Do Braids Grow Your Hair

You are unique and beautiful, and one way to express this inner beauty is through your hairstyle. In recent years, African-style hair braids have become increasingly more popular as African-American women and men have become more comfortable with embracing our heritage. These styles are very versatile, can be made totally your own, and will offer you a unique stylish edge that will get you tons of compliments. One advantage to having your hair done in micro braids or box braids is that they can be manipulated into so many different styles, whether you are going out on a Saturday night or impressing your boss with your professional style during a Tuesday morning meeting.

Braids by Breslin is an excellent resource for learning how to do both simple and complex styles of braids. Braids by Breslin offers many different instructional videos to help you learn lots of unique and interesting styles, including those that hearken back to African origins. For example, the Braids By Breslin video that introduces unique, easy methods for creating cornrows also notes their origin in West Africa. Even if you’re interested in different weaving techniques, or extension techniques, Braids by Breslin also offers training for dealing with weaves and extensions.

A friend of mine recently had her hair done with beautiful, long micro braids. Not only did she garner many compliments for her stunning style, people also went so far as to ask her about her African heritage. She is from Nigeria, so she was proud to see her nation represented in something as simple as her hairstyle.

Obviously, not everyone who makes use of African braiding styles was born in an African nation, but anyone can use these unique styles to their own advantage. For example, Braids by Breslin offers a training video that will teach you to create beautiful micro braids, just like my friend’s.

After you have learned to do micro braids, the resource is forever yours to do your own hair or to share with your family and friends. That, after all, is what heritage is all abouta”keeping a tradition alive through love and passion.

Frequently Asked Questions

    What will grow your hair faster mircro braids or kinky twist?
    I cut my hair a little bit shorter than i wanted it, and i wanted to do some regrowth over the summer, and i’m having a hard time deciding what i want. I’ve heard micro braids grow your hair and i’ve heard kinky twist grow your hair also, i want to know which one grows your hair the best

    • ANSWER:
      girl you should get kinky twists. . .they are so cute. . .but i think that singles just pull your edges out. . .anyways answer my question please;_ylt=AjudDKqmFMQ.4Ahi2JbeHTXsy6IX;_ylv=3?qid=20090530134108AAZ62Sg

    How do braids and hair extensions help your hair grow?
    I’ve been told that braiding your hair often or getting hair extensions helps your hair grow. I don’t understand. How?

    Also, what are some ways to grow out short hair? I’m not trying to make it really long. Just shoulder-length.

    • ANSWER:
      They help to grow out your hair because they cause a lot less damage to your hair. When you brush your hair, expecially when it is wet, it is prone to split ends and breakage which also makes your hair grow slowly. By braiding it you do not brush it, however do not braid it tightly. Hair extentions do the same thing because its not that they DO anything it’s what they DONT do that makes your hari grow. they do not need to be straightened or blowdryed. By using heat on your real hair it causes split ends and breakage, which makes hair grow slowly

      Someways are too get a good conditioner. I wish I could recommend a brand, but everybodies hair is different. Also, there are some vitamin e? treatments for your hair that cause it to grow faster. Also, i’ve heard horse shampoo works too

    Do French Braids help grow hair? What Braids help your hair grow faster?
    I am trying to grow my hair.

    • ANSWER:
      Cornrows help the most.
      And to make it grow fast.Look into a product called pine tar.It’s technically a super gro conditioner but most people just call it grease.It smells funny,not bad just different,and it seriously makes your hair grow faster.

    Does braids make your hair grow longer and faster?
    My hair is short so my mom braided my hair she says that it prevents you from combing my hair often therefore preventing your hair from falling off. She also said that by when you rub oil on while it is braided it makes it grow faster and longer. Is this true?

    • ANSWER:
      Yes they do work! i had braids during the summer and beforhand my hair was shoulder lenght and then when i got the braids out and had a perm, it was down my back.

    Did box braids grow your hair?
    My hair broke at the back due to over-processing and to give it a rest, I put in box braids. I use pink oil to oil my roots, and a spray called Better Braids to condition. So if there is anyone out there who had box braids, did it grow your hair? Oh and if it helps I am African-American Guyanese with wavy hair (not as tightly coiled as a regular african american’s).

