Good Hair Growing Products

Choosing the right hair product makes a difference.

IT SEEMS trivial but choosing the right hair product is one of those difficult decisions we have to make in life. Seriously, which advertisement for hair conditioner should you trust? Which magazine shampoo advertisement should you fall for? After all, they all claim to give you wonderful soft, silky, healthy hair.

Hair products are important – whether to add moisture to dry hair, treat oily hair or control frizzy hair – but only if you find the arighta one.

Unless you want to find out by trial and error what product suits you best (and in the process you may lose some hair), the best way to go about this is to consult your hair stylist – someone who knows your hair probably better than yourself.

Choose your hair products with care

If you use a poor quality hair product or one that is wrong for your scalp, you may have side effects like rashes or itchiness,a

You can tell from the hair, whether someone is using a good product.’

aA good product can do wonders for your hair. You can tell from your hair, whether someone is using a good product or not”

There are probably many more men who want a baldness cure than there are women.What causes hair loss (Baldness) in men and women. Find natural treatments of hair loss for male and female.

There are 46 types of hair loss caused by various factors including childbirth, medications, combination of stress, dieting and anaemia. Genetics play an important part in depending the amount of hair you will lose when older. Trichologists can determine your general history and ascertain if your scalp is oily or dry, flaky or sensitive. They will also run tests to ascertain the hair’s elasticity.

Frequently Asked Questions

    What are some good hair growing products?
    I have braids and I am on medication for life because of a organ transplant. I wanted to know, what are some good hair products to help prevent my hair from continuously breaking?

    • ANSWER:
      You have to be really careful about products if you are taking certain medications because hair products meant to aide growth get into your bloodstream and if they aren’t compatible with the medication can cause adverse reactions. Herbal remedies can be harmful and chemicals can interfere with your progress.

      How long has it been since your transplant? That is something to take into consideration. For now I’d say stick with natural oils and conditioners without essential oils.

    What are some good hair growing products that will help your hair grow fast?
    I have had hair to the middle of my back but my hairdresser took it out and no its barely past my shoulders. What can help it grow fast besides virgin.

    • ANSWER:
      ♥♪♦♫ This is what I use. First I use a DHT blocker and they are not cheap either but if I want the DHT gone I have to pay, The name of it is called Avacore and every once and a while I use a iron pill or a prenatal pill. This has been helping me. I don’t cut or clip my hair for like six to seven months because that way I won’t have to cilp my ends so often. Because you are supose to clip kyour ends with every relaxer and that is suppose to be every six to eight weeks, but if you don’t relax it then you won’t need to clip it. I keep my hair in cornrows bi-monthly ( like this month wash and set next month cornrows) so that my hair can breath and get the proper air that it needs. While I have cornrows I use oils every two days. I use Wild Grow and then the next time I use this mixture that I had made, it has carrot oil, sesame seed oil, cinnamon oil, vitamin e oil, olive oil, Glover’s mane oil and with that I did use to use Sulfur 8 mixed with the Glovers Mane that grew it to and I use this every time that I use the wild grow,.While I have the wash and sets then I put these creames in my hair Organic Root Stimulator the Olive Oil and the Carrot oil and the Hair Maynosie. Then I use a good protien treatment called Aphogee and then I use Motions CPR Shampoo and conditioner and then I use Creame Of Nature and then I use a Garlic shampoo and conditoner and that is about it oh and when I do my relaxer I use a Jet Black Rinse and then I use hair mayo and one egg and then use all of those shampoo. Oh I also use Vo5 body shampoo so that way when I take out my rollers I will have the bounce that I am looking for, I hope that I have helped you. ♥♪♦♫

    What are some good hair products for growing your hair out?
    I’m looking for any and all hair products that will help my hair grow long, and fast? Condition, Shampoo, Gels, Moose, Spray, anything. I would like if they were under each. (I’m 16, lol i have small budget) But yeah, I’ve been using panteene, and its been drying my hair out. I also use a flat iron quite a bit. So my hairs kinda damaged. Any ideas?

