Black Hair Braids

So you have a corn row, hair braids or are wearing weaves and the question comes up, how do I grow my hair faster whiles having hair braids, weaves or even a Rasta?

There are a few things you want to do to grow long black hair and there are a few steps you need for effective black hair care. So in this article I will discuss:
how and what to wrap your hair when you go to sleep…that is should you wear a pony tail? Or Leave your black hair loose? Or cover your black hair with a scarf?
And more importantly I want to show you the best way and how often to wash it…
What to put in it.

So first let’s start with how often should you wash your hair if you have a cornrow or braids?

You must wash the hair at least once a week, 3 times a week is even better, you must be sure to wash your braids and minimize contact of the shampoo with your scalp, commercial shampoos contains chemicals that dry out your scalp

You should use a dry shampoo or an all natural shampoo when taking care if your long back hair

Next you must protect your hair braids and hairstyle with a scarf when you go to bed, aggressive sleep movements can tug at your braids or hair and cause breakages, so wearing a silk scarf will make sure you don’t break your hair and will allow you’re your weave or braids to stay intact and allow it to be strong

Another option is to tie up your black hair into a semi bun and use the scarf to cover it; this is a second option but not the best option as it may flatten your curls or hair…

The final trick to getting beautiful African American hair that grows long fast is to use a good leave in treatment and massage oil that will promote hair growth

, you need a good herbal oil like Mira hair oil, be sure to use it at least twice a week, be sure to use a very good one, don’t go cheap here, the best I know off is Mira hair oil
For the simple reason that it does work and only the best herbs are used. It is expensive but it is made in Canada and by a doctor, so cheap herbs are used and you do get what you pay for

Use these simple tips and your black hair braids will grow fast

Frequently Asked Questions

    Where do find images of different styles of Black Hair braids?
    I am thinking of wearing braids this summer, because my hair can’t stand the humidity (I live in the South). I need some pictures of hair braids that I think I would like to try. I am looking for some websites, magazines, whatever you can find.

    • ANSWER:

    what are some sites to view pictures of black hair braids?
    I’m looking for pictures of micro braids and others to see exactly what I want to get done.

    • ANSWER:

    help with black hair braids and going natural?
    i have had kinky twists. i have had corn rows. now i want something else. i see there are pixie braids, fishbone, plats, box braids, invisibles, etc.

    the problem is i cannot find a good site that has quality photos to show me what each braid type is. help!

    also, i am wearing braids to go natural. i cannot come my tangled natural hair. never had to. tell me how to comb it. it hurts when i comb it, and i cannot detangle it for nothing!

    • ANSWER:
      Im going through the same transition, when I have braids and then take them out i normally use conditioner it makes it easy to comb, then I normally let the conditioner sit for about 3-4 hours, then wash and then put organic leave in conditioner, for braids you can look up you tube they have plenty of vidoes for you to watch about braids, you can also try using a sew in, that helps more than braids because its your real hair and braids sometime damage your hair I hope this kind of helps.

    What kind of women are the most attractive? Black hair? Blonde hair? Braids?
    I personally think females with black hair and brown eyes with a light skin are the most beautiful in the world. Look at all the Miss Worlds and other beauties (salma heyek, Aishwarya, etc)

    • ANSWER:
      u can’t judge someone on how pretty they r just by the color of their hair!!!!! Ppl have other great qualaties too!!! sheeesh!

    How do I make braids stand out in black hair.?
    I have black hair and every time im make pretty little braids in my hair it blends in with my straight hair. How do I make them stand out

    • ANSWER:
      tie ribbons in with the braids or a thin scarf to pull attention to the braided hair.

    What do men really feel about black natural hair and braids?
    When my hair is straighten, I get more attention from men. When it’s natural, I get less attention. Why is that?
    Okay, the question could be a bit confusing. I was not speaking of the color of my hair but of African American women with natural hair or with braids.

    What do men really fell about African American women with natural hair (kinky) and/or braids?

    • ANSWER:
      I like black hair on a woman is sweet. I also love brown hair to.

    Swimming with black hair, how do I take care of my braids after swimming. Is wearing a cap enough?
    I usually wear my hair in braids and want to start swimming as my workout. I have heard that the chlroine is bad for your hair, is there a special shampoo to wash braids to remove the chlorine … or will I be okay just wearing a swim cap.