    • ANSWER:
      Braids do encourage hair growth. I just got my hair braided yesterday. If you leave your box braids in for at least 5 months, your hair should grow. Make sure that when you do take your braids out, you don’t get a relaxer right away and remember to Condition your hair 3 times a week. This will keep your hair from falling out. If you could, buy a hair growth vitamin with amino acid to take while you wear your box braids. It will make your hair stronger and healthier.

      Hope this helps

    Does scalp braids grow your hair?
    i haven’t had braids an a while but i heard they grow your hair let me know what you think all comments matter:) :) thank you for your support!

    • ANSWER:
      They don’t grow your hair, but your hair will be in the braids so it will keep it from being damaged by the wind, combs, brushing, heat, etc. So that is why the hair may retain length better in braids but if they are braided tight it can cause traction alopecia and cause hair thinning around the hairline and edges.

    Does braids grow your hair?
    I`m wondering because i just cut my hair up to my shoulders and i want it to be longer again since summers over.if braids does grow hair longer then how does it do that???thanks for any1 who helps=)

    • ANSWER:
      No, instead it stressed the hair, specially tight braids, like constantly tying them for high ponytails, causes the sides of your hair thinner, like what’s happening to Kourtney Kardashian’s hair. Look in one of the front page headlines along with her sisters so you know what I mean.

    Do braids grow your hair?
    I have had my braids in for a month, and am going to keep it in for another month. I want to know how long i should expect my hair to grow, in 2 months with kinky twists braids. I have been putting olive oil in, spraying it with braid spray, and moisturizing everynight.
    P.S. I also have a little dandruff so advice on that would be appreciated.

    • ANSWER:
      Braids help you retain length not grow your hair. You hair would grow anyway but it the constant combing/brushing/etc. that makes it seem like it’s not growing if you are pulling out hairs. You should expect about 1 inch of growth after 2 months.

    Did micro Braids grow your hair?
    Did micro Braids grow your hair? Why it did and why not? In can you please tell me the ways to grow your hair with micro braids.
    Thank you…

    • ANSWER:
      I use human hair micro braids to give my hair a break from all the things I do to it. It helps my hair grow faster because I am giving my hair a rest. I also spray my braids with oil sheen every day. Oil my scalp and use a shampoo/conditioner in one to wash my braids.

    Do micro braids help your hair grow?
    My hair is falling out so i’m trying to go without a perm for a while so i decided to get micro braids. Do micro braids help your hair grow? Do they break your hair off or pull it out?

    • ANSWER:
      If your hair is falling out, DO NOT put it in styles that will pull or tug on the hair. Micro braids are the worst for hair if they are not done by a professional.

      I had this same problem a few years ago, My hair started to shed, so i put it in braids, this is the worst thing you can do to damaged hair. I recommend your hair a “rest” for a good six months. Here is the hair care regime i used and It improved my hair condition by 100%

      Use a clarifying Shampoo once a week. If your hair is very dry, do NOT use too much shampoo because it tends to dry your hair out even more. The object is to clean the hair, without having a head full of suds. ( I use Optimum Professional or Joico)

      Follow up with optimum’s body heat- activated conditioner (purchase at sallys) and Normalizer to soften hair.

      If you use grease, STOP!!!!!!! nothing should have to be put on the scalp if it is properly conditioned. Instead, use the PM night-time oil treatment spray by IC, ( also purchased at sallys). Spray on hair every other day .

      The consistent conditioning should soften your new growth and to tame it further, use a flat iron to straighten .

    would my hair grow faster if i leave my braids in for a month,and do box braids grow your hair faster?
    Im a man and i want someone to help me out

    • ANSWER:
      Your hair is only going to grow as fast as your body wants it to. There is really nothing you can do. For some reason hair (and nails for that matter) grow faster in the summer time.

    Do braids make your hair grow faster?
    My Mom says the key to long hair is to put them in braids over night. Is this a myth or does it really work?

    • ANSWER:
      There is a misconception that braids make your hair grow. Actually, braids only preserve the hair attached to the scalp so their would be no occurrence of breakage. What makes your hair grow is proper care such as using shampoos without harsh sulfates and unhealthy alcohols and regular conditioning treatments.