    • ANSWER:

    What are good hair growing products?
    I’ve heard of Moroccan oil, its VERYYYYYYYY expensive >,< but is it worth it?, any other ideas and products i can use? FYI....Hair growth and maintainance does vary with Ethnicity, so if you must know I am African ( Nigerian, and Somalian) :)

    • ANSWER:
      You can try Provillus for hair regrowth it’s all natural ingredients

    are there any really good hair growing products out there?
    i have super thin hair that NEVER grows… im trying to grow it out, is there anything i can do to make it grow faster or thicker?

    • ANSWER:
      I was just wondering about a product called alphactif that I saw on a beauty website. I’m trying to find some reviews on it so I’ll let you know if I find anything out.

    what hair products/brands are good for growing thick hair?
    I have very thin hair, mostly fallen out,and am just 25 yr old woman so very self consious!! I heard someone say that Hairgro/Hairgrow products are good to grow hair and make it thiccker.. Anyone has experience with it or suggestions for any other product brand?

    • ANSWER:

    What are some good hair growing tips or just good products in general to use for my hair type?
    I am mixed with Black and Italian and I have really confusing hair. When it gets wet, it’s naturally curly, when it’s relaxed its bone straight for a while, when just in a ponytail or a regular style, its wavy. Keep in mind that I am more 2/3′s black, but my hair texture is not course at all, in fact , it is shiny and quite soft. HELP ME!!

    • ANSWER:
      Keeping your hair well conditioned is very important. My hair composition sound similar to yours. I use virgin coconut oil to keep my hair looking good. Please don’t use harsh shampoos on you hair and use a good conditions that you can leave in your hair for 20 minutes or longer then wash it out. This system will help your hair to grow. A good healthy diet helps too.

      I’m a big fan of virgin coconut oil, here is a link that you may enjoy reading.

      It says candida cure but it is for hair information too.

      Good luck.

    Wht are some good hair products for growing healthy hair ?
    mind u i have course dry hair . & i wanna grow it out a few inches , but i want it to be healthy also … wat are some reallly great hair products especially for my texture of hair … preferably african hair products. thank u

    • ANSWER:

    What are some good hair products and tips for growing healthy and long African American hair?
    I’m looking to go into a good hair regimen to grow my hair long, preferably beyond shoulder length?

    • ANSWER:
      try DOOGROW, it works for me!!

    what are some good hair growing products for black girls!?
    please tell me were to get it and how much it cost if you don’t know don’t sweat it

    • ANSWER:
      I have naturally curly hair but when its relaxed its really pretty. I get a perm every 4 weeks , & I use Olive Oil (Regular) which is like 8 dollars for my hair ; it works wonders ! I also use all of Olive Oils other products, they are so good . I also use all of B&B’s products & this product called Mayonaise & Honey is the ish – it works good . I don’t use gel unless I get like twists but wash it out because combing it out breaks your hair .

      Other tips are :
      Wrap your hair
      Wash it once a week
      And don’t use heat on it often .
      Try to stick to one line of products .

    what are some good growing hair products ?
    growing hair products

    • ANSWER:
      Hey, I’m a cosmetologist, and at my salon we use a product called Nioxin. Its not necessarily a hair growth treatment, but it creates the best environment on your scalp for healthy hair growth. Its more or less like a facial for your scalp. It removes any build up and other impurities. You should look up the product online and give it a try. My boss has been selling it for 20 years and has had no complaints and loves it!

    what are some good hair products to get a toddlers hair growing?
    my daughter is 17 months old,,,she has very thin hair,,,don’t get me wrong she has great hair but it’s thin and it breaks off easy,,,for more info she’s black, white and indian, black the most, but im looking for some good natural hair products that will help make her hair strong and helps it grow,,,thanxxx

    • ANSWER:
      Im pretty sure there is nothing to help it grow, maybe something to strengthen it , I’m sure you ll get some kind of answer, not sure if id trust it though..

    What are some good products for growing long hair?
    I have shoulder length hair, and i keep wanting to grow it long, but it gets to a point where my split ends become quite noticeable and their is alot of hair breakage. Are their any good products to help prevent these?

    • ANSWER:
      Using prenatal vitamins really help your hair grow long and strong, and they also do great things for your nails. Vitamin E as well.

      Be sure to get your hair trimmed every 6-8 weeks. I know it’s hard to get your hair cut when you’re trying to grow it long, but I promise it helps it grow faster and healthier.