    • ANSWER:
      A swim cap is just fine, but it doesn’t completely protect your hair from the chemicals. You should condition your hair after each visit.

    Do braids really grow multiracial/black hair?
    I’ve been contemplating as to if i should braid my hair over the summer or not just to let it grow. I have natural hair and my hair is at my collar bone. How long should my hair grow with braids within 2 months? Thanks :)

    • ANSWER:
      Within 2 months you should have 1 inch of hair. Average hair growth is 1/2 inch per month. It’s a common myth that braids grow your hair faster. it doesn’t. What it does is keep your hair from breaking off because you can’t comb and brush and style it; those things break off your hair.

      A quick explanation so you’ll understand what I mean. Hair grows about 6 inches per year. If, after a year of trying to grow your hair, you don’t have 6 inches in length then this means your hair broke off some point during the year. Lets say that you’ve been averaging about 3 inches of length per year, for the last few years. this means that each year you’re losing 3 inches to breakage. that’s a lot of hair. You’re only retaining 50% of you growth instead of 100%. It doesn’t matter how much hair you actually see. Your hair is ALWAYS growing from the scalp at the same rate. If you get relaxers, you’ll notice the growth via new-growth. Same if you dye your hair. New growth means your hair is growing. It’s a bit harder to spot with natural hair sans color.

      So, you have 6 inches of growth that’s coming out of your scalp every year. But, for some reason you’re only seeing 3 inches of longer hair. Why is that? Because of breakage. That’s the number one cause why your hair isn’t getting longer or stays the same length. People think their hair is growing slow or not growing at all. THat’s false. It’s because they a lot of breakage at the ends that’s causing that. Again, it has nothing to do with growth from the scalp. Hair breaks off at the ends. THat’s what keeps your hair from getting longer, even though it’s growing regularly from the scalp.

      So, you decide that you want to try braids out to help grow your hair. Great. You keep your hair braided for 6 months. within that 6 months you that your hair is 3 inches longer. Yey! Now you think the braids are making your hair grow faster because you’ve never seen this kind of growth in 6 months. Can you tell me what’s actually happening? No, your hair isn’t growing faster. It’s growing the same rate it’s always grown. Lets take the average growth rate again – 1/2 inch per month. After 6 months your hair should be 3 inches longer. This is normal growth. But, the fact that your hair isn’t constantly breaking off is why your seeing all your growth. The key is length retention, which is keeping your hair from breaking off. Otherwise, without the braids, combing and brushing would have broken off your hair and you’d have less growth. Get it? Now, you decide to keep the braids in for the rest of the year (the next 6 months). After the year, you see your hair has gotten 3 inches longer again! Nope, it’s not faster hair growth. You’ve just been able to keep your hair from breaking off, thus retaining all your hair growth for the year.

      I hope this explains it. This is whether or not you’re dealing with breakage or just want to speed up your hair growth because you want longer hair quickly. Braids don’t make it grow faster. It keeps your hair from breaking off. If you have a problem with breakage and need a way to get your hair longer then wear braids. Just make sure you take care of them and make sure they’re not too tight. Tight braids can actually damage your hair and cause breakage.

    white girl wants black braids, where to start?
    I have always admired black hair, especially braids and beads. But I am white and have smooth, straight, thick brown hair. I want to incorporate “add-on” braids (maybe corn-rowed) into an edgey short haircut, but can’t find a photo gallery online to search for a style that I like. Once I have that, I think I can go to any stylist specializing in braids, right? Should I hold off cutting my hair too short until I find just the right look? Does anyone specialize in caucasion/black fusion hairstyles?

    • ANSWER:
      I recommend you go to your local beauty supply shop and see what they recommend. The one I frequent for wigs and hair pieces has a bulletin board of business cards of people who specialize in sewing in braids and/or have the clip in hair pieces available. Just go and ask a lot of questions! Best wishes!

