likely to just fade to a point, then be rather ugly. To get good results, you usually need henna in your mix. Even permanent indigo resists fading better and looks darker when done after using henna.

      On bleached hair, pure henna alone will comes out orangish. When I bleach my hair, the first henna after turns it a dark orange – a rather natural redhead shade – but I also can’t bleach my hair totally blonde anymore (another risk of using henna, it resists bleaching.) If you’re willing to experiment, however, you can easily get the shade you want by mixing henna and other plants, all without damaging chemicals. Going any shade from blonde is rather easy with natural dyes. But again, permanent, and hard to lighten with bleaching or even stripping.

      For light to medium ashy browns try henna and buxus. For strawberry blonde shades try henna and cassia. For medium browns (with no allergies to nuts) try henna and walnut powder. For dark browns try henna and indigo, and for cool dark browns without a red tone try henna, indigo, and amla.

    How do I use henna hair dye?
    I’ve got a package of powdered henna hair dye, but the only instructions I have are to mix it with water to form a paste, and leave it on for 30 minutes. I will do a strand test first, but I don’t know if I should use hot or cold water for the mix, and whether I should apply it to dry or wet hair. Do these things matter?

    • ANSWER:
      On the one I have it says to use hot water. It didn’t say anything about dry or wet hair.

    What are some hair treatments that are similar to henna treatments?
    I have heard that henna hair treatments bring out natural highlights and shine to hair, my hair color is dark brown and very flat/dull during the fall and winter months and I was wondering if there is a treatment I can get to give live back to my hair, not necessarily using henna treatments?

    • ANSWER:
      another tratment is apply lemon juice to hair which may highlight ur hair

    Have you ever tried henna hair color and does it look natural?
    I have natural dark brown hair and would like to cover very small amounts of gray hair starting to show. I am interested to find out if henna hair color looks natural and if it is best to go with a lighter color henna or the same color as my natural color? Also, how long does henna color last and does it cause your hair color to be permanently altered when it wears off.

    • ANSWER:
      OMG !
      do not use henna !
      I did, and it smelled so horrible!
      its left my hair feeling dry… & you cannot dye it with hair salon dye, so if you hate the colour/ it doesnt match, you have to wait till it fades. Try natural hair dye (still takes a while to fade, adn when you sye it dye washes out) but the one i use is called herbatint its an all natural hair dye…

      –michelee x x x x

    Can i dye my hair with Loreal hair dye over Henna dyed hair?
    My mom bought me this crap hair dye (Henna hair dye for african hair) and she bought the wrong color!
    I want to dye my hair over the crap hair dyed hair… The henna hair dye is permanent will a hair dye product like Loreal, Neurogena etc ruin my hair ?

    • ANSWER:
      I would suggest NO!! You will have a result that is less then desired, unless you have good luck.

    How long does henna hair coloring last on your hair?
    I have naturally dark brown hair with some red in it, and I would like to dye my hair jet black. I have had permanent black dye on my hair, but this time I’d like to do a temporary color. Does anyone know how long it would last on my hair? I don’t want it to be permanent. Thanks for your help.

    • ANSWER:
      It does depend on your washing frequency, but about 3 months. I actually just asked a question about henna too! This site is amazing:

    How to use Henna hair dye to streak hair?
    I want to use henna to streak my hair i have dark brown hair and I brought Mahogany henna cream. My Question is how do I protect my surrounding hair from the henna that I’m using on the section that I’m streaking? I don’t want it to “bleed” onto the other sections. Since it’s only a couple of streaks, I don’t think that a cap is necessary. My first thought was to use a small amount of Vaseline (or something other oil) surrounding the hair I want to streak

    • ANSWER:

    Do you know some good brands or where to buy organic henna hair dye?
    I heard about this, where it is non-permanent and it just tints your hair to have red and bronze reflects in it. I have chestnut brown hair, and was looking for one!!! I heard about Aubrey Organics henna hair dye, but does anyone know or heard of any other brands?? Help! Also, where to buy in Canada??

    • ANSWER:
      There seem to be a few different brand names

      You can try your luck here

      a few of the products have some reviews you could check out before purchasing. Good luck!

    Where can i find Henna Hair Dye in Toronto?
    i was thinking of dying my hair with a henna hair dye this time around, and i was wondering where in Toronto i can find it, and what brand of henna should i use? or are they all the same?

    • ANSWER:
      You can try and locate a local indian grocery store they might have the henna powder. You will need to check and see if they have different colors as pure henna powder will only give you a red/orange color like Lucille Ball.

      You can always order from Henna Hut they have a wide selection of all natural 100% chemical free henna hair dye. They ship to canada and ship daily.

    Can I use Henna hair dye on my already dyed hair?
    I used to dye my dark blonde hair light blonde – so I have dark roots about 4 inches long. Ive just put a copper/mahogany semi perminant dye over the top and really like it. I want to use henna dye to get a similar colour when the semi-permanent one fades.

    Is this possible?
    Thanks :) x

    • ANSWER:
      Since your hair has grown out for a few months to give you 4 inches of roots, your hair is most likely just find to use henna. If you’re concerned, you could wash your hair with a clarifying shampoo for a few days or a week. But I think it’s been long enough now that you can just use the henna.

      There’s no such thing as a henna plant that’s blonde henna or brown henna or black henna. The henna plant has only one dye molecule, and that’s red-orange. Chemicals, metallic salts or other dye plants are added to henna to make any color something other than red. These mixes are called compound hennas… your hairdresser or the people at the beauty supply store will know what to give you.

      Just a tip if you’re dying yourself, don’t use anything metal, just use plastic or wooden bowls and spoons. Good luck, I’m sure it will look beautiful! :)

    Is henna hair dye bad for my shower drain or pipes?
    i’m dying my hair with henna hair dye tonight and was wondering if it is bad for my pipes? I know it ends up being like mud when it is rinsed out, and i just don’t want it to damage by pipes or drain.

    So….will it damage my drain?

    • ANSWER:
      It shouldn’t, but it’s a good idea to make sure there’s no hair clogging the pipes beforehand. Most henna is fine enough where it’s gonna wash down without trouble, but cheaper henna is often coarser and if your plumbing is unreliable it may be a problem. If you have pipes that clog easily, I would toss some liquid plumber down there before and after rinsing, or take yourself outside and use a garden hose to rinse.

      I’ve never had a problem with henna clogging my drain. The problem I have is when the drain is partially clogged and drains slowly, so the henna water backs up and stains the tub. If this happens to you, just get some bleach on it as soon as possible.

    what happens if you put henna hair dye over chemical hair dye?
    i want to dye my hair black with henna but i have already dyed it black before but with a normal hair dye. I haven’t dyed it for ages though and it has faded to a dark brown.

    • ANSWER:
      On one henna website, , they say that to use their henna you only have to wait about a week or two to re-dye your hair with their henna. May be different for other henna suppliers, but if you check their FAQ’s on the website it should say how long.

      Why is my answer two thumbs down? :(

    Is there any way to get henna hair dye out of your hair?
    Yesterday I coloured my hair with henna hair dye. I wanted to go lighter and I ended up choosing one called ‘Chestnut’ thought now I KNOW I should’ve gotten the damn BROWN one! So I coloured my hair and it’s too dark. What do I do?

    • ANSWER:
      Henna is a very powerful dye substance it will not be easy getting it out. You could try Bleaches but they will be very harsh on you hair and it may not even turn the colour you want it. It will be best to just let your hair grow out and be a bit more careful next time. It’ll be a long wait but it’s better than having your hair get damaged from all sorts of chemicals. By the way Henna only comes in one colour and that’s a red-orange colour. If they are people claiming that they got a “henna blonde” or a “henna brown” probably has some added salts,minerals, or chemicals. Even if it says 100% henna only the leaves should be used because any other of the part can be bad for you. No matter what you chose to do take good care of your hair.

    Can I use henna hair dye twice in the same day?
    I have dark brown hair and I just dyed it with henna to a mahogany color but I want it a richer color and I still have some hair dye left as well as more of the same color. I know henna is natural and so it won’t hurt my hair, but if I dye it again and leave it on longer what will happen to the color?

    • ANSWER:
      Totally natural ingredients. It’s okay. :)

    Where can I get henna hair color?
    Hi. My hair is bleached blonde and it’s damaged and I don’t like it. I would like to go back to the color I had before *auburn red* without using chemical dyes. I am aware that you can safely dye your hair auburn red with henna. Any stores or salons I can go to to buy it? Please help?

    • ANSWER:
      i think they sell a brand of henna called colora henna in the beauty supply store that is supposed to be 100% derieved from plants but if you want really good quality henna you’ll have to buy it from the internet here is a website that sells quality henna that you can put safely over chemicals in your hair

    Does henna hair dye last and is it strong?
    I want to dye my hair but i don’t want to kill it with abunch of harsh chemicals. I want it to be the color of Hayley Williams’ hair in the pressure music video.

    • ANSWER:
      Don’t know who Hayley Williams is but henna is a natural *permanent* dye. Learn more about it by reading this free e-book that was written by someone who did her PhD thesis on Henna.

    Can you use Henna hair dye on gray hair?
    If so, what will it do to your hair? How well will it cover? What shade of Henna and should indigo be used with it?

    • ANSWER:
      yes, henna and indigo work well on grey hair.
      You should use natural henna, it only comes in one color.
      If you want brown hair, you can add some indigo.
      If you like red hair use straight henna.

    Does Dark brown Henna Hair Dye turn your hair reddish?
    My hair gets super fried from dying it and I recently heard about henna dye. However I’m skeptical because I’ve heard it can have some weird effects.
    I have natural light ash brown hair and dye it dark brown. If I were to use a dark brown henna dye would it turn it dark standard brown or an auburn brown. I’m looking for a really dark brown color with no red in it.

    • ANSWER:

    Has anyone used Surya Brasil henna hair dye?
    I’ve been bleaching my hair and after a few months of doing so, needless to say, it’s getting fried. I bought some Surya Brasil henna to color my hair and supposedly it helps hair get healthier. Has anyone tried it? I read some have metallic salts in it, that true? Thanks!

    • ANSWER:
      not all henna hair dye is created equal! You need to check with Surya to find out what if any chemicals are in their henna.

      Yes henna can make your hair healthier! It is a conditioning treatment with the added benefit of get an awesome color.

      I would do a strand test on your hair with the Surya henna to see if there will be any weird reactions. Brush your hair with a clean brush, harvest those hairs for you stand test. Put a little of the henna paste into a bowl and insert the harvested hair. Check it every 30 minutes or so to see what color you are getting and that your hair isn’t turning green or smoking.