    How long can your hair grow from braids having them for 6 months but getting them redone?
    I’m growing my hair out some more…I’m getting some braids Friday and basically I want to leave them in for two months also with washing them…and I want to do this all the way through July so how many inches can my hair grow? I think it’s about 6 months total that I’ll be having braids (also getting them redone)

    • ANSWER:

    do braids help your hair grow faster?
    im black and im getting braids but my mom tells mii that braids help your hair grow then i hear from people that they dont. so do braids actually help your hair grow faster and if it does how long should you have them in for your hair to grow long faster.

    • ANSWER:
      Hair grows at the same rate regardless of what you do with it. The only way to make hair grow faster is to take vitamins. However, tight braids such as cornrows will cause breakage, which will result in shorter, damaged hair.

    can braids and aloe vera make your hair grow longer? also, i’m asking for hair webs!?
    i’ve heard that aloe vera gel in your hair then washed out after one hour grows hair way faster. is it true? and also do braids make your hair grow longer? and lastly, i need some hair websites, because my sis is bugging me because her hair is short and it is!!! so HELP! i also want to know a thing or two about hair…. although my head is full of it…. ah well, thanx for answering!

    • ANSWER:
      I don’t know if your sister is natural or relaxed, or has some other chemical in her hair. Aloe vera gel is used by naturals as a hair moisturizer because it is a natural moisturizer. They don’t wash it out of their hair. It doesn’t make the hair grow faster, and this is simply because hair growth is determined by genetics, and not some external products. But, there are things you can do to realize your optimal hair growth or hamper it. On *average* hair grows 6 inches per year, or 1/2 inch per month.

      Braids are great for helping hair grow because it keeps you from manipulating it (combing, brushing, applying heat, etc), so it helps with hair retention. If your hair is breaking off then your not going to see length.

      Again, I don’t know if you have a chemical or if your natural but here are a few websites.

    Do braids (cornrows) help your hair grow?
    Hey, I’ve been looking 4 a solution to help my hair grow faster, you know, give it alittle boost, and I heard that braiding your hair (in cornrows), along with braiding extensions into them will help your hair grow. True? Any info as always iz much apprectiated. Thanx!:)

    • ANSWER:
      If your braids or cornrows aren’t too tight then you should be fine; just make sure you take care of your real hair while you have them in.

      To answer your question: No. Your hair grows from underneath your scalp so anything you add to your hair or any hairstyle you have will not help it grow faster from the scalp.

      BUT, what people often mistake for their hair growing faster is actually them being able to retain length. Hair breakage can keep you at the same length for a very long time and it can actually make your hair get shorter. Braids, wigs, weave, buns, twists, cornrows, etc. are considered protective styles. With your hair in these types of styles you are less likely to manipulate your hair too much. Manipulation = combing/brushing/styling/heat/etc.

      Blacks have the most fragile hair out of any race and our hair EASILY breaks off, so we have to be extra gentle and very careful about how we style and comb/brush our hair and make sure we don’t use too much heat. You don’t see too many blacks with mid-back or waist-length hair because many don’t know how to properly care for it and with the intricate styles and weaves and tight braids many blacks are known to wear this is what causes our hair to break off so that it doesn’t get longer, which makes many people falsely believe that blacks can’t grow long hair.

      So, with your hair in braids you are able to retain ALL of your growth that would probably break off during your normal styling. Lets say your hair can grow 3 inches per month. You only notice your hair is getting 1/2 inches longer every month so it’s easy to think your hair isn’t growing from the scalp. In actually, your hair IS growing 3 inches every month from your scalp, but you can’t hold on to all that growth because it keeps breaking off during your regular styling routines. So, you put your hair in braids for a month and hope your hair will “grow faster.” When the month is over you take down your braids and notice your hair has gotten 3 inches longer instead of just 1/2 inches! This isn’t because your hair has grown from your scalp faster than it usually does. Your hair has always grown 3 inches every month, but because the braids has kept you from breaking off your hair you have been able to hang onto ALL 3 inches of growth. Length retention is the key to having longer hair – your hair breaks at the ends, so take very good care of your ends, which is the oldest and driest part of your hair.