    How come mexican girls dont get individual braids in thier hair like black girls?
    im light skinned and black and some ppl think im mexican i just got my hair done in braids and its dark and curly does that not make me look mexican

    • ANSWER:

    What is a good Black Hair Style for Swimming, besides braids?
    I know that braids are a good thing for people who swim alot, but i am tired of braids. Is there a style with weave or not for black women that you can swim in the ocean with and then not have to do much after? I am going on a long trip, and we will be swimming in the ocean and rivers for ten days with no actual showers and I need a hairstyle with very low maintenance.

    • ANSWER:
      Either you get braids or get a short sew in with curly or wet and wavy weave… Since you won’t actually have showers, you don’t want a long weave to tangle and I doubt you’ll have combs/brushes.

      So, get a curly weave or regular braids. There really isn’t much else that you can do.

    Black Hair! Braids! >>>Click<<<<<

    • ANSWER:
      ***Synthetic hair differences***

      Monofilament, or monofiber, is wonderful and usually found in wigs designed for everyday wear. It’s the highest quality synthetic hair you can buy. It is very expensive (- per packet), but it feels exactly like human hair.

      Toyokalon, a lower grade of synthetic fiber that shows up in party wigs and some hair extentions. Wigs made out of this stuff are nearly always crappy and extentions, in all honesty are hit or miss. If you see a wig that is under , chances are its Toyokalon or a very poor grade of Kanekalon.

      The best general purpose safe bet for braiding is Kanekalon (sometimes branded as Eleora). It has a lovely, silky texture and is easy to find in every color you can imagine. There are differences by brand, but you would probably only notice if you work with wigs very often. Eleora Kanekalon is treated with a Teflon-ish substance that keeps the hair cleaner longer, but resists many spray dying techniques. It feels like normal Kanekalon, perhaps a little silkier.

      Hoped that helped!♥

    Black Hair – Crochet Braids – How much hair do I need to buy?
    Hi – I am thinking of buying this:
    and doing crochet braids. Assume I would like the hair quite full, how many packs do I need?
    Need to know how much to buy please.

    • ANSWER:
      Since it is synthetic hair, I would say a minimum of about 10-14 packs. But I do understand your dilemma – it looks like human hair and it is .00. If you can afford to – I would buy the 14 and then return the rest that you do not use. I sincerely think 14 will be more than enough. Take a look at this link:

      She used 7 packs. Her hair looks full because it is curly…so that is why I think you should do double the amount.

    i am an African American boy w/ striaght black hair. will it be hard for me to get braids?
    I have very straight brittle hair in the front and the back is all very nappy. I have twist now but it usually comes out easy in the front. I really wanna have nice braids.All the hair stylist say my hair has to really get longer. But I currently have enough for small braids.

    • ANSWER:
      maybe listen to the stylist and let your hair grow out?

      or u can try braids in the front top part of your hair and have individual twists in the back section..thats really cute..!!

    How do black woman wash there hair with braids?
    How do African Amarican woman wash there hair when they have it in those tight braids? Do you just wash it the normal way? I wouldn’t think that would get it very clean. would it?
    wouldn’t it be groose to not wash it? wouldn’t it stink like crap?

    • ANSWER:
      No, we don’t have to wash our hair daily. If you want to wash your hair when it is braided then you can. Some people wash their scalp with Sea breeze. No, your hair doesn’t always stink.

    I usually wear my hair in cornrows or tree braids. How can I grow long black hair? What pills have worked?
    What pills have worked? What oil products would you recommend when washing very often is not an option for me.

    • ANSWER:
      Be careful not to let anyone braid your hair too tight – this causes breakage and damage and you hair will not grow. I don’t know what part of the country you are in, but around where I live the African owned Shops braid entirely too tight. Try to find a good braider at a full service salon.

      Use a very light oil since you do not shampoo often – your natural oil will build up and that is actually the best oil for your hair.

      You can take Pre-Natal vitamins. They will make your hair and nails grow. You can usually get them at a drug store without a prescription. It they are not on the shelves ask the pharmacist.

      Good Luck

    Taking Out braids ( black Hair)
    ] i’ve had my braids in for about 3 and a half weeks.
    ] im about ready to take them out.
    ] i wash condition once every week with braids in. (every 5 days)
    ] but the day i take out my braids it wont be a “wash day”.
    ] so the day i take them out… i wont be washing right after.
    ] im going to detangle my hair after i take them out
    ] then have it in a wrap till the next wash day…
    ] then rebraid…

    is that okay…??