      You can get quality 100% chemical free henna from Henna Hut. Check out their testimonials and all the colors.

    How am I suppose to dye over, or lighten my henna hair?
    I used Lush CaCa Rouge Henna on my hair, but it only really took to the top section of my hair, and the bottom half is dark. Ive waited around a month to see if it would lighten but it hasnt, I aint got no money for the hairdressers either.

    How am I suppose to dye over this, or lighten it? When you cant use chemical dyes over henna?
    I use block henna, not powdered. xx

    • ANSWER:
      Henna is not a traditional hair dye that just fades easily. And it deposits into hair, making it either darker or “brighter red”, but not lighter. Once it’s in your hair, that henna ain’t going nowhere. You are stuck with it for the life of your hair until you cut it off. You can apply some peroxide, but that’s going to make it a bright shade of orange. You can dye over pure henna, but not over compound (metallic salt) henna, the latter of which is probably what you have.

    is henna hair color bad for your hair?
    I got some henna hair color in a powder form (red sunset shade) recently, but Im confused because some people say it is great for your hair, and some people say it is really damaging. The box says to leave on for one hour, which I find quite a long time. Is henna a good choice to color hair?

    PS: I have some old highlights, but next to never dye my hair or get treatments.

    • ANSWER:
      If it’s all-natural, it’s great for your hair. People have been using it for hundreds and hundreds of years; the only problem would be if she were allergic.

    Any tips for using henna hair dye?
    I tried Rainbow brand henna for the first time, and when I mixed it up according to directions, it looked like a giant cow pie. I glopped it onto my hair (dropping chunks all over the bathroom) and left it on for an hour, with barely noticeable results. I would appreciate guidance from successful henna users for next time, as I’d like a more natural alternative to chemical dyes.

    • ANSWER:

      here is info on how I do it, but I leave it on for 4 hours.
      The color from this is great too.

    can you use henna hair dye if your hair is already dyed?
    my hair is dark brown and I dye it a soft black. I Love my hair black and get many compliments on it, However Its really hard on my hair. I would like to use Henna Hair dye instead becuase its less damaging. However Ive heard if you dye your hair after using Henna, your hair will fall out. Will the same thing happen If your Hair was already dyed months ago and you use Henna Hair dye?

    • ANSWER:

    Can I dye my hair a year after using henna on it?
    I used Lush henna hair dye on my hair about a year ago (last August). I didn’t leave it in very long, and although i could notice a slight difference in color for about a month or so, now it all seems to be washed out. I want to color my hair with a chemical Loreal dye. Can I do this without my hair getting ruined? I’d appreciate any help you can give me. Thanks! :) :)

    • ANSWER:
      Here’s the deal with henna. Henna is a vegtable dye and it coats the hair shaft. Chemicals like perms and color can’t penetrate the henna. I don’t think it’s really an issue of damage as much as an issue of whether the color will work and if it does will it get the color it is suppose to.

      If you’ve kept your hair trimmed up and the same length it was a year ago it’s almost a safe bet that the henna has been cut out by now. If not and you grew your hair out or haven’t really gotten it cut much then there still may be some henna on it. In this case the best thing to do is remove a small section of your hair from underneath in the back where you won’t see it and apply the color to this section and see what happens. If all is ok then put it on your hair.

    Do you have to bleach your hair if you use henna hair dye?
    I have black hair and I really want to get a colored streak in it something like red, blue, maybe even purple. I’m still thinking it over. I don’t want to bleach my hair though, and that’s the problem. Could I dye my hair without bleaching it? Or do I have to bleach it? And if I do, will it just make my hair really dry?

    • ANSWER:
      Yes, and if you’re using henna, you can only get red. Henna over bleached hair will be an orange toned red. Indigo on bleached hair might give you blue, and if you fiddle with indigo and salt solutions you might get a purple tone. But it’s something you’d have to experiment with. So if you want a no-fail purple or blue, use a semi-permanent dye like Manic Panic or the like, or if you want a red with pink undertones, not orange ones. BTW, both henna and indigo are permanent, they won’t wash out like semi-permanent dyes.

    If I use henna to dye my hair what color will it turn out?
    I was reading an artical about henna hair dye and it said that it’s better to use body art henna as oppose to the henna dye in the boxes.
    So anyways, I have a medium brown hair color with goldish/red highlight mixed (iv never dyed My hair before). So by useing body henna in my hair what color will I turn?

    • ANSWER:
      If you have white or Grey hairs then your hair color would turn to red-orange color, otherwise it doesn’t act as a dye.It’s a good hair conditioner. My mom uses it , only her white hairs turn colored not her black,

    Is henna hair dye good for your hair?
    I wanna hear all about it!!
    My hair is short up to my neck and damaged and I wanna do the color black
    Also what store can I purchase it from?

    • ANSWER:

    where can i buy henna hair dye from?
    i live in australia and if i use henna is there any other colours i can get other then black? also is there any other brand of hair dye i can get that doesnt have chemicals in it other then henna?

    • ANSWER:
      Henna is an all natural plant dye that works on skin and hair.
      THere is only one color, that leaves red dye in the hair.
      Anything that is any other color like black is not henna at all.
      It is usually a chemical, like PPD , and is dangerous and can leave blistering and scarring.
      In addition, it is illegal to apply to the skin in the US and Canada.
      If you want to alter the color of henna, you can use indigo.
      THey are both natural, won’t hurt you and work well.

    is there anything i can add to henna hair dye to make it darker?
    i have this hair dye and it’s 100% natural (henna) but it’s this really red color. and i don’t want my hair that red, and i can’t get out to buy more hair dye, and i was just wondering if there’s anything i can add to it to make it more brown/auburn and not as red.

    • ANSWER:
      If your henna is 100% pure henna and nothing else, just henna powder.THen it is only going to give you red color unless you add indigo to make it brown.
      IF it is a compound product there is not much you can do.

    Is henna hair color good for dieing the mustache?
    I have a light blonde stash and I was wondering if it would color my skin too… :( that would suck. How long does it take to work?

    • ANSWER:
      Yes, it works on your facial hair. However it will be orange color, like Lucille Ball’s hair. If that is the color you want, go for it.

    Simple red henna hair recipe that works?
    I’ve become too confused after reading too many conflicting recipes for henna. So I just want a plain and simple recipe that works. I’ve got 4 ounces of basic red henna and I simply want to redden my armpit-length, dark brown hair. What do I do with it? Mix it with lemon and let it sit for 24 hours? Any water? Amounts please.

    • ANSWER:
      Mix with lemon juice, and how long you need it to sit depends a lot on the origin of the henna and the temperature of where you leave it. Check it at least every two hours. It might be ready in less than 3 hours, or it might take overnight or longer, but 8-12 hours is usually a good bet. When it’s brown on top but still green underneath it’s ready. All brown paste or pools or red dye leaking out means it’s getting old. Use it immediately, and don’t be surprised if it doesn’t stain well once the henna is dark brown throughout.

      If the paste is too thick once it’s ready to be put on, thin it with more lemon juice, or tea or coffee or anything else acidic. Don’t use plain water unless you have damaged hair that might get dried out from too much acid. If you’re worried about that, you can dilute the lemon juice by up to half. Remember the less acid, the less red you get, so balance the need for a sour liquid with the need to not have dry hair for a few days afterward.

    Can you use henna hair dye on grey hair?
    I have a couple of friends at work who use henna and their hair is in a lovely condition but I’m not sure if it will work on my hair as I have premature grey hairs – a LOT of premature grey hairs!!

    I was just wondering if its a good alternative to chemical hair colouring, as I have to colour my hair regularly and I’m worried that I’m damaging it.

    • ANSWER:
      chemicals are for sure damaging your hair and possibly your health. Henna works great on grays! you just need to do a stand test to see how long to leave the paste on to cover your grays to get to your desired color.

      I use Henna Hut’s products and get a beautiful color everytime.

    Where can I find 100% natural henna hair dye?
    I have dyed red hair, and I’d like to keep it up. I also want to switch to something natural and good for hair rather than harsh chemicals. Where can I go to find all natural henna dye, no additives or anything?

    • ANSWER:
      Online sellers, there are several that sell all natural henna. Mehandi sells henna that’s lab certified, so you know the dye content and purity level. Most natural henna is likely to contain trace amounts of soil contaminants and possibly trace amounts of pesticides, but almost every type of henna that Mehandi sells tested as having no measurable amounts of pesticides, lead, or other common contaminants. Only two contain trace contaminants and they are below EPA safe levels.

      Lush, by the way, is natural but not pure henna at all. It doesn’t contain harsh chemicals, but it does contain additives. And Lush doesn’t lab certify their henna for purity or dye content. It’s the best of the common commercially available henna based dyes, but not as good as just pure henna or henna mixes from scratch.

    Can you use henna hair dye to do henna body art?
    If so, how do I mix it? Where can I buy henna stincles and henna for skin? I had a friend bring me henna hair dye for my skin, but I saw you are supose to use something else? I would appreciate the help….

    • ANSWER:

    What is good henna hair dye that ACTUALLY WORKS?
    I used rainbow henna hair dye and it didn’t do anything. just made my hair smell.

    are there any other henna hair dye brands I could use? That work?

    ive used it before though! it just didnt do a lot. I feel as though it depends on the brand..

    • ANSWER:
      Hi August. Yes there are many other brands of henna that are great quality, I will post links to quality henna brands below. The key to buying henna make sure you are using 100% henna, and if there are any added ingredients they should be natural such as indigo or cassia. You don’t want henna with added chemicals or metallic salts, as they are not good for you and would keep you from dyeing your hair at a salon for several months.

Gray Hair Vitamins

Put A Dead Stop To Gray (Grey) Hair Now
So you have gray hair and you want to know how to stop the graying process, .is there a solution to stop grey hair? And if so what is it?

First understand that the Graying of hair is a natural process. Hair turns gradually grey (gray) due to a reduction in the production of melanin pigment in the hair bulb as the age increases.

The ways to identify gray hair is to look near the, then to the crown and then at the back of your head. Premature greying is due to a rapid decline in melanin.

The premature graying may be due to

1. Genes- your gray hair may be genetic therefore premature graying of the hair is basically hereditary. So if your father’s or grandfather’s hair started early to turn grey there is a chance that your will also have premature greying of hair.