      You should use a conditioner in the shower as well as a leave in conditioner to help with the split ends. If your hair is oily, be sure only to use the leave in on the ends, and not too much. Using a leave in conditioner on your ends to help with the splitting. A good conditioner to use in the shower for split ends is actually one by Loreal, I got mine at a beauty supply store, but I bet you can find it at wal-mart. It’s called Nature’s Therapy Mega Moisture and it comes in a jar. I use a little in the shower and let it sit for a few minutes before rinsing it out. There are lots of different leave in conditioners, find one that works for you. Bed Head has one specifically for split ends, and the Neutrogina Triple Moisture one is very nice on your hair, and it smells wonderful

      Good luck!

    any good hair growing products..?

    • ANSWER:
      wild growth hair oil

    What are some good hair products that help hair grow faster?
    I have medium lenght hair and i really want it to be super long again so i can get really cute layers. Are there any good hair products i can use that are not expensive that can get my hair to grow faster? Or is there anything i can try? Please help!

    • ANSWER:
      Lavender oil has been shown to increase hair growth so massage the oil once a week and soak for 30 minutes before washing. Try for more details.

    What are some good hair straightening products?
    my hair is kinda short and long. Im growing my hair out long. I know i need to buy some heat protectant spary. what is a good brand for shine products that are cheap? what are some other good products that help grow hair long? please help….

    • ANSWER:

    what hair growing/thickening products are good for african americans?
    My hair broke off and thinned in the top alot. I was wearing sew in weaves I maintained for two years w/o perms.It really grew my hair all but the top. I really didnt notice it until I decided I was gonna wear my own hair so I permed it, and thats when I saw the thinning and breakage. I’ve been using doo gro products for the last week. I also used Doutex Protein to help strenghen it.

    • ANSWER:

    Can any one recommend really good hair products for black womens hair, that actually work?
    I want to find out the really good ones, that help maintain your hair and keep it healthy, not ones that make your hair grow. And products that claim to do things but dont actually work. I want, people’s own experiences with the products too.

    • ANSWER:
      creme of nature. but generally you dont want to stick with one kind of shampoo and conditioner. its better to swtich every once in a while

    Do anybody know any good hair products (preferably for african american hair) to help damaged hair?
    My hair is damaged (mostly in the back) and i’m trying to restore it back to health. I want to make it longer, thicker, and stronger. I’ve got the split ends and damage cut off which kind of thinned out my thick hair. I’ve heard of Motions and Doo Gro hair products. Help! Tell me what made your hair grow better.

    • ANSWER:
      Well what you might want to do is go to a stylist that way they could assess your hair and put you on a healty hair regimen. A good product that would do that is Nioxin products. Nioxin is a product for hair that has been damaged and that which is thin and what it does is restore hair back to its original state. The only thing is that it cant be bought in a regular beauty supply store(Supposedly) You might have to get someone with a cosmo license to purchase it for you.. HTH!!

    Does anyone know some good hair products?
    My hair is very thin. I want to make it thick and long. Does anyone know some good products that promote healthy, growing hair?

    • ANSWER:
      Moisturizing Shampoos:

      Aphogee Deep Moisture Shampoo
      Creme of Nature Shampoos
      Elasta QP Creme Conditioning Shampoo
      Herbal Essences Hello Hydration Shampoo
      KeraCare Hydrating Detangling Shampoo
      Mane ‘N Tail Deep Moisturizing Shampoo
      Mizani Botanifying Shampoo
      Neutrogena Triple Moisture Shampoo
      Nexxus Therappe Luxury Moisturizing Shampoo
      Silk Elements Luxury Moisturizing Shampoo
      Tresemme Moisture Rich Vitamin E Shampoo

      Protein Deep Conditioners:

      Aphogee 2 min Reconstructor
      Creme Of Nature Conditioning Reconstructor
      Motions CPR Protein Reconstructor
      Mane ‘N Tail Original Conditioner
      Organic Root Stimulator Replenishing Pak/Conditioner

      When using a protein deep conditioner, follow-up with a moisturizing one to restore your hair’s moisture.

      Moisturizing Deep Conditioners:

      Creme of Nature Nourishing Conditioner
      Elasta QP DPR-11
      KeraCare Humecto
      Mizani Moisturefuse
      Neutrogena Triple Moisture Deep Recovery Mask
      Queen Helene Cholesterol
      Silk Elements MegaSilk Moisturizing Treatment
      Silk Elements Mega Cholesterol Conditioning Treatment

      Leave-In Conditioners:

      Aphogee Green Tea Restructerizer
      Cantu Shea Butter Leave-in Conditioning Repair Creme
      Chi Keratin Mist
      Creme of Nature Lemongrass & Rosemary Leave-in
      Elasta QP H-two Leave-in Spray
      Herbal Essences None of Your Frizzness Leave-in
      Infusium 23
      Motions At Home Nourish Leave-in Conditioner
      Neutrogena Triple Moisture Leave-in Creme

      Use a water-based moisturizer.

      Carefree Curl Gold Activator
      Giovanni Direct Leave-In
      Hawaiian Silky 14 In 1 Moisturizer
      Mizani H2O Intense Nighttime Treatment
      S-Curl Activator
      Neutrogena Triple Moisture Leave-In
      Wave Nouveau Finishing Lotion

      It is best to use natural oils like the ones listed below. Avoid using products with mineral oil, petroleum, petrolatum, lanolin, or parrafin oil as one of the main ingredients on your scalp. Such oils aren’t beneficial to your scalp– they only clog the pores and prevent your hair growth.

      Avocado Oil: great for dandruff and dry scalp.
      Castor Oil: Penetrates deep into the hair shaft, leaving hair thick, soft, and silky.
      Extra VirginCoconut Oil: absorbs easily and leaves your hair feeling soft, not greasy.
      Extra Virgin Olive Oil: adds great moisture.
      Grapeseed Oil: Great heat protectant.
      Jojoba Oil: Light oil that is very similar to the natural oil that hair produces by itself.

    Is their Any Really Good Products That Make Hair Grow?
    I wanna know if their are any good hair growth products under . My hair is currently in braids, and it was only neck length before. I have had it in braids for 3 weeks, and i spray it everyday, and take vitamins, like d, c, e, b complex, b1, zinc, calcium and etcetera, but if u have any products that have worked for you please tell me.

    • ANSWER:
      Mane and tail shampoo…it is used for human and horse! It works so goooood!! And it cost under .00

    Any good hair products that make hair grow fast???
    I want my hair to get longer, but it doesn’t grow that fast. It’s shoulder length now, and I want it to be longer by the end of the summer. Is there any hair products/ home remedies for fast-growing hair????

    • ANSWER:
      I do not think there any products that will make your hair grow faster but I did find you some information for you…..

      1. Assess the current condition of your hair. Is it healthy, shiny and smooth, or has it been damaged from heat, sun, coloring, etc? You don’t want to grow out hair that is damaged and scraggly. If you suffer from split, thin, and dry ends, seriously consider getting a trim to remove as much of the damage as possible. Split ends will not slow down growth, as your hair grows from the scalp, but getting rid of them will make your hair more neat and attractive.
      2. Look at your overall health and your lifestyle. How is your diet? Do you exercise and sleep enough? Are you under a large amount of stress? If your body is lacking in health, your hair will be lacking as well. Your hair growth rate will be at its maximum when you are at your healthiest.
      3. Make some dietary changes. Hair consists of protein (because hair is keretinized protein) so be sure that you are getting enough. Incorporate foods from all food groups – especially protein. Nuts, poultry, vegetables, fruits, grains, eggs, etc. all contribute to hair health. Bacon is a hair super food because of the B-Complex vitamins and protein, but frequent consumption is not recommended because it can add to your waist line.
      4. Consider taking a daily vitamin supplement. There are many options on the market nowadays. Research the multi-vitamins which may work best for you. Other vitamins and minerals that are believed to contribute to hair growth are: biotin, beta-carotene, biosil, b complexes, magnesium, sulfur, zinc, silica, nettle, and flaxseed oil.

      * A good hair vitamin will contain all of the nutrients necessary for overall health, as well as those specific to hair growth. Biotin and MSM are ingredients every hair vitamin should contain. Biotin promotes cell growth, the production of fatty acids, metabolism of fats, and amino acids. MSM lengthens the hair growth phase. Using a combination of the two is beneficial for healthy hair. Using an amino acid supplement is not necessary for growing longer hair. Amino Acids are the building blocks of protein. Thy are found in foods of animal origin, such as meat, poultry, fish, eggs, and dairy products. Most Americans eat more than enough protein for to supply these amino acids. Only strict vegetarians need to be concerned with their protein intake. So one may assume that using an amino acid supplement can only make hair grow faster.[1]
      5. Stimulate blood flow to your scalp. One of the two main ways is by doing cardio. There are many benefits to cardio – staying fit, being healthier, glowing skin, and increased blood flow, which can get rid of strange hues that some people get on their legs and increase hair growth. The other main way of stimulating blood flow is by massaging your scalp. Take the tips of your fingers and message your scalp all over, for about 5 minutes.
      6. Do not overbrush your hair and NEVER use a bristled brush, as this will tear and damage your hair. Not to mention it doesn’t feel very nice. (Boar bristled brushes, however, are in fact good for your hair as they “maintain good hair condition by keeping it clean, stimulating the scalp and distributing oils for a healthy, glossy look, without ever damaging it or causing split ends.”
      7. Do not brush your hair when it is wet. Wet hair is very elastic and prone to breakage. De-tangle your hair with your fingers or a wide-toothed comb.
      8. Do not overwash your hair. The oils that your scalp produces can be beneficial to the health of your hair. If you wash your hair every day, consider skipping a day or only using conditioner one day instead of both shampoo and conditioner. Shampooing everyday may be necessary for oily hair, but normal hair can get by with shampooing about 2-4 times a week, and dry hair is best when you shampoo about 1-2 a week. Curly hair (types 3A-4C) can be shampooed as little as once a week, to once every two weeks, because curly hair tends to be dryer.
      9. Use a shampoo/conditioner that is right for your hair. For instance, if you have dry, frizzy hair, you should not be using products designed for oily hair.
      10. Look into using a leave-in conditioner and/or hot oil treatments. Your local beauty supply store (i.e. Sally’s) will have many options to choose from. Make sure to read the directions beforehand!
      11. Cut back on the coloring sessions, which will inevitably cause your hair damage. If you must color your hair, look into some of the newer dyes available which offer more moisturizing protection when dying. If you want to dye your hair a shade of red, try dying it naturally with henna. If you want to dye your hair black, you can try dying it with a combination of henna and indigo.
      12. Use protective styles, which are hair styles that keep your hair up and unexposed from environmental damage. Some examples would be buns, ponytails, plaits, cornrows, French braids, etc. This is very effective for a person whose hair is above shoulder length, because the hair tends to rub against clothes. Use them loosely, though, as you don’t want to yank on your roots and scalp.
      13. When pulling back your hair, use smooth bands and clips. Avoid metal clips that can tangle and break hair, and never use bare rubber/elastic bands on your hair or hairbands that contain metal connections.
      14. Avoid excessively hot water as well as blow dryers and curling irons. If you must use a blow dryer, invest in a diffuser.
      15. Consider wearing a cap or scarf of some sort when outside. Excessive heat/cold, wind and the elements can damage your hair.
      16. You may also choose to invest in a silk/satin hair wrap or a silk/satin pillowcase to reduce damage to your hair when you toss and turn at night.
      17. Remember to have patience. Scalp hair grows at an average rate of 0.4 mm/day (approximately 0.5 in/month). Unless you are genetically programed that you grow hair faster, it will take some good old fashioned time and patience to see the desired results. [2] Your hair growth tends to decrease during colder months. Try as you might, it may take years to grow your hair to a desired length, curly or straight. With trends changing so quickly, you have to consider that by the time your hair is long, it may be more in style to have shorter hair. Be diligent and have patience, and you will at the very least be rewarded with beautiful, healthy, if not long, hair. Love your hair and don’t damage it!

      Hope this was somewhat helpful ~~~

    What are good hair products that make your hair grow fast?
    I want my hair long again but for some reason its not growing and i do trim it. what products will help this????

    • ANSWER:
      Hair, Skin & Nails Vitamins. I bought the Life Fitness brand and have gotten an inch of growth in a month. Good luck!!

    What are the best hair products for growing hair long?
    I’m trying to grow my hair long and healthy and I wanted to know what products are the best for getting stronger hair, what’s best for keeping ends strong, hair well moisturized, and just what products are good for growing hair long!

    thanks so much for the help :]

    oh, also i need INexpensive products

    (i can’t afford ones that are like..over because my mom won’t buy super expensive ones for me so i have to save up my allowance)

    • ANSWER:

    what are good hair products to keep your hair healthy so it will grow?
    Trying to get my hair to grow faster..

    help me with good products?!

    • ANSWER:
      try hair oil; it really works! put it on at nite before bed and wake up and shampoo it off. usually coconut hair oil works the best but try others to suit ur hair

    Any good hair grow products that really work?
    or vitamins??

    • ANSWER:
      Mack,I suggest taking Biotin and some Omega Fish oil capsules,eat as healthy as you can and drink a ton of water as well.Have the ends trimmed off your hair at least every eight weeks,Tomb Raider.

    What are some really good hair products that help hair grow?
    I really want to grow my hair out longer, but I could really use some products that actually work.

    • ANSWER:
      Hair loss can may be frustrating and stressful. But I know where you can find the solution to your problem to make it grow faster.

    What are some good hair products that will make black hair grow?
    i have short nappy hair and i want to know what is a good product that will make your hair long and bouncy

    • ANSWER:
      ok heres my advice and what im doing. I get a relaxer every 8 weeks, i co-wash every night, i use herbal essence long term relationship conditioner and the leave in (it in like an dark pink bottle from walmart) and i use a clarifying shampoo every sunday( i use the one by pantene, its clear). I deep condition my hair with olive oil like twice a week ( wash my hair, put olive oil on it, plastic cap and a warm towel) i walk around like that for like two hours then rinse and put the leave in on my ends I take 5000mcg of biotin every day, i make sure my hair stays moisturized and i pay special attention to my ends! I also do not use heat on my hair! After a relaxer i wrap my hair and let it air dry and it stays straight for like a week doing that but if i dont have time to wrap( got three kids) i put my hair in a bun. Changing your bad habits really will make your hair grow. I drink lots of water, eats lots of protien and i treat my hair like delecate lace. I dont drink soda, eat lots of sugar, i massage my scalp and i recently started using this stuff called mega tek. Google it and youtube a girl called macy, her page is called macys corner. She has been using it for 9 weeks and her hair went from shoulder length to bra strap length. I ve been using it for three days so i will c if it works but all the ladies that do use it have had crazy growth but please do your reasearch if you want soe because some web sites sell it muuuuuucccchhhhh cheaper than others!

    what are good haircare products for growing and thickening hair?
    I have very fine hair and i was wondering what are some good haircare products for growing and thickening hair?

    • ANSWER:
      I also have very fine hair, and I’ve heard of this product line called Ovation Cell Therapy. I’ve not yet tried it because, in my opinion, it is quite expensive, and at the moment I’m unemployed. But I’ve heard great things about it, check out their website: It will tell you how the product works and thats where you can buy it. I really hope this helps! Good luck :D

    is dudley’s hair care products good to help your hair grow?
    i’m am african american and need help on growing my hair. i want it 2 gro long and healthy. also what r some other good products for hair 2 gro?

    • ANSWER:
      I have never heard of it.Try taking Amino Acids.

    are there any good hair products that make it grow longer?
    i cut my hair, in like 5th grade it grew out like an inch then stopped growing. it used to be past my boobs now it doesnt even reach the top of my boobs without straightening it. im in ninth grade now. i cut it again like an inch to see if it would grow but it isnt growing, and i want my hair back from when it was in fifth grade, past my boobs, not above them.
    so are there any good hair products that will make it grow longer?

    • ANSWER:
      healthy hair grows.

      take that and do what you will with it.

    What are Good products/ways to get my hair growing?
    I am an black girl that has naturally thick hair, I try to take care of it but it seems that I am using the wrong products, right now I’m using Doo Gro, which my hair dresser says is a good product but I haven’t seen any results, I am also questioning what should i do after i wash my hair do I blow dryer is it alright to flat iron? Or do I just wrap it and leave it alone. Someone please help!

    • ANSWER:

    Know of any good shampoos or products for growing hair longer faster?
    I have the worst hair cut, and was wondering if there were any good shampoos or something that could potentially speed up growth? Nothing fancy, maybe just something you could find at a drug store.

    Thank you so much!

    • ANSWER:
      Nioxen is the best for this.

    Growing out my hair. Do I need good hair products now?
    I used to always use like head and shoulder etc. Cheap stuff. But this was because my hair was very short. My hair is naturally wavy, and frizzy. It is not noticeable when the hair is short. I usually leave it at like 1 1/2 inches.

    Well I’m growing it out to about 4 inches. Will my naturally wavy and frizzy look much worse when the hair is longer? Also would it start the get tangled?

    So since I’m growing out my hair should I start in invest on better shampoo and conditioners?

    • ANSWER:
      the length will weigh it down a little but if it is as curly as im picturing you wont notice. i would suggest a sleek shampoo paul mitchell makes some really good stuff the super skinny line is wonderful the other is extra moisture that will help

    What are some really good hair products? + Acne products?
    I need some really good hair products,
    because my hair grows really slow.
    What would you recomend?

    Acne products?
    i dont have alot of acne.
    but i do break out sometimes.
    && dont say pro active.

    thanks =)

    • ANSWER:
      Hair- Aveda
      Acne- Neutrogena

    Any good cheap hair grow products that actually work?
    Help my hair is short and ugly

    • ANSWER:

    What are Good Hair Products to Make a Child hair Grow?
    My 5 year old hair is not as healthy and long as I would like what hair products or remedies help? Thanks!

    • ANSWER:
      Nutrition is the key to having good hair.I would also have your child’s hair trimmed as well so you get the dead ends off of the hair.This is about all you can do for growing the hair.

    know of any seriously good hair grow products?

    • ANSWER:
      try hair oil; it really works! put it on at nite before bed and wake up and shampoo it off. usually coconut hair oil works the best but try others to suit ur hair

    What are good products for healthier, stronger and faster growing hair?
    My hair is very thin, short and damaged due to dying and straightening
    Are there any good products like vitamins or anything that can help my hair become healthier and stronger
    and maybe grow faster?
    i’ve been trying to find some but a lot are for ethnic hair.

    • ANSWER:
      hair formula 47/ grow!
      mane and tail….it makes your hair really soft and helps with split ends

    what are some good hair products to help grow hair longer faster?
    Some thing i can find at walmart or sallys or like walgreens not too expensive.

    • ANSWER:
      I heard on Dr. Oz show that eating boiled eggs helps the hair grow faster and makes it strong.

    Are the samy fat hair products good?
    Are those sammy fat hair products like the strengthener serum , shampoo and conditioner good? Cos i was gunna buy there gift set thingiee but i dont wanna buy it if its crap, if it is though , whats a good hair serum , strengthener or deep conditioner that works well – a natural one would be good cos they usually work better than buying one that looks good but is actually killing your hair even more.. And whats a good hair product that helps your hair grow faster?

    • ANSWER:

    what some good hair products make hair grow faster or promote hair growth?

    • ANSWER:
      Mane and Tail shampoo and conditioner has been said to promote hair growth. I’ve used it before, it helps your hair maintain a heathiness allowing more growth to occur.

    Are there any good products for growing female hair?

    • ANSWER:
      I highly recommend NIOXIN products for healthy hair growth. You probably won’t be able to find it at a Sally’s but if you ask a cosmetologist about it they can get it for you.

    Whats a good way to make your hair grow? What type of products work?
    I know this varies between the type of hair the persons have. But what are some good ways to have and keep healthy growing hair? What are some good tips and products thats good for hair growth?

    • ANSWER:
      Trimming your hair often helps so you don’t get split ends and for good products go to hair cutterys and look at there products most products that are good for you don’t have alcohol in them. :]

    good hair products that make black hair grow ??/?
    im black want to grow my hair longer and faster … any good products that work …. any methods to use to achieve this ??

    • ANSWER:
      try hair oil; it really works! put it on at nite before bed and wake up and shampoo it off. usually coconut hair oil works the best but try others to suit ur hair

    What are some good hair products that help african american hair grow?
    From shampoo’s to oils anything will help me.

    • ANSWER:
      Shampoo doesn’t grow the hair, but there are shampoos out there that won’t strip the hair of moisture, these are sulfate free and preferably natural shampoos. I’m a conditioner addict, it moisturizes my hair and keeps it from breaking, protein conditioners add strength… Oils, least favorite are mineral oil and anything containing them that are meant to stay in the hair and on the scalp. Natural oils like coconut oil, jojoba, almond, olive, shea butter… these oils hold in moisture while conditioning the skin and hair and essential oils like rosemary, peppermint, and emu are helpful in getting the hair to grow faster by stimulating the scalp and hair follicles (I know this to be fact, my hair is almost to my waist, just below mid back, after in 2006 it was only two inches long and having to have it cut after a relaxer mishap in 2007) What I do is mix a few drops of essential oil in a milder oil like almond or walnut and apply it to my scalp everyday. I usually mix my own hair care products because commercial ones are full of chemicals and carcinogens and don’t really do what they claim to do. But out of my favorite store brought products I have to say BB hair lotion, BB hair growth oil and the oil in the bottle with the nozzle, Africa’s Best Herbal Oil, Aphogee Keratin and Green Tea reconstructor, WGO, MTG, and a few other oils like Hollywood Beauty Carrot Oil…

    What are some good hair products that aren’t too pricey?
    i got a gift card to wal mart and i have nothing to use it on but hair products and i also want a good hair product thats or less because i dont like spending too much on hair since my hair isnt that would really help if u list products that make hair grow faster or add volume. plzzz help i need my old perfect hair back and fast!!!!!

    • ANSWER:
      Suave Professionals have a line ( & under) that will add volume.
      Also the new Aveeno line of hair care is getting great reviews. It helps nurish your hair.
      Try adding vitamins to promote hair growth. I use Natures Bounty Hair Skin & Nails.
      No real magic solution for hair growth. Just take good care of your hair. Healthy hair grows faster.

    Whats Good Hair Products For African American hair ,To Grow Longer?
    i have really thick hair,,and its a medium length,,whats good products and hairstyles to do for good hair growth.

    • ANSWER:
      Hair care products won’t cause your hair to grow longer. If you’re healthy, your hair will grow. You want to focus on retaining what you do grow and keep your hair from breaking. Drink plenty of water, take a multivitamin, keep your hair clean and moisturized, minimize or eliminate using heat (of any kind) on your hair, and treat it gently. Regarding hairstyles, the less you manipulate your hair, the better. Think up-dos, buns, or braids.

    What are good hair products for a child that is mixed with Native American and Black?
    I have a 4 yr. old daughter who is 3/4 Native American and 1/4 Black and her hair is very coarse. She has very long hair and some of it wants to curl. It’s not so much thick yet, but it looks dry and wants to frizz. What will help keep moisture in? I thought about using African American products made for children, but I’m not too sure. I don’t won’t to put any oil in her hair that will make her hair look like it hasn’t been washed. Also, I didn’t want to use any products that will damage her hair. Plus, what will help her baby hairs grow? Her hair doesn’t seem to be growing much in the bang area/many fly aways. I thought about giving her bangs, but she doesn’t have enough to make bangs, plus isn’t long enough. Any suggestions?

    • ANSWER:
      I would say use “Wild Root” moisturizing lotion. My sister used it on my niece’s thick and curly hair for years. Eventually, she ended up relaxing it, but I would hold off on that for at lease 5 more years. I use to use “Pink Lotion” moisturizing lotion. I would say it’s okay, but it builds up in the hair, therefore it would need to be washed more often. That’s any product you put in your hair, though. Build up is normal. Use a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner (Motions has a good line of “Lavishing” shampoo and conditioner, or try Silk Elements. They can both be found at Sally Beauty Supply.) Also, use of an entire line would be the best thing to do. Products are made to work together, therefore, they would obtain better results, then if you mixed and matched. Kemi Oyl is a great light oil that I use on a daily basis. I just went through a dry phase with my hair, and after one use of a new shampoo and conditioner (Silk Elements “Luxury Moisturizing shampoo and deep conditioner), I saw a big change in breakage and it really does make it silkier! Good luck! Ooh, also- get her ends trimmed every 6-8 weeks to minimize split ends which make hair frizz more easily!

    What are some good hair products that make african american hair grow quickly?

    • ANSWER:
      Wildgrowth, Hollywood Beauty, Afrcia Best, African Pride