    = oh yeah;; i moisturize and oil my hair every day
    b/c my hair drys up moisture quickly.

    but the main point is.. is it okay to take your braids out,keep it in a wrap,moisturize daily, wait a couple days… then wash on the scheduled “wash day” ?

    b/c i dont want to mess up my every 5 days wash schedule.
    but it’ll be a two day wait after i take my braids to be in line
    with my schedule.

    I NEED to take them out now they’re itch and ready to breathe!!

    please help.

    • ANSWER:
      yeah its fine
      go ahead and take them out
      i know they get itchy
      ; (

    Taking out Braids (black hair)
    ] i’ve had my braids in for about 3 and a half weeks.
    ] im about ready to take them out.
    ] i wash condition once every week with braids in. (every 5 days)
    ] but the day i take out my braids it wont be a “wash day”.
    ] so the day i take them out… i wont be washing right after.
    ] im going to detangle my hair after i take them out
    ] then have it in a wrap till the next wash day…
    ] then rebraid…

    is that okay…??

    = oh yeah;; i moisturize and oil my hair every day
    b/c my hair drys up moisture quickly.

    but the main point is.. is it okay to take your braids out,keep it in a wrap,moisturize daily, wait a couple days… then wash on the scheduled “wash day” ?

    b/c i dont want to mess up my every 5 days wash schedule.
    but it’ll be a two day wait after i take my braids to be in line
    with my schedule.

    I NEED to take them out now they’re itch and ready to breathe!!

    please help.

    • ANSWER:
      well…Usually when i have micro braids, braids to the back and what not, I always wash them when I take them out. It’s just something that you’re supposed to do. You should always wash your hair after taking your braids out, even if you did wash them while they were in. you could just wait a few more days to keep up with your schedule though. But i can understand if you don’t want to wait that long, I know how you feel when you say they’re itching and ready to breath. I know the feeling all too well, lol.

      So you’re going to rebraid your hair? Maybe you should give your hair a rest from all the braids, your hair needs to breathe as well. Plus, braids can take your hair out in the front, back, edges mainly.

    Do black people wash their hair with braids?
    Very curious
    When they get fresh braids done after when they shower they dont wash their hair?

    • ANSWER:
      I’m not sure why some people think everyone must wash their hair when they shower. HELLO, YOU DO NOT HAVE TO WASH YOUR HAIR WHEN YOU SHOWER. I NEVER wash my hair when I shower. I ALWAYS wash my hair in my kitchen sink. I might get my hair wet in the shower, but I don’t wash it, and sometimes I don’t even get my hair wet, because THAT’S POSSIBLE, YOU KNOW?

      Yes, many people wash their hair in braids, and twists, too. That’s perfectly possible. But, blacks have a very hair type so they don’t have to wash it every day or every other day because it doesn’t easily get greasy, oily or dirty quickly.

      Did I mention that YOU CAN SHOWER WITHOUT WASHING YOUR HAIR? You should try it sometimes to see that it’s actually possible.

    how are some hair style in braids for black natural hair?
    hair style in braids for black natural hair

    • ANSWER:’s-Hairstyle-Cornrows%20(94).jpg

    Black Hair stylist weaves/braids?
    Hi I’m looking for a black hair stylist in the Riverside area that specializes in weaves and braids. I’m debating between getting a weave and getting individuals ( tree braiding with human hair). If anyone knows of anyone good (pictures would also be great but if u dont have them rt now online its alright) please let me know.

    • ANSWER:
      Visit to find an African American hair salon in your area.

    black hair care: braids/perm?
    I have a relaxer right now and i’m due for a touch up. but i want to get braids for the summer. should i perm my hair and then get braids? or should i braid it with out getting a touch up at all?
    My main concern is breakage. So i want to know the way that will prevent breakage.

    • ANSWER:
      braid it with out a touch up. you can get a perm first but some ppl hair breaks off when they do that. also it depends on how your hair is if you rather get a relaxer cuz your hair is tough to manage then do so. but there really is no point since your hair is going to be in braids anyways.