2. Grey hair is caused by being stressed out 0Excessive prolonged stress, anxiety and tension.

3. Grey hair occurs when you are sick-Sever illness like typhoid too can start greying of hair.

4. Grey hair occurs when you consume junk food-Excessive intake of tea, coffee and alcohol.

5. This also includes excessive intake of fried and oily foods.

6. Grey hair happens when you take in excessive intake of spices.

7. Other causes of gray hair include the excessive intake of sour and acidic foods.

8. And finally Grey hair occurs when there is a deficiency of nutrients especially copper can reduce the production of melanin.

Premature Greying (Gray) Hair Remedy

The best way to stop Gray hair is to eat protein rich foods. Proteins – Sources: sprouted whole grains, cereals, meat and soy in your diet.

To stop graying of hair consume foods rich in iron, minerals and vitamin A and B.

Vitamin A – Sources: dark green vegetables & yellow fruits. Vitamin B – Sources: fresh green leafy vegetables, bananas, tomatoes, cauliflower, cereals, liver kidney, yogurt, yeast and wheat germ..

You also need good minerals like zinc, iron and copper – Sources: zinc – red meat, chicken & green vegetables to stop grey hair

You will also need lots of iron which can be found in sources like – beef, dried apricots, red meat, parsley, eggs, and wheat & sunflower seeds

Another crucial hair growth mineral is copper, copper stops gray hair and includes foods like: sunflower seeds, cashews, almonds, crabs and oysters, egg yolk & whole grains.

3. To stop gray hair you need lots of iodine so consume foods rich in iodine such as banana, carrots and fish.

4. Butter milk is an Anti-gray food and so drink butter milk with 2 teaspoons each of yeast and wheat germ will prevent and cure premature greying of hair.

5. Ginger helps in stopping premature graying, so grate some fresh ginger. Mix with honey and place it in a jar. Eat 1 tea spoon everyday.

6 one if the best Gray hair remedy is Amla or Indian gooseberry, so rub Indian gooseberry (Amla) into the scalp regularly. It can show wonderful results, your gray hair will turn black.

7. Massage your hairs with coconut oil everyday.

6. Make a paste of 2 tsp henna powder, 1 tsp yogurt, 1 tsp fenugreek (methi seed powder, 3 tsp coffee, 2 tsp basil juice and 3 tsp mint juice and apply to the hair. Wash hair with shampoo after 3 hours.

The best bet though is to use a product like Mira hair oil that contains points 6, 6 and 8 all I the right amounts and will stop the premature graying of hair. Mira hair oil will not only stop grey hair, it will boost hair growth

Get your free trail by using the link below in the authors box

Frequently Asked Questions

    Is there anyway to stop or slow the growth of gray hair?
    Is there anyway to stop or slow the growth of gray hair?

    Any vitamins or remedies?

    • ANSWER:
      Gray hair comes with age and stress. Try to be more relaxed. The more stress the more gray.

    what vitamins should i take for my gray hair?
    im 36 years old and im tired of coloring my hair. Im planning to have a baby and coloring of hair is not allowed. I dont like to look old, pls i need some advice

    • ANSWER:
      There are no vitamins you can take to get rid of grey hair. You can however get low cost vitamins and other nutritional supplements from

    What vitamins/minerals should I take to prevent/delay gray hair?
    I’m already in my mid forties

    • ANSWER:

    Did anybody use anti grey hair vitamins and got positive results?
    anti grey hair vitamins like Shen Min , Reminex, or Melancor NH.these products are in the market and claims that it can reverse grey hairs

    • ANSWER:
      Yes, it gives positive results. To know how, visit,

    Is there vitamins or medicine for gray hair?

    • ANSWER:
      no but thre are lots of gimmicks out there

    What’s a remedy for premature graying hair? Besides dying the hair are vitamins helpful or is it all genetic?
    I read on the internet about a year ago that there’s a product that claims to reverse genetic tendencies specifically for this condition. I never checked it out further but now I’m curious how they can claim that and if that is true. My sister is a cosmo-tologist and she says it’s nonsense or just a marketing ploy to get you to buy there product. Has anybody seen what I’m talking about anywhere. I don’t even remember the name of the company but there was a guarantee also I believe. Are they a legit company and does it work I’m wondering. Any further ideas would be appreciated. Thanks.

    • ANSWER:
      Its a scam. you can’t change nature, go gray or dye it if it really bothers you.

      Be happy

    How many vitamins/dieatary supplements should I take to get rid of my gray hair and man boobs..?

    • ANSWER:
      Sweetheart, you might be taking the wrong kind of vitamins….is the jar pink by chance?

    Best vitamins to combat graying hair?
    Am 25 and have had one or two but now it is getting borderline noticeable. Have eaten very poorly and not excerised for awhile now. Not going to exercise for the next few months while I care for a recovering relative so was looking to learn about any supplements/vitamins or foods I can take to help out. Will start exercising in December to help the rest of it.

    I heard Steve Martin started taking vitamins once his hair started going gray but then when it returned brown he stopped because he liked the new look. I am not Steve Martin. I want those vitamins.

    Thanks to whoever actually has an answer for this. I do NOT want to dye and that is the obvious solution anyway.

    • ANSWER:
      I think Steve Martin was joking

    How Long will it take to get rid of grey hair by taking vitamins?

    • ANSWER:
      Taking vitamins doesn’t do magic, like getting rid of gray hairs, sorry!

      CNN, Slate, Consumer Reports, MSN, YAHOO have posted them online for years how people spend billion per year on vitamins and supplements.  According to Everyday Health, here’s an article that will tell you why . . . those PRODUCTS by any other name do NOT WORK.  It is false advertisements.

      Google: Are Supplements Good For You? About 7,430,000 results (0.15 seconds). THEN Google: Are vitamins & supplements good for you? About 4,250,000 results (0.14 seconds) Some can actually shorten your life!

    what causes gray hair and how to slow it down?
    in my early 20′s i began to go gray. I read that vitamin B deficiency can cause this, and once i began making sure i had enough vitamin B, and in particular cut back on alcohol, the graying process stopped. For 5 or so years i have not become any more gray, but now i notice it is starting again, this time chest hair too. Whilst not trying to fight nature, can anyone tell me what helps hinder the process of going gray, while i’m still mostly not.

    • ANSWER:
      A person’s hair turns gray due to the deterioration of melanin in the follicle of the hair. As you get older melanin starts to die off resulting in white, gray and salt and pepper colored hair. Look here for more information:

      Hair grows in stages, with a certain percentage of hair either growing or resting at any one time. The hair follicles — the little bags under the skin where hair is formed out of skin — also contain pigment called melanin.

      When the body stops producing pigments, the hair becomes colorless, turning white. Mixed with darker hair, this produces a look most commonly associated with “gray.” An actual gray hair may be a result of pigment dilution.

      Why Start This Early?
      “Premature graying is genetically determined for the most part,” David Bank, MD, tells WebMD. Bank is director of the Center for Dermatology, Cosmetic, and Laser Surgery in Mount Kisco, N.Y. “Graying is natural. We all do it eventually.”

      When more than half the hair is white by age 40, though, this is considered “premature.”

      Premature graying has been associated with certain medical conditions such as thyroid disorders, vitiligo, vitamin B12 deficiency, and anemia. Vitiligo is an autoimmune condition in which the cells that make pigment (melanocytes) are destroyed, resulting in patches of hair and skin that become white.

      There may also be a link with decreased bone mineral density in postmenopausal women, which is a risk factor for osteoporosis. In a study of 293 healthy postmenopausal women, those who had experienced premature graying of a majority of their hair by age 40 had decreased bone densitythroughout their bones compared with comparable women who did not have premature graying

      Basically, people who stop plucking have no choice but the dye bottle — or the bold grab for “distinguished.

    What foods/vitamins/organic things help with aging, getting grey hair and hair loss?
    What are the best things out there to help with aging? What are the best things to do to not get or keep it a low grey hair? What is the best things to do to reduce grey hair? what is the best food and vitamins to take to stop greying?

    also, what are the best for hair loss and skin and aging in general?

    • ANSWER:
      vitamins B complex .. and iron .. good for hair and eat more protein and olive oil

    Has anyone successfully reversed gray hair naturally?
    Specifically with no hair dyes or anything topical. But has anyone consumed things like blackstrap molasses or certain amounts of B vitamins or anything like this and actually had their white or gray hair start growing legitimately as dark as it was before the graying process started? Anyone?

    • ANSWER:

    What can i do with gray hair? I am 19 years and some of my hair turned gray quickly I don’t know what to do?
    I also don’t have family history for graying hair. If u know any tips or vitamin or u think i should just colour it, and is that normal or not, i really worry about that

    • ANSWER:
      Yes it’s normal and not a big deal don’t worry, it doesn’t mean you have a health problem.

      There are a few ways to darken the hair and it’s all natural, indian girls rinse their hair with black walnut water to darken their hair : crack a few walnuts and place the entire walnut in boiling water and boil for 15 to 25 minutes. Put on gloves and apply this to your hair and place a hair cap over your hair. Let it sit for 30 minutes. Rinse and wash your hair. However be careful, this walnut-based mixture can permanently stain anything it comes in contact with so be careful with it. That’s the hairdye way to use it but you can just rinse your hair with it after shampooing, be careful to put gloves on and rinse your hair bending over your sink or bathtub ! This one is the best for colouring grey hair, just repeat process until you get your hair to be as dark a shade as you want it to be.

      Also pumpkin pips oil darkens the hair a lot ( my friend was a light blonde and she became an auburn using that oil regularly on her hair ) ; just put lots of pumpkin pips in a liter of olive oil and let it rest at least a day, then put on your hair, put a beanie on and go to sleep.
      In the morning you wash it and rinse with the wallnut shells water. Made my hair much darker.

      You can also darken hair color at home by using a half cup of apple cider vinegar with a half cup of soy sauce as a final rinse after shampooing.

      One last tip : Coconut Oil and milk. Not only will it darken your hair, but it will also strengthen it. The coconut fruit itself is a natural protein, so your hair will become stronger after frequent use !

      About black coffee hair dye, it does darken light hair, but doesn’t darken dark one : it just gives it reddish highlights and it might actually lighten black hair to a dark brown ( tea does ), so I wouldn’t recommend it if you have dark hair to start with, hope that helps !

    Is there an vitamin or something that I can take to fend off this gray hair?
    I have heard about copper and B12. I took both. Copper didn’t seem to do anything after weeks of using it as a supplement. B12, however, seems to have helped shrink my graying patch (but I have gray sprinkled all over my head, too.) I’ve been using B-12 for a few months. Anybody know of anything else – not hair dye, please.