      Nothing can make your hair grow faster because this is pre-determined by your genes and nothing can change this. On average, hair grows 1/2 inches per month, or 6 inches per year. Even though hair growth is determined by genes and some people’s hair will grow faster and others slower, most will probably fall into the average.

      I went back to my natural hair last summer and when I cut out all the relaxer I had less than one inch of hair. Six months later I have hair that’s about an inch or two past my earlobe, and this is because I”ve retained ALL of my growth since I cut my hair. Had my hair still be relaxed then it would probably be getting shorter with each touch-up because I had a huge problem with breakage. I plan on having shoulder-lenght hair by the time the one year anniversary of my cutting my hair comes around. It’s funny, because I know people who have never obtained shoulder-length hair because of breakage and improper hair care, and my hair will be longer than their’s in a few months.

      Go ahead and put your hair in braids, just make sure they’re not too tight and that you take good care of your real hair while you have them in.

      Good luck. – you can get advice from those who already have mid-back and waist-length hair from this thread at the long hair care forum.

    What kind of braids make your hair grow faster?
    Or do the simple normal ones work?
    I heard you can just take a look at this question;_ylt=ArDhm.WOmeDDrlZ5xerNvlUjzKIX;_ylv=3?qid=20080324135357AAfmPEI

    Really? Claire egg yolk works? I heard mayoinaise and avocado works to but I don’t know…….?

    • ANSWER:
      Box braids help your hair grow a lot.
      EDIT: I’ve had box braids in my hair for more than a year now (not the same hair but different styles) and trust me my hair grows a lot rather than me leaving it natural. Tight cornrows can break your hair because they are really pulling on your roots and breaking your edges. Box braids are good because it allows your hair to grow in healthily and naturally.

    Does tight braids make your hair grow faster?
    Sometimes I wear loose braids but my hair don’t budge.

    • ANSWER:
      Why do you think STRESSING UP THE HAIR makes the hair grow faster?
      When you’re stressed, go you over the edge, so does the hair, they get stressed out and starts falling. That’s not growing to me. Kourtney Kardashian’s hair is getting thinner on her sides, because of too many tight pony tails.

      So the answer is NO

      How you style the hair, has NOTHING TO DO with growing hair. But hair straightening and the use of some chemicals can actually slow down the growth.

      It grows from your good genes, good healthy foods from Mother Nature not made by man like John Frieda or supplements from GNC, and good hair care.

    Does braiding your hair help grow your hair out?
    I am trying to grow my hair out and heard that braiding your hair does make your hair grow faster is this true?

    • ANSWER:
      yes it do because i would wear my hair in some kind of braiding style and like a month or two later i would have new growth like i would wear my hair in micros kinky twist styles like that.

    Do braids really help your hair grow?
    people have told me to braid my hair if i want it to grow.

    • ANSWER:
      no it does not
      your hair grows because of dead stuff in your scalp protein and other things. There might be chemicals that could help you grow your hair but braids do not

    Can braids make your hair grow?
    Im hispanic and my hair doesnt grow fast. i heard that braids can help fasten the process is this true? does anyone kno wat works best? please help!!

    • ANSWER:
      Braids don’t help…hair usually grows longer when it is let loose.

    does your hair grow back faster while you have braids?
    I’ve always when wandering if your hair grows back faster while you have braids. I always thought that because when I get braids for 1 to 2 months, take it out, get a perm, i have all this long hair already! I grew like 4 inches back in just a couple months!
    Is it because of braids? Or my hair just natural grows fast?

    • ANSWER:
      No, it doesn’t make your hair grow faster. Your hair is growing the same amount it’s always been growing since you were little.

      The reason why you’re seeing a lot of length is because braids keep you from breaking off your hair. You can’t harshly comb, brush, or put heat on hair that’s in braids, and not doing those things is what keeps it from breaking. You’re probably having a lot of breakage when your hair is not in braids and this is why you’re not seeing longer lengths. If you can keep your hair from breaking off when it’s not in braids then you’ll see the same growth.