    Any sites on hair braiding (Black Hair) that show a cornrow mohawk?
    I need to see pictures if I want to get this style

    • ANSWER:
      There may be, but I’d suggest just going to a beauty supply (not supermarket) and getting a braid book. I’ve seen this and it is HOT! Really if you tell your braider what you want, she should be able to do it as this has become a popular style.

    deep conditionig??? with braids(black hair)?
    Heeyy people!!!!
    So i am going trough a transitioning phase, from relaxed hair to natural hair. So i got braid extensions!!!!
    But i sort of have breakage now, because i got my hair flat ironed.
    I heard that using mayonnaise as a deep conditioner would do good for my hair. But i dont deep condition because i am afraid of build up. But can i do it? maybe dilute the mayo with water? and can yall give me more good things for me to use as deep conditioner?Cuz i gave up on using store bought products, i just buy oils.

    • ANSWER:
      Mayo is good, but so far, nothing beats coconut oil. They use that in India and Sri Lanka to keep their hair all nice & shiny. I use it too, especially after the bleaching damaged it so much.

      What you’ll do is saturate your hair with the oil and leave it on for 15 minutes. Then shampoo as usual. You can do that once or twice a week if you like. I usually use Parachute coconut oil, but you can use almost any kind.

    can use black rubber bands too tie off my human hair box braids ?
    ok im doing my box braids with human hair but im not braiding the braids all the way to the ends im leaving the hair loose too at the end. im going to braid past my real hair then i wanted to knot it but i dont know how to do a slip u think i can use little black rubber bands to knot off my braids instead of doing a slip knot or would it be tacky ? and please guys no silly answers.

    • ANSWER:

    what is the best type of weave for micro braids in thick black hair?

    • ANSWER:

    Can anyone recommend a good black hair salon in Brooklyn that does weaves and braids?
    Also, please let me know who the best stylist is in the salon.

    • ANSWER:
      African Braiding
      (718) 462-3800 3305 Church Ave
      Brooklyn, NY

      African Hair Braiding
      (718) 596-4317 171 Myrtle Ave
      Brooklyn, NY

      African Hair Braiding
      (718) 596-9080 70 Willoughby St # 2d
      Brooklyn, NY

      African Hair Braiding
      (718) 856-8099 4206 Church Ave
      Brooklyn, NY

      Amy African Hair Braiding
      (718) 222-9150 350 Fulton St
      Brooklyn, NY

      Amy’s Hair Braiding Salon
      (718) 596-5937 66 Willoughby St
      Brooklyn, NY

      Amy’s Pro Hair Braiding
      (718) 858-7895 135 Lawrence St
      Brooklyn, NY

      Aveda Concept Salon
      (718) 522-1222 78 Clark St
      Brooklyn, NY

      Beauty Shop
      (718) 773-9684 749 Linden Blvd
      Brooklyn, NY

      Bo Fanta African Hair Braiding
      (718) 596-9104 379 Bridge St
      Brooklyn, NY

      Diva Salon
      (718) 222-0400 72 Henry St
      Brooklyn, NY

      Fatima African Hair Braiding
      (718) 488-0660 295 Livingston St
      Brooklyn, NY

      Hair Design Institute
      (718) 745-1000 6711 5th Ave
      Brooklyn, NY

      Hip Hop Hair Shop Inc
      (718) 488-8484 195 Smith St
      Brooklyn, NY

      Lala’s Hair Salon
      (718) 629-3293 788 E 46th St
      Brooklyn, NY

      Louise African Hair Braiding
      (718) 858-7789 131 Lawrence St
      Brooklyn, NY

      Rama Atrican Hair Braiding
      (718) 246-1884 146 Lawrence St
      Brooklyn, NY

      Sitan Hair Braiding
      (718) 596-3675 585 Fulton St
      Brooklyn, NY

      Toumba African Hair Braiding
      (718) 643-2710 135 Lawrence St
      Brooklyn, NY

    How do you braid black peoples hair?
    I can french braid white peoples hair but for some reason I can not seem to grasp braiding black peoples hair…are there any tips or suggestions on how to get me started or what I might be doing wrong?

    • ANSWER:
      I think the volume that afro textured hair can present could challenge the dexterity of a hairstylist who is more used to straigher hair that gathers into a smaller mass.

      This, based on my attempt to braid white, Indian and some hispanic hair types after years of being used to only mine and my sister’s hair textures. I was surprised at my awkwardness considering I’d expected the hair to be much easier than mine to handle.

      I’ve heard similar experiences from white moms of biracial kids. (Haven’t heard it that much black or Hispanic moms)

      Also, if the hair is afro textured, it ‘moves’ while being handled. Combing the hair stretches the spring, holding the hair also temporarily straightens the springs – as soon strands are released, the springs reassert their natural shape, sometimes, changing the shape of the section already braided.

      It might help to insert small pins as you go. I think that as you gain experience, there’s no longer need for the ‘crutch’ but until then, pins and clips to hold the hair in place could help.

      Check out and for more tips.

      Hope this helps.

    What website can i see black hair styles and braids.. pixies,zillions….little braids and many hairstyles.?

    • ANSWER:
      there are tons and tons of sites… too many to give you all the links here.
      Google “braids” or “african american hairstyles” or “ethnic hairstyles”.
      Have fun!

    Why do more black girls than white girls have braided hair?
    i have to admit that this is something i have witnessed more and more. I have seen some white girls with braids but they are also the religious girls. but still more black girls have braided hair. Any reason for this i find it rather interesting.

    • ANSWER:
      our texture of hair is better for braids than white girls

    Black Hair Care: What kind of hair do you use for French Braids?
    What is it called (Yaki Silky or something like that)?
    What length is typically used? (16 inch or 18 inch)Thanks!
    I’m getting them done for Easter!

    • ANSWER:
      Im assuming you mean cornrows. If so, kanekalon hair works best.

    Is it better to wear braids if you have long hair as a black women during air force basic training?
    I’m an 18 year old black woman who will be leaving for air force basic training in November, and I have long straight hair that is past shoulder length so I was wondering would it be better for me to maintain my hair by getting it braided. Please answer if you honestly know or from personal experience

    • ANSWER:
      Take it from someone who was in ur situation not too long ago. Do the sock bun trick aka the donut. Do that at night right before lights out and tie it up with a do rag that way u don’t have to mess with it before pt in the mornings. Black hair gel is ur friend in BMT even if u don’t like using it u will have too. If u need any other advice e-mail me at

    How do you describe a Black person’s Hair?
    I used to tell them it looked like black cotton, (but that didn’t score me too high on the friendship ladder). It does though, and I was only being truthful.

    What do you think is the best style to wear black hair? Do funny braids or an Afro, or a shaved head look better to you?
    Does that kind of hair provide padding?. Say if a black football player had an Afro and then put a helmet on over that, would that make the impact softer?
    Or, If someone was evolved to have kinky hair to protect their head, then wouldn’t it be foolish to shave your head? Would that only make your skull more vulnerable?
    Just don’t tell me Black hair is exactly like white hair, because it truly isn’t.

    • ANSWER:
      Personally, I’d describe my hair as kinky, but I wouldn’t object to nappy. I wouldn’t even mind the “black cotton” description, either.

      I put my hair in any style that I dream up. Braids, Afro, a combination of the 2, twists, braid-outs/twist outs, Afro puffs; I can even straighten it if I want to, and wear it down. Anything anyone with straight hair can do, I can also do. My favorite style though, is the Afro. I have a lot of hair, so I pick it out, and wear it big; Angela Davis style.

    Im getting singles (braids) in my hair, but how can i make them look like this? *pic included*?
    I like how hers is frizzy, and not so straight.

    How do i make it so they’re frizzy like that? Thanks a bunch!

    • ANSWER:
      Haha! That’s not frizzy, that’s wavy. That’s simple, she just braided the braids together, left them in for a few hours, then took them out.

    Is it better for black people to have braids or leave their hair?
    Well I think I should leave my hair, but my mom wants to braid it. My hair is shoulder length.

    • ANSWER:

    How can you get a black guy hair to grow really fast for braids. Seriously I need to know.?
    He wants braids

    • ANSWER:
      You just have to wait until it gets long enough to braid. Then keep it braided and then it should grow a little faster.

    I have black hair but I want to take care of my hair to the fullest?
    I am a black women who wears my hair in braids. I am thinking bout changing it up by keeping it out of braids just for a change. I want to know how to keep my hair growing and looking healthy like how to treat it proper. I just need a good technique thats easy for a daily routine basis. I had my hair relaxed befor but that was long time ago and my hair kinda got damage by all the chemicals.

    • ANSWER:
      I have stopped relaxing my hair and have gone natural for a year and 6 months. I use carrot oil and olive oil cream. I use those daily for moisture. I wash my hair once a week. Any more then that my hair gets really dry. I use a deep conditioner treatment once a month. Or you can make your own out of avocado and coconut milk. Also at night I wrap my hair with the olive oil cream and a satin cloth. I hope this helps. Also check out

    the length of a strand of hair in the middle of the head is 4 inches.

    a strand of hair at the nape/back of the head is 1inch.

    The hair is thin, . .method.

    >How may i get both of these to 12 inches over the summer or before december

    >What will show improvement fast( withing 2 weeks)?

    >and sum hairstyles that i can wear that for now while it’s growing?

    >amount of stretch needed and how to get it thicker



    • ANSWER:
      Braids/braid extensions won’t magically make your hair grow…I mean there is nothing in them that will automatically grow your hair, BUT they prevent you from touching your hair too much and manipulating it, which reduces breakage…and allows your hair a break and time to grow without constant fidgeting.

      So Yes, in a way box braids might give your hair a chance to grow, but there is no guarantee that it will grow a certain length in a certain amount of time.

      If you get them, remember to wash your scalp weekly (clean scalp=healthy scalp) and remember to moisturize the braids because you still need to try to care for your real hair underneath.

    Black hair question: Micro Braids? 10pts for best answer. Thanks?
    I’ ve always just worn caps or had hair sewn in but for Christmas I want to get micro braids. I like the straight look with the braid only a few inches from the scalp. My hair is thick and slightly below my shoulders- do I have to have it braided that long? I like the look of braided only a few inches from the scalp can you get that still if your real hair is longer. I mean I want the braid to stop a few inches from the scalp but the straight weave to go down the middle of my back. And if you do will it come out easier. Also how do you maintain your braids or recommend? 10pts for best answer. Thank you
    I don’t want it to start a few inches from the scalp. I want it to start at the scalp but what I was asking does the braid have to stop at the length of your own hair. I see micros that the braid stops like at the crown of the head and the rest of the hair is straight I was asking if your hair is shoulder length can they stop the braid way up or do they have to end the braid where the length of your hair stops.

    • ANSWER:
      Yes, you COULD get your hair braided in the way that you seek but it would pose a few problems.
      1. It would leave your own hair exposed. This would make the released hair look bad. Your hair would eventually look completely different from the released false hair. This could also cause damage to your own hair, eventually causing split ends.
      2. This would cause your braids to unravel fast.

      It is a better option to have your micro braids braided at least one inch past your own hair to avoid these problems.
      Another option would be to get tree braids. You can use a method that will still look like micro braids and allow you to achieve the look that you are aiming for. With tree braids your own hair is cornrolled along with your fake hair and and while you’re cornrolling you periodically release piece of the fake hair. It’s kind of hard to explain so here is a video, . After that you can micro braid the released hair as you please.

    Has the trend of black females wearing their hair in braids gone out of style?
    Such as this:

    and this:

    • ANSWER:
      I hope so, you know how much that style costs?

    Black Hair Care: Micro Braids Question?
    I just got my micro braids less than two weeks ago and I am very disappointed. My scalp is itching like crazy and I’ve tried tea tree oil and oil sheen to soothe it. I tie them up at night, too. Nothing works and a lot of them fell out. I’m ashamed to say it but they look and feel horrible. I would take them out , but I spent why too much money to get them. I am very upset. Any advice?

    • ANSWER:
      Ouch, Sorry to hear that…

      I’m a fella so I don’t have any advice, just sympathy, I know how much they cost and how LONG it takes to put them in.

    How Do You Make Your Hair Grow If Your Black Without Using Braids?

    • ANSWER:
      only wash your hair once a week and always use a conditioner and leave in conditioner also keep your ends clipped

    Does braids grow black peoples hair that had broke off from perms?

    • ANSWER:
      Yes, as long as you treat your hair before you get braids. Make sure you get your end cut and a really good deep conditioner. Don’t keep the braids in no longer than 3 months. While you have your hair in braids make sure you keep your root moisturized. When its time to take your braids out get another deep conditioner and get those end cut again.

    for a black person, can you have straight hair and get braids?
    I had my hair permed, but now i want extensions like braids since the perm is coming out. Can you do that?

    • ANSWER:
      Yes you can but you still have to keep up with your relaxers or your hair will break after a while.

    Black hair: Can you use kinky bulk (human hair extension) for big braids?

    • ANSWER:
      yes. most extensions look good. It all depends on the look, color and style you are going for.

    What should I do to get my black hair to grow and be healthy (again)??
    I’m black and I’ve been trying to grow my hair long for ever. I’ve been either braiding my hair or relaxing it. The problem is, after relaxing it, it always breaks off, and if I have braids for a long time my hair becomes weak.
    Right now I decided on braids after having them relaxed this summer, only for them to go brittle.
    So I need to know what are the best methods for black hair growth??
    Plus, I live in Finland, so I don’t exactly have many salons (they don’t know how to treat black hair) or products to chose from!
    I need help!!!!!
    Thanks in advance! :)

    • ANSWER:
      Organics Hair Mayonnaise, Dr. Miracle’s Feel-it Gro formula, and Tail ‘n’ Mane Shampoo work together perfectly with my hair. They make it grow so fast. I cut my hair up to my ears in June and had it in a really cute choppy look. Right now my hair is past my shoulder blades. All summer I washed my hair with Tail ‘n’ Mane, then I would use the hair mayonnaise as a leave in conditioner. Then style as usual with the Feel-it Gro formula.

      You can actually feel it growing because of the tingling sensation from the Feel-it Gro. And all of these used together make your hair really soft and strong. Stay away from Gels and stiffening hairsprays because they cause your hair to break.

      And try not to use chemicals like relaxers and perms because it weakens your hair and it’s not healthy. Try some natural alternatives such as a Press ‘n’ Curl. That’s what I get. It keeps your hair strong and if the right person does it, people mistake it for a relaxer.

    after you take the braids off,what are you going 2 do with the unbraided hair?
    im mixed with black,white,latina,arabic and american indian,but,i have black hair texture,after you take off the braids,if its ok you can put the hair mositurizer or grease or other hair products for black hair to make it healthy,neat and/or grow or it will messed-up the hair?.lets say i have my hair braided on 5 1/2 or 6 1/2 days and so,then i take half of the braids off and put a hair moisurzier or grease or other hair products on my unbraided hair and leave another half on friday,then on saturday take off another half of braids,wash my hair and then braid my whole hair,do u think that will make my hair grow or what?because i got my braided from saturday to thusrday or friday,then i want to take off the bottom and middle parts and leave the top part braided to make look like a headband,on saturday,i take off the top part,wash and set my hair and then braid my hair on saturday and start over again,do you take thats make my hair grow?.i just need your answers back,thank you!

    • ANSWER:
      Your hair will grow regardless of if it is braided or not. What your grease/conditioner will do is add back the essential oils and moisture because of your hair texture and your ethnicity. the only thing I would recommend is being careful with the rubber bands that you are using, because they may cause breakage.

    which hair style is beautiful and sexy?braids/ black short hair.?
    especially, when you are about 5ft3in

    • ANSWER:
      You cant really say you know. What do you mean by sexy and beautiful? Its very subjective. Sexy to you? To me? To who?

      If you like it, i think its best.

    Black/Afro Hair: When to relax hair after braids…?
    I have had braids in for about 14months. I intend to take them out in mid May.. how long do i have to wait between taking them out and relaxing my hair??
    Lol.. No i haven’t had the same braids in for 14months.. i have been braiding my hair in extension over a period of 14months, and re-doing them every 2months… cheers for the answers so far! x

    • ANSWER:
      I would wait at least two weeks. You want to give your scalp time to rest from the tension of the braids and you want to let it breath. Plus, it will burn if you go get a relaxer right after taking them out (from my experience).

    Should a black girl with braids get feathers in her hair?
    Well I’m thirteen (a black girl) and I have braids. All my friends hav feathers and I want them too. But I don’t know if it would look good… PLEASE HELP FAST!!!!!!

    • ANSWER: