Best Vitamins For Hair Growth Over The Counter

Hair is an important aspect of our life. No matter how natural hair grows, it has particular implications on the general perception about us. In other words, hair can help determine a persons gender, culture, age, social classes, social status, lifestyles, and even religion. Modern commodities have made it possible to manipulate hair. One modern commodity for hair is vitamins for hair loss or hair growth vitamins. These vitamins can help hide our hairs true color, shape, growth, and how it shines. Below is the list of what human hair can tell about certain demographic variables and the corresponding influence of hair growth vitamins.

1.Hair determines the Gender. Men clearly have shorter hair than women. Most of the time men experience male pattern baldness which is very common. Such baldness is determined by thinning at the sides and on the crown. Women on the other hand may experience baldness but does not follow a pattern. Instead women baldness is naturally diffused throughout the head despite them having longer hair. To solve such hair loss problem, there are vitamins for hair loss. They serve as hair growth vitamins. Aside from the difference in length and baldness pattern, men and women look different because men have beards and mustache on the face while women mostly do not have them.
2.There are cultures such as Sikhs where men do not shave or cut their hair. Although they do not have to buy hair growth vitamins to keep their hair long, the act of not cutting their hair over a long period of time is already an indication of culture.
3.People would also determine the age of the person by the looks of their hair. The most common indication of older people is white hair. White hair can be covered with hair dye. Aside from the color, older men experience male pattern baldness while women usually have brittle or thinning hair. Baldness in older people can be prevented with constant use of vitamins for hair loss. Other solutions include hair replacement methods.
4.In the medieval times, a plucked hairline is an indication of a noble hairstyle. Today, there are many hair indications if people belong to the upper class or lower class. For example, men with neat cuts and sideways bangs may be viewed as belonging to prominent status. Women with stylish hairdos can be viewed as belonging to the rich and famous. A person with untidy hair may be viewed as unclean and belonging to lower class. Most people belonging to the upper class take care of their hair to the point of taking hair growth vitamins not just to hasten hair growth but also to make it look shiny and healthy.
5.Various hair styles indicate the persons lifestyle. Few examples include: metal head belonging to a group of head bangers. Mohawk haircuts are mostly used by punk bands. Skinhead or a clean shaven head is what you would usually find in military boot camps. Puddle-bowl is typical among nerds. Changes in hairstyle may indicate change in lifestyle. A hair growth vitamin can be taken to hasten growth of the hair if a person intends to change its length. In the same way, vitamins for hair loss can be taken if a person prone to baldness wants to continue having long hair.

Frequently Asked Questions

    What are the best vitamins for healthy hair?
    Just wondering what are some over the counter vitamins you can get to help hair growth/health?
    ALSO does anyone know vitamins that will improve skin?
    Thank you!

    • ANSWER:
      There are certain vitamins that help promote the growth of hair in the body. Changing to a healthier diet is vital not only for hair growth but also for the general well being of your body.

      Some of the most important include:

      - Essential Fatty Acids

      - The B Vitamins

      - Antioxidants

      - Sulfur

      - Zinc

      But vitamins and diet are only one part of it, you should also consider adding excercise and hair loss products into your hair growth solution.

      There’s more detail regarding the vitamins and the hair growth stategy in the source link below:

    Some pointers on pre natal vitamins?
    I am trying to donate my hair to locks of love, but my hair grows sooooo slow! I was reading some answers on here saying pre natal vitamins can help your hair grow faster.

    Do they?
    How fast and how long after you have been taking them does your hair start to grow?
    Are they an over the counter vitamin?
    Are they expensive?
    Could I buy them at Wal-Mart or Meijers?
    Which would be the best kind for hair growth?
    Can I even take them when I am not pregnant?


    • ANSWER:
      They do help your hair and nails grow. I don’t know how long it takes exactly, wasn’t paying attention to that as I always wear my hair up. You can get them over the counter but they are not all equal. I recommend Rainbow Light one-a-days because your body actually absorbs what’s in them because it’s food-derived and not cultured in a lab. You can absolutely take them when not pregnant. Just google pre-natal vitamins and see if there’s any with reviews that sound promising.