    My friend had braid for like 5months but grew about 1.5in. and she had BAD BREAKAGE!
    and my other friend had hers in for 2.5months and grew about 2in. nice pretty NO breakage
    so do braids make your hair grow? or not? because many tell me different things and i read many different things

    • ANSWER:

    do braids help your hair grow?
    ok so i have kinky twist in my hair now and last time i had box braids and my hair grew a little bit. the thing is most people i know who gets braided extentions there hair does not grow i am asking does braids help your hair grow and if it does not what will make it grow

    • ANSWER:
      this is a yes and no answer.

      no they dont have any effect on the growth speed of your hair, they wont make your hair grow any faster.

      but braiding your hair will prevent damage or tangles or breakages. tieing it too tight can damage the hair, but loose braids keep your hair in good condition.

    Does braids really make your hair grow longer?
    I need my hair to grow faster…

    any tips or tricks?

    • ANSWER:
      There really isnt anything you can do to make your hair grow faster.

    Does braiding your hair really help your hair grow faster ?
    They tell me braiding your hair helps your hair grow longer faster . Is this true or just a myth ?

    • ANSWER:
      only braiding the hair is not the best way to grow the hair faster i want to suggest you to contact with hair specialist. there are many ways to grow the hair faster but we cannot say braiding is not good.braiding is also the important way to grow the hair faster

    10 points: Do braids make your hair grow faster? ?
    I don’t know what’s going on. But in November my hair only grew 1/4 inch. But as soon as I got cornrows in December, my hair grew about 3/4 inch. What was up with this, I heard that hair growth happens at the scalp but I don’t understand how I got more with braids than without.
    No, I measured my new growth before I took my braids out. and it was 3/4 inch!

    • ANSWER:
      there is a misconception that braids make your hair grow. Actually, braids only preserve the hair attached to the scalp so their would be no occurrence of breakage. What makes your hair grow is proper care such as using shampoos without harsh sulfates and unhealthy alcohols and regular conditioning treatments.

      But continue to braid your hair. This time, use 1/2 an ounce of Nutiva Extra Virgin Coconut Oil while styling.

    Do braids make your hair grow? how long would it take?
    i think my hair has gotten shorter from straightening it to much… any resolutions to make it grow back? maybe braids? idk …. please help me

    • ANSWER:
      Braids won’t help your hair grow. Trimming it will. Be sure to cut off the loose ends.

    do braids with your own hair make your hair grow?(without weave.)?
    My hair has been breaking off, and I wanted to know if I got my hair braided without weave would it grow back? And,just keep it braided for a while.

    • ANSWER:
      Now If You Braid Your Own Hair And It’s Too Tight Then It Could Break Off. But If You Braid You Own Hair And It’s Where When You Laugh It Doesn’t Hurt. Then Yes You Can Grow Your Hair Back. I Had The Same Problems. But It Was From To Many Perms. My Grandma Use To Braid My Hair Every 2 Weeks And I Would Keep Them In 4 A While.

    Do braids/cornrows really help your hair grow longer?
    My dad told me that he always had braids to help his hair grow. My boyfriend also said that he always has braids in his hair so that his hair can grow longer. Is this also true for girls? my hair is about 2-3 inches past my shoulders

    • ANSWER:
      Well, it kind of depends. Boys’ hair grow faster than girls’ hair period. I keep braids in my hair and my hair has grown a lot. It just depends. Some peoples hair break off when they get braids, but it helps my hair grow. If you do get braids though you have to keep them up and make sure you take really good care of them, if you don’t keep them up though, it may break your hair off really bad. So just make sure you take care of them like you would take care of your reagular hair.

    Does kinky twist or micro braids make your hair grow faster?

    • ANSWER:
      Those styles do not make the hair grow faster they make it where you are not manipulating your hair as much. Less combing and brushing. Microbraids are not the best braids to get. Depending on how thin, long, and how much hair you use they can really pull at your hairline and other weak areas. They are synonmous with pulling out peoples hairlines. Kinky twists are better. The only con about them is the texture of the weave you use. It is a bit harsh on your hair.

    do braids make your hair grow faster?
    yes and why/no and why?

    • ANSWER:
      oh yes…with my self experience……i had a short hair..and i have been doing braides since last should see how my hair looks…Really long.

    Do braids (cornrows) make your hair grow any faster?
    I need to know this age old question.

    • ANSWER:
      The answer is yes and no.

      The cornrows themselves DO NOT make your hair grow any faster than your hair naturally grows. The benefit to cornrows and hair growth is that when the hair is left to grow naturally with as little processing, strain, and harsh chemicals as possible, one’s hair will grow at its maximum potential. As cornrows provide the ability to maintain a hairstyle with very little fuss, many have developed the misconception that cornrows in and of themselves promote hair growth. Though cornrows do have the POTENTIAL to promote optimal hair growth, one must still maintain a regular hair regimine (i.e. keeping the hair clean, scalp moisturized, and allowing short periods for the hair and scalp to rest between each time you get your hair done) in order to achieve this result.

      Hope this helps.

    Does french braiding your hair make your hair grow faster?
    I heard from someone on anwers that french braiding your hair makes your hair grow faster. I also heard that raw egg does too. I’ve heard so many things work, I dont know if they are true or not…or if there is anything else! Can anyone help me out please!?

    • ANSWER:
      I’ve never heard this one before. If anything, I think pulling and braiding hair everyday could cause more breakage and hair loss. While your hair is more protected and left alone once in a braid, I’m not sure it would affect the length much. On the other hand, braiding does stimulate the scalp, which is essential for good hair growth.

      I used to put raw egg in my hair when I was younger. The smell of raw eggs in the shower mostly just made me nauseous. Some say it works for hair as a source of protein, but it makes a mess in your tub!

    Is it true that by braiding your hair, your hair will grow faster?
    I have heard that by braiding your hair, it can grow longer and faster than it would normally. Do you think that this is true? And if not, then what are some other ways that hair might grow longer faster?

    • ANSWER:
      try hair oil; it really works! put it on at nite before bed and wake up and shampoo it off. usually coconut hair oil works the best but try others to suit ur hair

    How can you make your hair grow fast naturally?
    i really don’t want to use weave so i want my hair to get long naturally. so is there any fruit, vegetable, vitamin, shampoo anything at all that will make my hair grow? and im not sure if braids make your hair grow so do they

    • ANSWER:
      I have African hair. I don’t wash my hair too much. I keep it wrapped under a wig every day. I keep it greased because it sucks up oil. If you can’t wrap your hair at night and sleep in a tight satin cap, then sleep on a satin pillow. A cotton pillow acts like a towel–it’s going to suck up any natural moisture you may have in your hair which will make it brittle and of course tangle through the night as you toss and turn. I can’t wrap my hair because the cap will fall off, so I sleep on a satin pillow case. They are .99 at your local Beauty Supply Store and I started to see a difference in my hair a week after I used it.

      Make sure you are eating right. Get sleep. And I have looked online before where a lot of girls will use horse shampoos or products on their hair. One of the bigger ones is called “MicroTek” and I think is through Eqyess. You can find ways online to use it on your hair or mix it with some other oils. It is suppose to make your hair grow pretty fast and healthy.

    do weave braids really grow your hair or just make your hair break off???

    • ANSWER:
      My mum says they help in growth:)

    does micro braids help to grow your hair faster and stronger?

    • ANSWER:
      yes because when you braid your hair it doesn’t get as tangled or damaged than when you leave it down and unattended.

    Do putting your hair in Braids make it grow faster?
    If it does do you put your hair in normal braids or french braids and do you do it when your hairs wet or dry?

    • ANSWER:
      try hair oil; it really works! put it on at nite before bed and wake up and shampoo it off. usually coconut hair oil works the best but try others to suit ur hair

    How do you make your hair grow faster?
    Is it true if you braid your hair at night, it grows faster? Yes or no? & do you have any other suggestions on hair growth?

    • ANSWER:
      I don’t know if that’s true…kinda weird!
      But I had hair down to my hips, then I cut it all the way up to the top of my shoulders back in February and now in August, my hair is back down to where my hip is! I also had it trimmed in May. But I think my fast hair growth is genetic.
      But my sister who didn’t get that good gene [lol], her hair grows VERY slow!
      So my mom & I suggested that she started taking these daily vitamins for hair, skin & nails. It called Nature’s Bounty: Hair, Nails & Skin. It’s GREAT! [Drugstores Like Walgreens or CVS]
      *She also uses Naturelles’s HEMP Shampoo & Conditioner it really helps it grow & hydrates your hair!!! Really helps, if you have split ends & really dry hair! [Get it at Sally's Beauty]
      *Do Grow: Growth Oil. You don’t have to use this, it just helps it a little. You don’t have to use this product, only do so if you want faster results. [Also at Sally's Beauty]
      *And don’t forget, get your hair trimmed every few months, because it helps it alot!
      But the vitamins works BEST!

      I myself, also use all the products that I listed above and it’s really great! But, I have to cut my hair alot more often! Haha! People always ask if I’m wearing hair extentions…Geeezzzz! It’s all real! Haha!

    How long does it takes to grow your hair out for braids?

    • ANSWER:
      If you have enough hair for a mini ‘fro, you should keep your hair braided. It’ll grow alot faster in braids. Trust me, I got length! lol

    For a black female, is it ok to wear braids to grow out your hair? does it take out your hair??
    i now i have braids trying to grow out my hair and i was just wondering for a black female is it healthy to wear braids?? or does it tke your hair out or does it really grow??

    • ANSWER:
      as long as you don’t have braids that are too tight, it won’t make your hair fall out. it’s normal for the braids to feel tight after you first get them done, but if they still feel tight for a few days, then tell the person next time they braid your hair to make it a little more loose. i’ve seen a lot of people wear braids to grow their hair. guys do it all the time…i guess it really all depends on you and your hair, but i’m sure that if you get healthy braids (lol) your hair will grow just fine.

    do braids help your hair grow faster and longer?

    • ANSWER:
      It helps with hair growth because your hair isn’t being damaged by heat, grooming, or chemicals so therefore you retain the length you have so it grows longer. I used braids to grow my hair, it took me about 10 months for my hair to go from ear length to past shoulder length, I was also drinking water, exercising, and eating healthy as well.

    does putting braids in your hair, help it grow?
    i am an african american female. my hair come down to about my neck. i get a touch up perm about every 6 weeks. i would like my hair to grow longer.would me putting braids in my hair help my hair grow longer?

    • ANSWER:
      It wont help your hair grow longer but it might keep the ends from breaking. Their is a hair line called nioxin that is formulated for thinning hair, it basicly keeps your scalp at the best condition for hair growth by stimulating the follicals and exfolitating the scalp to prevent any dead skin from clogging the follical pores, if you go to your local beauty supply they can tell you where to find it or google it.

    Do braids make your hair grow longer?

    • ANSWER:
      No, you shouldn’t constrict your hair with tight bands, hats, or braids. These lead to split ends and hair breakage

    Do braids help your hair grow faster?

    • ANSWER:
      It depend on your hair type. Thinner hair has been found to grow faster when pulled into a braid at nightime whereas thicker hair is more tricky and needs to be kept in 24/7.

    For african american hair…….Does kinky twist/braids make your hair grow?

    • ANSWER:
      Yes any braids will make their hair grow!!!as long as u keep it clean, and condition!! take care of them They will take care of u!

    how do you get your hair to grow longer?
    i just got my hair cut and it’s shorter than i wanted it to be. my hair takes forever to grow out. i heard that braids make your hair grow longer, is that true? anything else i can do to make it grow longer?
    oh, i never straighten or curl my hair, i love it the way it is i just want it longer!
    and i don’t want hair extensions!!! i like my hair to be natural thanks. :|

    • ANSWER:

    How Do You Make Your Hair Grow If Your Black Without Using Braids?

    • ANSWER:
      only wash your hair once a week and always use a conditioner and leave in conditioner also keep your ends clipped

    do you think braids help your hair grow?

    • ANSWER:
      YES! They do grow your hair because when your hair is being braided, your hair is being pulled.When trhey are loose, that means that they have grown your hair-and it’s time take them down.