    • ANSWER:
      Nothing is proven, but some of the herbs traditionally used to darken grey hairs are:

      FO Ti
      Emu oil
      He Shou Wu

    What is the Best Approach to Treat Grey Hair?
    I am 28 and have groiwing problem of grey hair. i am asian and it seems heriditary. Apart from gray hair my hair is pretty thick and healthy. My regualar doctor said there are no options but to take hair vitamins. Should I consult a dermatologist? Any other effective ways apart from coloring? I use natural herbal hair colors once in a while but they dont treat the actual problem. help.
    I have read about a chinese herb Fo-Ti that could aid with healthy hair. Any ideas or experiences

    • ANSWER:
      Initially, hair is white. The cells in our hair follicles called “Melanocytes” generate pigments the main one being Melanin. This gives our hair its “Color”.
      In general, the more melanin present, the darker the hair color; the less melanin, the lighter the hair color.
      When these Melanocytes stop producing the pigment the result is a transparent hair. The transparent hair against your healthier darker hair gives the appearance of Gray hair. In reality the hair is not Gray but transparent.
      Harvard scientists propose that a failure of melanocyte stem cells (MSC) to maintain the production of melanocytes could cause the graying of hair.
      DYK: there are 15 shades of colors for blond hair? Red has about 5-7 shades of colors in them. But people don’t know that, because they’re always covering their hair with hair dyes.

      Just in: Vogue advances gray-hair chic with silver=tressed model Kristen McMenamy

      She’s over 60, and she started when she was younger.……

      I treat my hair like I normally do as if I don’t have platinum hair. Shampoo every 4th day. Towel dry, (using two towels since it is long) blow dry for 5 mins. brush & style. It takes about 3-5 mins to style my hair depending which of the many hairstyles I do, using claw clips, hair accessories or hair sticks.
      Before you dye your hair, Google hair dyes & cancer. Many people smoke or tan all their lives and do not get cancer. But there are those 2nd hand or 3rd hand smoke who are now carrying their oxygen tank so they can breath or have cancer. Same with hair dyes.

      I started after I turned 28. I have 4 on mine. My orig. color was blue-black. You can’t find them from a bottle and people keep asking me where I got mine done, or complimenting me for the one-of-a-kind color. I am now 60 and I have dark brown, light brown, platinum and blue-black. I’m also Asian. It is silky, shiny, soft, smooth hair down to my knees.

    Question about vitamins for hair?
    I was wondering if anyone knows if there are any vitamins (or even diet changes) to help make your hair a little heathier or better yet to help reduce the amount of gray hair growth?

    • ANSWER:
      Protein is very good for your hair, so i would recommend zinc, magnesium, phosphorus tablets, and also you should apply hair lotion to your hair. Rosemary, almond oil and others are very good for hair. But it is said that the supplements like zinc are the most effective. x

    What vitamins/herbs can I take to reduce/stop graying hair?
    I know a lot of it is genetics and stress. But is there anything natural to take to help stop or slow the process down?

    • ANSWER:
      Marijuana. According to most liberal california physicians, it cures everything! Just bring 100 dollars to put in his pocket and a green card is yours for the smoking!

    How to prevent gray hair?
    I’m only 22 and my sister found a gray hair on me yesterday. I’m freaking out, i’m too young for this. Are there any vitamins or anything to prevent or slow down gray hair?

    • ANSWER:
      Might be hereditary or you’re stressing a bit. There isn’t a worlds much you can do about grey hair. You could probably dye it and it’ll be good. Sometimes people might have a random strand of grey hair. Who knows. I have a friend who had one because she was stressing a lot.
      Don’t worry~ You’ll be fine~

    How do you slow down gray hair from growing too much?
    I’ve read theres a vitamin that slows down the growing of grey hairs but I don’t recall, is there anything besides coloring every 2 weeks or so.?

    • ANSWER:
      its all in the genes.if your parents got grey hair young,you probably; will its coloring every 6 or so weeks is really your only choice.or you could go bald.

    I would like to know is there any hair products/vitamins that can help reduce/eliminate grey hair?
    i am interested to know of any products that can prove that eating so and so will really help to reduce grey hair that’s been bothering me ….

    • ANSWER:
      sunsilk shampoo and conditor

    I am only 15 years old and have around 10 gray hair….Is it due to hair gel?
    I am 15 years old (boy) and have around 10 gray hair. I wear gel (garnier fructis) approximately once a week. My parents believe that the use of gel caused this and no longer allows me to wear gel. Is there any hair gel that is healthy, does good things to the hair, and contains good constituents such as Vitamin B or something?

    • ANSWER:
      Hair color is strictly genetic. Has nothing to do with your gel.

    vitamin that reverses gray hair?
    i saw a vitamin that claims to stop hair breakage and stop hair from graying,well i saw it online and wonder is it a real thing,i dont think so myself.

    • ANSWER:
      Well, just remember that companies can make such claims if they add a tag note regarding the FDA not having evaluated the product. Whilst it can be said that it’s false advertising, by putting the FDA statement in, they have a virtual “Get out of legal trouble” card. I honestly doubt as well that such a product actually exists, given it’s not a vitamin issue. Hair, like nails, are just dead cells from your body which the body is constantly replacing.

    I need help to fix my gray hair?
    I’m 25 years old. and my hair is black. now, white hair is appearing among black ones, one by one. i went to see a doctor and he gave me some multi vitamins. but it didnt help. anyone here who knows an answer for this?

    and one more thing, i think its coming from genes. my bro got gray hair and and my mom too. my mom’s father got gray hair earlier than usual..

    any help?

    • ANSWER:
      u meet a good beautision n get a good advice
      use a good product shampoo

    Is it common for people to start having gray hair in their 20′s?
    I’ve had it since I was 23 years old. I take tons of vitamins but it’s not doing anything; I’m having more hairs growing out stark white, especially at the front of my scalp.
    Is it genetic or just random? My parents didn’t have it start until the ‘normal’ age (late 30′s), but my mom said her sister also started having gray hair pretty young…

    • ANSWER:
      my mom got gray hair when she was a teen due to anxiety. i think you should try to relax more to get rid of them.

    need some thing for my gray hair that is coming in?
    looking for something that i can take for my gray hair . I didn’t like dying my hair that is messy and I want to no is there a tea are vitamin that I can take and where do I get some from . thank you.

    • ANSWER:
      I wish there were. If there were you’d be seeing infomercials and adds and such.

      If you want to cover your grays you need to color or highlight. It really isn’t messy at all. Just go to a salon and ask for a consultation. It’s free and the stylist/colorist will help you choose what is right for you.

    Is it true that if I eat vitamin can prevent gray hair?
    Like vitamin B

    • ANSWER:
      i don’t think there is much u can do to prevent grey hair accept dying it. my mom takes vitamines every day and she still has grey hair comming in. my sister is 28, she takes vitamines as well and is starting to get some grey hairs.

    is there a medical treatment for grey hair?
    i am 28 and it is heriditary to have greay hair in my family. are there any medical treatments for it? i use natural hair coloring and take hair vitamins.

    • ANSWER:
      Just start dying your hair or ask someone from where you get your haircut or a doctor

    what type of shampoo should a 30 yr old guy use to help slow gray & thinning hair?
    I’ve got all my hair still but am noticing some gray hairs creeping in and a little thinning in the front (slightly dry too). I don’t want to start a rogaine routine (or anything that I must do for the rest of my life) but rather want to know what would be good hygiene that I should employ now to give me my best shot at maintaining my hair.

    For example:
    Best Shampoo / Conditioner for men like me
    Frequency of use (should I not wash my hair every day?)
    Vitamins I should take (currently take a men’s multivitamin)


    • ANSWER:

    What would cause a 25-year-old man’s body hair to turn gray suddenly?
    I just noticed that my arm hair, which was always black-to-brown, is turning gray at the roots.

    What does this indicate? Stress? Vitamin deficiency? Psoriasis? Too much sun? Or something more serious?

    • ANSWER:
      Some men start to go grey from 24 to 32. After that if you don’t like it, dye it.

    What vitamin/mineral helps to lessen Gray hair??

    • ANSWER:
      Premature graying is thought to be from a deficiency of biotin, an important B vitamin.

      Sandalwood essential oil helps retard graying. Rosewood essential oil may lighten hair color.

      Magnesium oil may help to lessen gray hair.

      This information is based on the use of pure, therapeutic grade essential oils. Anything less may not produce the desired result and can, in some cases, be extremely toxic.

      Hope this helps.

    Grey hair and vitamin deficiency? Treatment?
    Hi there. Ever since I turned 18, I’ve noticed that I get grey hairs. They’re only REALLY noticeable in certain lights, but I’m 19 now and it really bothers me.
    I’ve been told it could be a vitamin deficiency. What vitamins do I need to take to make my hair better again?

    Also I know grey hair can be passed down from parents, but no one in my family started getting grey hair until at least their thirties, so I know it’s not that.

    • ANSWER:
      if you were told that it is most likely that you are required to take a multi vitamin. They’re available from all pharmacy’s

    Do you think vitamin pills help with grey hair?
    I have noticed a reduction, since starting taking vitamins pills?

    • ANSWER:
      Yes. Vitamin B complex must be taken daily , as graying of hair is due to deficiency of B complex, at an early age. Check out for more info.

    what’s the best way to cover only the gray on my hair, if i have sandy blonde hair?
    only the temples and a few on top are gray. What are the best products or procedures? are there vitamins to change the color?

    • ANSWER:
      There is no way to just pin point the gray color in your hair and dye it that way. What you could do is choose a box of color at the store (close to the color you have now so you won’t go through hair color withdrawal) and dye your whole head of hair. Otherwise the only other option would be to make an appointment at your trusted salon and have them see what they can do.

    Why do we get gray hair???
    I understand it is because the body stops producing some kind of enzyme or protein, but WHY WE CAN NOT TAKE IT ARTIFICIALLY???? like vitamins or something??? Wouldn’t it be great instead of hair color just take a pill to cover gray hair??? PEOPLE, INVENT SOMETHING PLEASE!!!!! I just got my first couple of gray hairs and I AM FREAKING OUT!!!!!!! Do not want to be a slave of hair color and NO, I DO NOT LIKE GRAY HAIR ON ME. :(

    • ANSWER:
      I blame my gray hair on my husband…

    i m 15 and have grey hair so can vitamin E pills work to reduce grey hair?

    • ANSWER:
      Start taking some other hair suppliments like “Vita Hair” that you can find in a store like “Green Star” or “Natur Tyme”.

    anyone uses b 12 vitamins to slow down grey hair growth?
    does this work m 44

    • ANSWER:
      I’ve never heard of such a thing. Where did you get your “facts”?

      Vitamin B12 deficiency anemia can cause gray hair in some people. It can be due to a diet low in vitamin B12, which is found mainly in meat, eggs, and milk. It can also occur if the stomach can’t absorb vitamin B12, due to surgery involving the stomach or small intestine (such as gastric bypass surgery), diseases that affect the small intestine, such as Crohn’s disease, celiac disease, fish tapeworms, or small intestine bacterial overgrowth, or a lack of protein called intrinsic factor due to an autoimmune reaction or a genetic defect.

      So while a diet that is low in b12 can cause hair to gray a diet rich in b12 won’t cause hair to not gray nor will it slow the gray.

    What makes your hair go gray and bald when your older?
    Is there something missing like a vitamin or mineral when you become ‘old’? What happens? If someone knew, wouldn’t they make a product so it wouldn’t happen?

    • ANSWER:
      Chemical changes in the body. Gray hair is caused by the hair being bleached from the inside, thus losing pigment.

    gray hair solution????
    I understand it is because the body stops producing some kind of enzyme or protein, but WHY WE CAN NOT TAKE IT ARTIFICIALLY???? like vitamins or something??? Wouldn’t it be great instead of hair color just take a pill to cover gray hair??? PEOPLE, INVENT SOMETHING PLEASE!!!!! I just got my first couple of gray hairs and I AM FREAKING OUT!!!!!!! Do not want to be a slave of hair color and NO, I DO NOT LIKE GRAY HAIR ON ME. :(

    • ANSWER:
      hey dont care…come’ll stay as nice as you are…

    will vitamin b6 get my hair color back and take away my gray hair?

    • ANSWER:
      Sorry, no. Once your hair has turned gray, only a dye can change the color.

    is there any vitamins to take for premature grey hair?

    • ANSWER:
      Your lacking iron and copper. Try 8mg of iron daily and whatever mg of copper supplements. You will see a red tinge color appear on your gray hairs first then eventually to it’s original color.

    Premature gray hair at 19, what may be the cause?
    I am 19 and I have been always noted for my healthy hair. My hair has been always shiny and bouncy and it has no split ends or whatever damage.

    Today, I noticed that as I was looking at my hair closely, I do have a lot of gray hair! It’s not yet much that I could be mistaken for an old folk but it is so alarming for my age. What makes it more alarming is that both my parents who are in their mid 40s do not have any gray hair yet and I do not have a relative with premature gray hair.

    I have researched about common causes of premature graying and I have read a couple of claims that Vitamin E causes premature graying and at the same time, prevents it. Hyperthyroidism, which I have also causes premature graying. However, my Hyperthyroidism is completely monitored and if it’s that bad for me to have premature graying, I guess I would also experience the other symptoms that are worse or more dominant like fatigue, weight loss, sweating, etc. However, I am totally not experiencing the usual dominant downsides of my illness as I am in constant and adequate maintenance medication. It is also the first time that I had this in the 2 years that I have Hyperthyroidism.

    The only new thing in my system is I have been taking Vitamin E supplements that are 300 IU daily in addition to my daily Centrum intake. I have been on it for a month or a month and a half because I wanted to improve my skin which has actually improved because of it. Since I have read that Vitamin E can also cause premature graying, I want to know if someone who back-up that claim here? I do not smoke and I am always at home so I am not surrounded by 2nd hand smoke. I eat healthy food and don’t do silly diets. If it helps, I am also in birth control.

    What suggestions would you tell me to lessen or stop premature graying? If it helps to know, I have also been stressed for the past month because I’ve been planning a vacation with my boyfriend in another country so does that contribute? Would my hair still go back to normal? I really do not want to be dependent on hair dye as much as possible. My hair is a virgin when it comes to chemicals.

    • ANSWER:

    Kids with gray hair, any underlying health concerns?
    I have a 7 year old girl and a 6 year old boy with gray hairs, they are not overwhelming to the point where others notice though unless they are looking for it, I also have a 2 year old boy with blonde hair but I haven’t been able to notice any gray hairs, it’s easier to see them on my other two kids since they have dark hair, they do get colds and bellyaches more than most other kids, it seems as if they are always sick and we are always at the doctors office, they are always on vitamins that contain extra vitamin c for their colds, but this seems to do nothing for either issue. I have an appointment for my daughter on Monday and will ask the doctor, as for genetics, on my side the only one who really grayed early was my uncle I believe he grayed in his late 20′s. On my husbands side we only know of his fathers family, and believe there is no premature graying, he was adopted out when his biological mom died and lost all contact with his mom’s side of the family. Are there any underlying health issues I should be sure to ask the doctor to check for that has gray hair as a symptom?? And if your child has the same thing please let me know. Thanks.
    Their eyes are totally fine, that seems kind of strange lol, but thanks for your answer.

    I think that we eat pretty healthy compared to most family’s I know of, I try anyways, however I will talk with the doctor about b12, Thanks.
    thanks ehooper8, they both have beautiful healthy hair otherwise, I will of course still speak to the doctor though.

    Yah I don’t think that is the case lol.

    • ANSWER:
      Gray hair is not related to any vitamin issues or your immune system, it’s merely a genetic thing. Gray hair runs in my family… I’m 28 and my hair is now about 25% gray… without the color of course ;). I take after my dad and his sister (and grandmother); we all have black hair, but it grays very fast. I also remember my mother found my first gray hair when I was 5.

      Anyway, gray hair is caused by the pigmentation portion of your hair follicle down in the root. When it ages, it no longer produces the same pigment (your natural hair color) and turns your hair gray. The rate at which your hair follicle pigmentation “ages” to gray is matter of genetics… which is why some people go gray fast and others never go gray.

      So don’t worry, there is no health implications for gray hair, it’s just something that happens. Your children’s tendency to get sick isn’t related to their gray hair.

      P.S. – vitamin deficiencies would cause poor quality hair, not change the color. If the hair was falling out a lot, breaking off, etc, then you might be concerned with vitamin intake.

      Hope this helps!

    Does vegetarianism make your hair grow grey/gray prematurely?
    If so, is it because of a lack of a certain mineral/vitamin…?

    • ANSWER:
      I don’t think so.

    23 year old male with gray hairs, hair is thinning on top. What should I do to treat it?
    Hello please read before answering.

    I’m 23 years old and have noticed gray hair on my head since about 16. Girls told me I must be stressing. Well now I have some more gray hairs but not an overwhelming amount.

    My bigger problem is my hair thinning on top now. My friend told me that it’s because I wear a hat all the time. I used to smoke and eat a pretty poor diet so I think that is part of the problem and stress probably too. My father is bald but he didnt lose his hair until around 40 years old atleast. The thinning is most noticeable to me on the 2 sides of my head, where you’d usually part your hair to the right or left around.

    I don’t want to do Rogaine because they say you need to keep on using it all the time or else you’ll just lose your hair anyway. I’d like to know if there are any better solutions, vitamins to take or anything like that. Is wearing a hat all the time causing this also?

    It seems like people in my situation just shave a mohawk. What can I do?

    I appreciate it very much and hopefully I can get all my questions answered
    Thank you very much

    • ANSWER:
      Well first you have to eat a healthy diet, that is very important and do not smoke. Do not use Rogaine it is not healthy. Use Nutrine Garlic Shampoo. I have had a couple of clients with hair thinning and this really helped it get thicker. Try not to stress i know it is hard but maybe start exercising to take all your stress away.

      Hope i helped

      Good luck

    Is there any medicine to prevent grey hair growth?
    would like to minimise grey hair on my head , wot vitamins or medications or etc to be taken to achieve this

    • ANSWER:
      Why would one want to minimize the growth of grey? They should be considered the ‘jewels of your crown’ and worn proudly.
      But no…I know of no such product. Sorry!

    r there any foods r vitamins that slow down the growth of grey hair?

    • ANSWER:

    At what age did you start to get gray hair?
    I’m just curious as to when everyone started to get gray hair. I’m 23 and a half and I still don’t have any yet some people my age and younger have at least 10 strands all over their head and in their facial hair. I hope and pray that I don’t get any until I’m in my 40′s because my father didn’t get any until he was 48 and my mother got her first at 45. I take a lot of vitamins, eat a lot of protein, try not to stress, get lots of sleep at night and don’t smoke nor drink.

    • ANSWER:
      you will get grey hair in your 40,s era

    Gray hair in 13 year old?
    My mom was brushing my hair when she found a single strand of gray hair. It’s silvery, and up close it looks like my regular hair color. She says it could be a vitamin deficiency. What can I do about it, and do I need to change my diet or anything?
    My mom didn’t get gray hairs until maybe her late 30s.
    I am of Asian descent. :)

    • ANSWER:
      I have grey hair and I’m almost 15. I got it since I was 11 or so. It can be either a health problem or a genetic thing like mine is. You really can’t do anything about it. I started out with one hair them I got many more. It is either stress, health, or generic problem. Good Luck.

      I’m also asian, chinese, and my mom’s side of the family got grey hair early. It doesen’t have to be your mom, my great uncle got it too at 19.

    vitamin deficiency caused grey hair?
    I had a b12 defincey for years and many other deficencies.
    All are sorted but I have a lot of grey hairs.
    Will having my vitamins sorted prevent me from getting any more, or will I still continue to get more and more from now on ?
    I realise the greys I have are there to stay but will I get more even though more vits and minerals are sorted?

    Some go brown grey brown down the strand some just full grey ?

    • ANSWER:
      Yes vitamin B12 deficiency causes premature greying. My hair looked like someone had sprinked powder over it..a horrible ashy brown colour, not individual strands of grey although but this can occur as well. A year after vitamin B12 treatment, my hair is brown again.

      “Premature graying has never been shown to be due to a vitamin deficiency with the exception of B12; and if vitamin B12 levels are normal, taking supplements won’t alter the graying process.”

    can coloring your hair often cause premature graying?
    im 20 and i’ve noticed im getting some gray in my hair. im mostly noticing it underneath the top layer. i’ve been coloring my hair since i was about 13 and regularly (6-8wks) since i was 17, can coloring often do something to make your hair gray prematurely.
    -there’s no family history
    -im not that stressed out

    i’ve heard it could be due to copper deficiancy and you can take vitamins??
    if so, what in the color would cause the graying?

    • ANSWER:
      yes, it could happen. but, this also could be happening due to a recessive gene in your family. even if you aren’t aware of any family history, there still could be a gene that causes your hair to grow grey prematurely.
      hope this helps!

Gray Hair

Going Gray And Looking Great It’s a big decision to stop getting your hair dyed go gray. But a lot of women are doing it. Silver is in! The question is; what do I do with my hair during that awkward growing-in-stage? Then, how do I avoid looking washed-out and dull like some of those other women you’ve seen with gray hair.

First of all, deciding to go gray is a very bold decision. You’re stating that you are very confident and pleased with your looks. Going gray is trendy and even stylish if you do it the right way.

OK, How Do I Do It?

Do it Gradually Don’t give up your dye job until your roots are at least 50% gray so that your new gray hair looks symmetrical and natural as it is growing in. You don’t want to totally give up coloring your hair during this awkward stage. Colorists suggest that working in some highlights or lowlights will add dimension and blend in the roots.

Think about a new hairstyle. Having your hair cut above the collar will lessen the contrast between the gray hair and the highlighted hair. Having it cut in layers also helps camouflage the multiple colors. It also gives you a more youthful appearance. In order to avoid looking like grandma, make sure you have a contemporary hairstyle. Have your hairstylist suggest a layered cut above the shoulders that would softly frame your face.

Use products that are specifically for gray hair. When your hair turns gray the protective layer becomes thin which can leave your hair coarse. Colorists recommend the following to keep your hair looking healthy:

Use a shampoo that contains a moisturizer that will give you smooth, silky hair.

Wash your hair once a week with a shampoo made specifically for gray hair. It helps counteract yellowing that the sun and hard water can cause.

Use a clear gloss or glaze once a month for shine.

Use clear gels and mousses. Colored products will tarnish gray hair.

OK, now you have gray hair. How do I avoid looking washed-out and dull like some of the other ladies that I’ve seen with gray hair?

Gray Hair Color Tips to Look Young and Vibrant

Choose a laminating, moisturizing foundation. Apply powder only where you really need it. Too much powder can settle in the creases and fine lines on your face making them look more obvious.

Wear blush! It makes your complexion more vibrant. Makeup artists suggest a light English rose for fair skin and a bright peony for medium or olive skin. Apply the blush onto the apples of your cheek, then feather out towards the hairline.

Use a lipliner. As we age the lips thin out and lose some of the natural rosiness. Restore the contour by tracing your lips with a nude lip liner before applying your gloss or lipstick.

Choose a rich lipstick. Colorists suggest juicy-looking colors in pink, berry, peach or apricot tones. The nudes and browns can look a little muddy and it may be better to stay away from them. The best color for you is a few shades more intense than your natural lip color.

Eye Makeup
Brighten up your eyes by applying a linen-colored eye shadow onto your lids as the color reflects light. Then use a cream eyeliner and smudge it slightly. Black liner and gray hair tends to be a stark contrast. You’ll be better off with the the softer grayish shades. If you have straight eyelashes, curl them and then apply two coats of mascara. Use a lash primer before the mascara if your eyelashes are sparse. It primes and coats the lash which makes them look thicker. Using black mascara can look a little harsh as we age. Try using brown or navy. Apply the mascara outward and up at the same time.

Pay attention to your eyebrows. Use a pencil to fill in the sparse areas. Colorists suggest a light to medium taupe shade for fair and light eyebrows. For olive or dark complexions, choose a deep, cool brown. For gray or salt and pepper brows, a bluish gray pencil works best.

Follow these tips for going gray and looking great whether you have gray highlights or a full head of pure white gray hair. Look healthy, young and vibrant!

Copyright (c) 2008 Lynne Hagan

Frequently Asked Questions

    gray hair…?
    i am a 26 year old woman, and i am noticing more and more gray hair by the day. this is disturbing on many levels! i can’t believe that i am actually sprouting enough gray and silver hairs that people notice. 2. the hairs themselves are not just gray- they are wirey, they do not straighten under a blow dryer, and worst of all, break very easily. i’m worried that as the older and grayer i get- the less and less hair i will have. if all of my hair eventually turns gray (which i’m sure it will as my family is all gray) and if they all continue to break off into 4 inche spikes- i’ll be bald!! what should i do? anyone else experience this?? i have tons of gray, wirey spikes sticking out of my head!!

    • ANSWER:
      Gray hair is typically a result of natural aging. Genetics likely play a strong role in graying. Pigment in the hair shaft comes from special cells at the root of the hair. These cells are genetically programmed to make a certain amount of pigment (melanin) at specific ages. At some point in the aging process, these cells make less and less pigment until the hair has very little pigment. White hair has no pigment, and gray hair has some but not as much as red, black or brown hair.

      Not all hairs respond in the same way or at the same time. So the graying process usually is gradual. You can’t prevent graying. Some people start graying in their 30s, and some not until their 60s.
      People rarely go gray overnight. If they do, it’s typically due to alopecia areata. This condition causes the thicker, darker hairs to stop growing before it affects the growth of gray hairs — giving the impression of graying overnight. Alopecia areata eventually causes roundish patches of hair loss or complete loss of hair on the head or body. Its cause isn’t known.

      If I may give you some advice, go see a dermatologist about this. He can tell you whether you have alopecia, and perhaps can somehow decelerate the graying process.

    Gray hair?
    I have a little bit of gray hair its like black but turns white at the bottom and i have it a young age… how is it possible?
    my natrual hair color is black.

    • ANSWER:
      You might be infected with vigilitis. It’s case where there are uneven patches of colors in the hair and skin. but don’t worry, I’m sixteen and I have white hairs. My teachers superstitious belief is that I think too much. Lol, they say critical thinkers and logical mind can lead to loss of melanin. Haha

    Gray Hair ???????
    Why is it when your hair turns gray that the strands are much thicker than the rest of the hair ?
    I have dark blond hair so it doesnt’ show too bad but those crazy gray hairs seem to stick up unless i use hairspray
    thanks Josh, that was what i was wondering !!
    i have straight hair that won’t even hold a curl longer than an hour or so

    • ANSWER:
      the cuticle of gray hair is up to 30 times thicker then naturally colored hair, making it coarser, wirey, “glassy” and really stubborn. These hairs are really stubborn to color too. to soften these unruly hairs you can pick up a box of perm solution for your hair type, squirt it all over the graying areas, process for about 15 minutes then rinse and neutralize. no need for rods or manipulting it in any way, you just want the solution to break down your hair a bit, not to restructure it in a new formation. just leave it down and damp and with the solution in it, you could comb it with a WIDE tooth comb if you want it stratighter. not more then 15 minutes, or the solution will really change the structure of your hair. the perm should eat through those stubborn cuticles and soften the hair making it more manageable. so freshly shampooed hair, no conditioner. comb out any knots apply the solution and let it do its thing *comb if you want to straighten* 15 minutes maximum then rinse for a few minutes, apply neutralizer, but take that out a minute or so early and rinse well again. dry and style your hair really well and keep it dry for 48 hours and it CANNOT be in a pony tail. youll have permanent ponytail hair if you put it up in that first 48 hours. it should be more workable. it should last you about a year or so.

    Gray HAIR!?
    i really want grey hair, not full on gray hair but on the color chart its called “smoked walnut”.

    - i had black hair but then had it stripped – so im not too sure if i still have artificial pigment in my hair, but at the moment it is a medium browny red color.

    - is this color hard to accomplish?

    - what are the steps of getting to this color?

    please dont reply with “go ask a professional”

    thankyou :D

    • ANSWER:
      give it some time
      maybe 50 years would do the trick

    What is the difference between gray and white hair?
    I been doing research on hair and as you age it becomes grayer. I don’t understand the difference between gray hair and white hair? Are they the same or does darker hair color get one and light colored hair people get another? Help!

    • ANSWER:
      this is gray hair-

      this is white hair-

    How do I get rid of gray hairs without using hair products?
    My mom has been trying to get rid of gray hairs, but she doesn’t want to use hair products that dye your hair into your natural color. What are some ways of getting rid of gray hairs?

    • ANSWER:
      I dont think you cant without using hair dye :S
      Henna will work though

    How do I get my hair from a gray/blue color to a draker shade of blonde?
    I tried to dye my hair a light brown/ dark blonde color a few days ago and when I washed it out it was a gray blue color. I realized afterwards that it was for people with gray hair. So, I bought another box of hairdye that was the same color, but a different brand. It turned out an even darker gray/blue color. Now I want to dye it back to a blonde/brown color and I’m not sure how to without messing it up even more and the salon says that I shouldn’t dye it for 4-6 weeks,and I dont want to have to keep it that long.

    • ANSWER:
      get a Brown hair color and clolor you hair and wait a little while and try again with a lighter hair dye to get your hair the color you want.

    What causes gray hair at a young age and is there anyway to prevent the furhter growth of them?
    I’m 16 years old and over the past few years i have realized the growth of gray hairs in my scalp and each year the numbers have only multiplied. What is the cause for the growth of gray hair at a young age and what can i do to minimize the growth? Is there anything I should eat for example.. thankyou for insight.

    • ANSWER:
      Stress is causing it, there is no miracle cure, just try to relax more often and possibly start dying your hair.

    What’s the best brand of hair dye for covering gray hair?
    I am only 19 and I am going prematurely gray. It sucks :(

    I have dyed my hair many times in the past, but the gray hairs usually come back after a few weeks or so. They gray hairs don’t absorb the dye very well. What is the best brand to use? I don’t want gray hair! How can I cover it?

    Any other tips for how to cover my gray hair better would be much appreciated.

    • ANSWER:
      If you haven’t tried going into a Sally Beauty Supply store, I suggest you try it. They have several brands that provide coverage for gray hair. I like ION and L’Oreal the best. They also sell something called Gray Magic. You put this stuff in with your hair color and apply to your head. It helps hold the color a little longer on those stubborn grays. I assume you are using permanent color, and keeping it on for the full time – usually 45 minutes. To avoid damage to your hair, you really shouldn’t color your entire head – just the new growth (assuming you use the same color). You can always run the remaining color down the ends for the last 15 minutes.

    How do you let your hair go gray after coloring it?
    My hair is almost half gray at the roots, and my Dad had the most glorious fine gray hair, but I have been coloring it for about ten years. How can I grow it out without it looking stupid in between? Do I have to wear a wig for a year first?

    • ANSWER:
      You have a few options here.
      obviously I would assume you don’t want to have horrible regrowth untill its long enough the cut the color out so instead I would recommend having as light a color as you can acheive on the already colored hair, this way when the grey grows out it won’t be as noticeable as it would with dark hair.
      If you can’t get your hair to a lighter color your only options would be a short cut or yes…a wig.

    What is the best way to grow out gray hair gracefully?
    I am 48, and have been coloring my hair for at least 10 years. My hair seems to grow fast, and I have to re-color the roots every 3 weeks. I would say that I am about 60% gray in the back, perhaps as much as 80% or more on the sides and top. Right now, my slightly longer than shoulder length hair is a light golden brown that looks somewhat blondish, especially around the ends. I look HORRIBLE with short hair and don’t want to cut it off and start fresh. Since I am a teacher and will have 10 weeks off from school in the summer, what is the best way to begin growing out my hair?

    • ANSWER:
      My sister-in-law has a similar problem. Her beautician recommended that every time she colors her hair to go one or two steps lighter. That makes the gray roots less noticeable and people around you may not even notice the changes. Eventually, you can color your hair to approximate the gray and then just let it grow out naturally from there.

    Why do some men have gray hair but their eyebrows remain dark?
    I haven’t noticed this so much in women, though it may happen that way too – I think it’s just more noticeable with guys.

    When men get older, I notice some of their hair goes completely gray or white, but their eyebrows remain dark, or the same color as their hair used to be. Why don’t they always go completely gray too?

    Any ideas? Does it have to do with genes? Because I know some people go entirely gray.
    If it is genes, does that mean the genes that determine hair and eyebrow color are separate ones?

    • ANSWER:
      genes. dna. duh.

    Where does gray hair start on the scalp?
    Where on the scalp does gray hair first appear when a person reaches that age? Does it start at the base on the scalp or at the end of the hairs? Just wondering since I saw this guy with gray hair at the end rather than the base and I’m not sure if it could have been natural or died.

    • ANSWER:
      Your hair has to grow in the colors.

    What is the best brand of hair color to cover the gray?
    My gray hairs are not holding color very well. I have red hair, and I heard a redhead’s grays are harder to color. Is that true? Even so, what is the best brand of home color to use?

    • ANSWER:
      COAL TAR

    Is gray hair reversible? Has a medicine that makes gray hair go back to its original color been invented yet?
    I need to color my hair more and more frequently as the years go by and that’s a pain! If I was at least 40, I would give up and let my hair go gray, but I’m too young for that… Has a medicine that makes gray hair go back to its original color been invented yet?

    • ANSWER:
      Not sure or not came to know till date, so it is better to keep your hair well nourished by adding protein to your food! Try colouring with “MEHANDI” or “HINA” , in my opinion they are better than colours.

    What is the average age for wrinkles and gray hair for women?
    I’m almost 26. I have a couple very fine wrinkles on my forehead and no grays. I’m just wondering when I can expect aging to start happening. I do use Retinol Cream, and I dye my hair very rarely. I’m just curious, because my mom had gray hair at 18!

    • ANSWER:
      That varies a lot. I had a very few stray gray hairs since I was under ten. At 51 I have some gray hair, but still few. i have some wrinkles, but not much. I have had friends who went gray by 30. Wrinkles have to do with exposure to sun, genetics, smoking and diet, in my opinion.

    Is there a hair color that will make my hair completely gray?
    My hair is turning gray and it’s mixed with my natural brown hair, so it looks really awful. I don’t care if I have gray hair, I just want it to be all one color. Is there a hair color that will make all of my hair gray?
    I thought about gray, but I didn’t think that there was such a thing. Usually people want to get rid of the gray.

    • ANSWER:
      Did you think of gray perhaps ?

    What happens when gray hair is plucked?
    I am 22 years old and I already have a few gray hairs. Has anyone ever heard that if you pluck a strand of gray hair, you will get more gray hair? I’ve heard that stress is one of the causes of gray hair and that it is hereditary, but can plucking them increase them?

    • ANSWER:
      I wish! (As does practically every other individual on the planet with both thinning hair and graying hair.) If this were the case, many people would be plucking hairs constantly to encourage thicker fuller heads of hair.

      Gray hair, is known as canities, and is caused by the cessation of pigment production in the hair follicle. The hair loses its melanin and becomes translucent, and appears either silver or white. The development of gray hair seems to be genetically programmed, and can be affected by stresses to the body, such as illness, poor diet, and prolonged mental and emotional strain. Some medications can even cause gray hair to develop.

      But no, the idea of plucking a gray hair causing two to grow in its place is simply an Old Wives’ Tale. The tale probably came about from people who were going gray plucking those initial few hairs they spotted, and coincidentally seeing a dramatic increase in the number of gray hairs forming on their head.

    What if I don’t have gray hair and I use a hair dye that covers 100% gray hair. Will the outcome be different?
    What if I don’t have gray hair and I use a hair dye that covers 100% gray hair. Will the outcome be different than a brand that DOESN’T cover gray hair?
    I want to use Excellence-To-Go by L’oreal Paris
    Are the 100% gray hair dye’s LESS/MORE effective for people with 0% gray hairs or is it the same ?

    • ANSWER:

    What are effective ways to prevent gray hair?
    How can I prevent gray hair? For those of you who are going to tell me its genetics and theres no way to stop mother nature and all that stuff I dont want to here then please dont even do that. Thanks!

    • ANSWER:
      It is said that “Grey hair is a crown of splendor.” That may be true, but some of us aren’t quite ready to wear that crown. Although there are no methods yet to avoid grey hair entirely, there are some steps you can take to prevent grey hair for as long as possible.

      Step 1 Stop smoking! Smoking has been scientifically proven to cause premature aging of the entire body, and that includes getting grey hair. If you want to prevent grey hair and you smoke, quitting should be the first, most important step.

      Step 2 Relax. It has been found that stress can be linked to premature grey hair. Stress has an effect on the body like smoking, causing it to age faster. Search for ways to calm your emotions – like regular exercise or meditation – and you will also prevent grey hair.

      Step 3 Examine your diet. Grey hair begins to appear due to a breakdown in protein synthesis. In particular, this is caused by a copper insufficiency. Luckily, there are many ways to get more of this mineral:

      1. Take a multi-vitamin. Most of them contain copper.

      2. Eat foods that contain copper. I have included a link at the end of this article for copper-containing foods. Some common ones include turnip greens, lima beans, yams, spinach, and most meats.

      3. Eat fruits and nuts, particularly – blackberries, pineapples, pomegranates, almonds, and pumpkin seeds.

      Step 4 Herbs. There are some herbs in Chinese medicine that people claim prevent grey hair. The most popular is called He Shou We, or Fo-ti. “He Shou Wu means “black-haired Mr. He” in Chinese. In the resources section below, I have included a link to how Fo-ti is used to prevent grey hair.

      Tips & Warnings
      In summary, follow these guidelines to prevent grey hair:,Stop smoking,Relax,Eat healthy foods, included fruits and nuts.Take Fo Ti.

      best of luck!!!

    At what point should I start coloring my hair to cover the gray?
    I found my first gray hair 5 years ago. Now, I have several visible at a time and I get highlights to camoflage in my dark honey-blonde hair. It is not working so well anymore. When should I switch to full-blown coloring my hair?

    • ANSWER:
      I suppose it depends on how comfortable you are with aging.

      Myself, I am only 33, but I have been coloring my hair for years just because I like to make my hair a darker reddish brown than it is. About a month ago I noticed a few greys in the front and at first tried just hiding them in my hair or thinking of them as highlights. The funny thing is, no one noticed them but me, and eventually I couldn’t stand the thought of those few greys at my age, so I attacked them with my favorite color and feel much better.
      On the other hand, I have a collegue at work that has long hair down to the middle of her back and you can see from the ends up where she started to grey and at the top where she’s now mostly grey. She says it doesn’t bother her and that she’s earned every one of them.
      So……like I said, I guess it really depends on how you view yourself and your level of acceptance in regards to your own aging. Do what makes you feel good about you!

      Good luck! : )

    At around what age do you start getting white or gray hair?
    I am pretty young and already getting alot of white or gray hair. Is it normal to get gray hair as early as 16?

    • ANSWER:
      It has to do with genetics.

      I’m almost 15 and sometimes I get gray hairs. It’s because I was given that trait from my Dad. When he was my age he got gray hairs too.
      I also get gray hairs from when I get stressed and upset. Sometimes the hair is half dark brown (my hair color) and half gray.

      You’re not getting old, it’s just a trait you inherited from a family member. Just pull them out. If you are getting a lot you can buy a hair dye that is the exact color of your hair and just dye your hair to cover the gray.

      ‘Hope I helped!

    Best way to color gray hair for men?
    I am only 22 years old and starting to go pretty gray all over. What is the best hair dye to do this? Or should I just go to a saloon or have a professional do it? I think part of it is genetics and other half is from stress and anxiety due to gray hair. Any tips or insight is great, thank you. By the way, my hair is a medium brown color.
    What are some of the best brands for at home dying? And what are some of the best products ie shampoo, conditioner/other tips to keep it looking good, lasting a while, etc. ?

    • ANSWER:
      Just for Men seems like a good brand…

    Is there any way to prevent the growth of gray hair?
    I am 20 years old and I already have around 30 gray hairs or even more in my head. I don’t know if it’s just a result of stress or genetic (my brother had many gray hairs in his late 20s). Is there any way to prevent the growth of even more gray hair?
    I’ve been told several times that hair-dye only increases the amount of gray hair.

    • ANSWER:
      Sorry no way to stop the growth of it. Just acquaint yourself with hair dye and use it. If you are genetically predisposed to getting it then you will. I think it looks nice but perhaps a little older than 20.

    How do girls feel about young men with gray hair?
    I’m 18 years old and I have some gray hair on my head. From a close distance you can see some of it, but from far away my hair just looks its original colour, brown.

    How do most girls feel about young men with gray hair?

    • ANSWER:
      it’s kinda weird. you should dye it

    At what age will start growing gray hair?
    I’m not even thirty, and I have seen a couple white hair on my beard! I’m only 28yrs.

    So what age do ppl normally start growing gray hair?

    • ANSWER:
      It’s different for everybody. A guy I knew was totally grey at 19. His whole family was that way. It was in their genes.

      I don’t know about a general age, I would guess at about 35.

    What age does hair usually start turning gray?
    average age guys start getting gray hair?

    • ANSWER:
      Normal..around late 30s
      But many people have grey hair even in their teens.

    What is the best over the counter hair color to use for gray hair?
    I have blonde hair and have been spending 0-150 to get my roots (gray!!!) covered every 9-12 weeks or so. Unfortunately, I can’t afford it anymore. Is there an over the counter color that will cover the gray and not torch my hair?

    • ANSWER:
      Whats wrong with having gray hair…if it already looks good on you leave it alone.

    Is it mean if kids or teens has gray hair and others calls them grandma or grandpa?
    Cause when they have gray hair others calls them grandma or grandpa and it hurts they feeling.. I think is mean and I don’t called them grandma or grandpa.. If my boyfriend has gray hair I wouldn’t care or called him grandpa

    • ANSWER:
      They’re just immature

    What is your favorite brand of hair color for covering stubborn gray hair?
    I have finally found a temporary hair color by Clairol that matches my natural color but it doesn’t cover gray very well. I don’t have a lot of gray but what I do have I want to cover.

    • ANSWER:
      Loreal Preference works really well. I use it on my mom.

    How do you change colored dark brown hair to a color that goes more with gray hair? I am 50 years old?
    I have used dark brown color for several years and I know my roots are more than 50% gray. Do I need to strip my hair to get a color that blends better with the roots? I want to go lighter, but not a red tone.

    • ANSWER:
      just go light brown, but you might need a professionals help.

    I have allergic reactions to hair dye even the ammonia free kind. What can i use to cover gray hair?
    I have tried many types of hair dyes even at salons but always have some kind of allergic reaction. And i really want to dye my gray hairs. I used to use a product a few years ago when i first got my grey hairs which I can no longer get my hands on because the store closed and i dont recall the name. So please suggest me on what I can do. Thanks.

    • ANSWER:
      i used to have a client that was allergic to color but as long as it didn’t touch her scalp she was ok. we did her whole head in foils almost like highlights but we did slices so that all of her hair would be covered. it was very time consuming but it got the job done. i also have a client that has reactions even if the color doesn’t come in contact with her skin so she can’t use any color at all.

      most people that have adverse reactions are either allergic to the ammonia or the coupling agent that is in all color to make it work (it has a long chemical name) it sounds like the latter might be the case with you. if that is true, i don’t know of any alternatives that will cover gray hair, sorry.

      if you go to a salon, maybe they could try the foiling idea? it’s worth a shot if you are that concerned with covering the gray.

    What’s the best hair coloring product for gray hairs?
    I have medium brown hair with graying temples and I want to color the gray with a product that is less damaging to hair but long-lasting.

    • ANSWER:
      loreal nice and easy. it lasts long

    What age do people start having gray hair?
    I am only 15 will be 16 in 3 months so I have years and years like generations before I have gray hair but what age like 65 or something?

    • ANSWER:
      Some can be as young as 16 – yes really.

    How do you get the yellow out of gray hair?
    My husband has long gray hair but recently was doing some refinishing and the over spray has made his hair yellow……any way to get it back to its former silver color?

    • ANSWER:
      You may have to rinse it with turps or paint thinner if it was that kind of finish- if it was varathane the thinner may still work but it will rip up your hair. Make sure to DEEP condition it after & then just put some punky-color blue or Mrs Stewarts laundry bluing or even food color blue in your shampoo if you don’t want to buy special gray hair shampoo- this makes it really silvery- I love the way it makes mine look (Now if I could just find an old avatar…..)

    Is it normal to start getting gray hair when you are at your mid 20′s?
    I’ve noticed two gray hairs in my head but the are gray in the roots but my regular hair color at the end. Am I getting old? Ahhhh!

    • ANSWER:
      yes it normal it happens to mixed races sometimes but its ok are you mixed race ,cuzz it could just be lack of protean

    How can i cover or get rid of gray hair?
    I’m only 23 years old, and have about 8 gray hair, it runs in my moms family. If my hair is down, and parted right down the middle you can definitely see it, so I have to have it up halfway what can I do to get rid of this?

    • ANSWER:
      Color it. You just might become a slave to your hair…just as I have become. I am 38 and I have a lot of gray hair right at the top of my head. I went to a salon to get it colored, cost about only to have my gray hair pop up again in less than a week. So now I color my own hair at home. First I color my hair all over, then when the gray hair pop up I use Clairol Root touch up. I also use gray root touch up from Avon. (It’s like mascara that you brush on your hair.) I also have to part my hair a certain way to hide them. It’s a continuous cycle. I wouldn’t pull the gray hair out though it’s not recommended. I think the next hair that grows from there comes out frizzy.

    Does color shampoo work to cover gray hair?
    My hair is black and I have some grey hairs. I want to cover the grey hairs. Does color shampoo work to cover gray hair? If so, what product do you recommend? Thank you.

    • ANSWER:
      yes /naturtint there is no a ammonia in it

    How long will it take for my hair to gray?
    So, I’m going to be a sophomore in highschool this year and yesterday I found my first gray hair. My moms hair started to turn gray at my age, and I’m upset about mine. I’ve only found one, but how long will it take for me to be completely gray?

    • ANSWER:
      It can happen anytime in a person’s life. I know someone who got grey hair at age 19. It’s different for everyone!

    What kind of dandruff shampoo can be used on gray or natural blonde hair?
    I am looking for a dandruff shampoo that won’t turn blonde or gray hair brassy? I haven’t had much luck. Any suggestions?

    • ANSWER:
      hydrochloric acid

    What type of color should I use to cover my gray hair?
    I have African American relaxed hair and I have a few grays. I want to cover the gray but I don’t want to damage my hair anymore than I have to. I’ve had rinses but they seem to fade too quickly.
    I don’t need to know ‘what’ color but what type of color (a rinse, highlights, etc) would be the least damaging to my relaxed hair while still giving me lasting gray coverage.

    • ANSWER:
      try putting in some highlights a few shades lighter than your natural. This will blend in the greys.

    What is the best method a man can get rid of gray hair?
    I am only in my 30′s and have brownish-blonde hair, but the gray is getting worse and worse. What is the best way to solve this problem?

    • ANSWER:
      Check up AVON coz they have lot of advanced techniques for hair-styling and also moisturisers which could possibly help you best. See their new catalogue listed here and set up a date with a professional advisor or shop online at it will also cost you less.

    What happens if you use hair dye that was meant for gray hair?
    I’m dying my hair black, and since I was silly, I grabbed any black hair dye off the shelves thinking that black is black. If it were a brunette or red shade, I would’ve read the labels, other than just looking at the colour. When I got home, I realized I got hair dye that you’re supposed to use if you have “50% or more gray hair.” My hair is dark brown right now with a few lighter strands because it used to be golden brown. Would it be a bad idea to still use this hair dye?

    The dye is “Nice’N Easy Gray Solution.”
    Oh yeah, I also don’t have any gray hair whatsoever. I’m 17.

    • ANSWER:
      The colour you chose will be fine .You will just get better coverage. Gray is harder to cover than natural hair so it may be a little darker thats all.

    How come some old people have gray hair, and some have white hair?
    BQ: When you get old, would you rather have white or gray hair? Or if you’re already old, which do you have?

    • ANSWER:
      hey, awesome question. i know this!
      your hair just goes from brown and gradually becomes whiter, as it loses saturation. people who have grey hair will eventually have white hair (if they live long enough.) This is stereotypical and hair color can change due to specific genetics and original color.
      I’d rather have grey, like George Cloony – but you can already see his hair is starting to go white.

    At 24, what treatment should I use for gray hairs scattered my dark brown hair?
    Though there are not many gray hairs (maybe 1 to 5%), it’s to the point when they are visible and makes me look older, and my hair–worse. What light treatment, that is not tough on hair, would you recommend?

    • ANSWER:
      The only thing you can do would be to dye your entire head of hair. Because if you only have a few, not trying to be funny, but you can’t just pick out the gray ones and dye them. Just start dying your hair. It is not a problem.

    What is a good product to use to dye my gray hair?
    I am getting some gray hairs on the sides of my head, above my sideburns and ears. They are now too many to pluck, so I’m going to have to dye them. I’m worried about dying them though because I don’t want to buy a dye that is too light or too dark from the rent of my hair, which is light brown. How do I know the right color to buy? I’ve never done this before, so I’m kind of nervous.

    • ANSWER:
      Haha don’t be nervous. My mom was just like you. Bring a trustable friend to the drug store (cvs, vons, target, walmart, walgreens) and go into the hair dye section. There will be swatches of hair on the racks and the corresponding product on the top. Compare your hair to the swatches and pick out the one that matches the best. Make sure to take proper care of your hair and use a shampoo and conditioner made for colored hair so the color doesnt start to fade and you will most likely not end up with to light or to dark hair.

    Is there a way to slow or reverse gray hair?
    I’m just curious if it’s possible to slow or reverse gray/white hair?

    I’m not so much insecure about it, they just look a tad out of place. I’m wondering if there might be something lacking in my diet that would make it easier for the hair to go gray?

    Also I’ve had some return to brown after a while, so does anyone know what’s going on there?

    • ANSWER:
      No, unfortunately. Unless you color, or highlight. They can’t return to brown, but when you get a shorter haircut, they do end up looking less noticeable.

    Why do all presidents get gray hair by the time they leave the White House?
    Happened to Clinton but you have to remember he was in that seat for 8 years. Obama already got gray hair less than 2 years after entering office.

    • ANSWER:
      Doing evil wreaks havoc on your conscience.

    what is the reason for gray hair at young age?
    I am only 22 and my hair has started becoming gray. what may be the reason? is it stress? mental tension? and how can we fight this gray hair? what are the remedies that i can take?

    • ANSWER:
      The whole stress/tension relating to gray hair is a myth. It’s all BS, you’re not unhealthy or abnormal, just let me explain. What gives your hair its color is your melanocyte cells. Your scalp also produces 2 chemical, 1 which is peroxide and I can’t remember the second, but THAT chemical neutralizes the peroxide

      As you get older (and it really can be ANY age, as early as your 20′s) your scalp stops producing the neutralizing chemical, allowing the peroxide to begin bleaching your hair. I have a friend who is 28 and is now almost totally gray, otherwise in perfect health.

      Go grab some Just For Men, maybe use the “maturing” effects of graying to your personal advantage ;) And most of all, be grateful it’s going gray and not falling out!!!

    What is the best way to dye your gray hair?
    I am a 28 year old male and I am about 85% gray on the sides and about 50% gray on the top of my head. It happened so fast I can’t believe it..I had one gray hair when I was 19 and it just exponentially turned gray from there. But for anyone who has experience with this, should I just get some sort of do it yourself product like “Just for Men” or something? Or will that look fake? Should I have a salon do it? Should I go darker or lighter than my original hair color? Any thoughts are appreciated.

    • ANSWER: