African American Hair Products For Breakage


African Shea Butter (Butyrospermum parkii), derived from the Karite Tree in West Africa, has been used for centuries within the African culture for skin and hair care because of its emollient properties, which protected the skin and hair from the African climate. This very versatile product is also well known as a wonderful natural healing and moisturizing agent and research has also indicated benefits as an anti-inflammatory and in the regeneration of dermal tissue. In recent years, Shea Butter has become widely accepted within Western culture as a superior moisturizer, and is now a key ingredient in many health and beauty products.

Epitomi had the foresight and knowledge to use African Shea Butter in hair care product formulations and launched a retail hair and scalp treatment line called Remedi (rem-e-di). These products were specifically designed to alleviate the problems of dry brittle breaking hair, associated with the use of chemicals, color and heat styling implements. The line was expanded to treat such problems as Dandruff and Thinning hair as well as for overall healthy hair care maintenance. The philosophy behind the Remedi line is that Beautiful Hair must first be Healthy. Remedi products were formulated using the latest advancement in hair care technology and contain the finest quality ingredients to include pure African Shea Butter and natural botanicals to moisturize strengthen, protect, repair and energize the hair.

Epitomi professional products are currently available only in salons and Remedi hair care products are available in beauty supply stores. Epitomi is so confident of the quality and performance of the Remedi retail and Epitomi professional products that it offers a 100% satisfaction or your money back guarantee to consumers as well as distributors.

For additional information on product availability and distribution opportunities in Africa please contact us.

Frequently Asked Questions

    What are good products for african american hair breakage?

    • ANSWER:
      olive oil incredibly rick oil moisturizing hair lotion….its THE BEST. its in a green bottle and can be found in walmart in the ethnic hair section.
      also, do a hot oil treatment every other week. don’t apply all that grease and s*** to your hair because its not necessary. make sure you drink a lot of water and try to stop relaxing your hair (if you do) for a few months because this definitely hinders successful hair growth. avoid tight hairstyles and can pull your hair out (cornrows, tight buns and or ponytails) and hair pills are all a bunch of s*** so don’t even bother. avoid products with petrolatum and mineral oil, they hinder hair growth; condition about three times a week (no more or less) and DON’T add a lot of heat to it if its breaking all the time because this could be a reason why!
      i had the saaame problem and my hair stylist told me it was the relaxers. design essentials has EXCELLENT products that had my hair stronger in just a couple of months!
      here is the website. i suggest any one of these products….

      also, they have the anti snap package for hair on the same site….here is the new link for it. this is exactly what i used.

    what r the best products for african american hair to stop breakage and help it grow?
    hey guys I was wondering if anyone knew the best products for my hair to help it grow when I was younger my hair was super long but it was natural now it’s been treated and it grows but it breaks..what stops breakage?

    • ANSWER:
      I’ve been thru that..I got mine to stop by going to a professional to get my relaxer and trim. At home I use a protein treatment. But before I got to this point and had the damaged hair I used Motions CRP or CPR..I always get the acronym messed up. But it’s one of them and it can be found at any Salley’s Beauty Supply. Shea Butter is good too. Hope this helps.

    What are the best hair growth products for African American hair with severe breakage?
    I get my ends clipped regularly, but some reason i still have breakage and my hair doesn’t seem to be growing. I wash my hair every three weeks (I have to extend my washes because my hair is very dry and frequent washes make it brittle) and condition with cholestrol but my growth is VERY slow. Any recommendations???
    I have used DooGro, B&B Super Gro and Dr. Miracle’s.

    • ANSWER:
      Look for products that have protien in them. Stay away from products with petrolum and mineral oil, they’re VERY bad for your hair. Look for products with Shea butter and coconut oil. Don’t limit your hair product selection only to the ethnic sections of the store. Dont use so much heat on your hair. Wash hair no more than 1x per week and learn to use conditioner in between washes. Products i recommend: Organic Root Stimulator Olive Oil Shampoo and conditioner, Doo Groo Mega Thick Growth Oil, Vitamin E oil (can purchase this at CVS). Deep Condition once a week, wear satin cap at night or sleep on satin pillow cases. Keep straightened hair wrapped. Use 100% boar bristle brush only, use wide toothed combs when combing hair. Oil scalp every other day/night. NEVER EVER USE DR. MIRACLE’S!!!! It’s a load of CRAP!

    Good products for African American hair breakage?

    • ANSWER:

    What are good natural hair products for African American women to fight against breakage?

    • ANSWER:
      This is a good website with homemade hair recipes made with natural ingredients and different oils.

      This site has organic hair care products

      How to avoid hair breakage?

      Hope this helps to improve the texture of your hair.

    whats the best type of hair products for an african american female that stops hair breakage, and adds growth?
    I have very thick hair, and it grows very fast whether I braid it or not. But it tends to grow faster when I braid it.

    • ANSWER:
      It depends on what your hair likes and what it doesn’t like. Shea butter is a moisturizer that prevents breakage. That is what I like to use.

    Hair Breakage Product…. (African American)?
    What is the best thing for me to use on my daughters hair for her edges breaking? She is 5 years old.

    • ANSWER:
      Breakage around the edges? The problem is you’re braiding her hair too tight. Give her hair a rest from the braids, and if you do braid it, don’t braid it tight. I know tight hairstyles last longer, but it also pulls out her hair and she’ll have a receding hairline if it gets to bad. Have you ever seen women who wear constant cornrows or braids and their hairline is far back on their head? It’s because the cornrows/braids are too tight. Breakage can also happen if she’s wearing braids on a regular basis for a prolonged period of time. Give her hair a rest from the braids.

    what the best hair product to get rid of hair breakage for african american hair where stores to go to get it?
    african american trying to grow my hair to get dreads in my hair trying to get rid of hair breakage

    • ANSWER:
      All you need to know right here :

    Are organix hair products good for african american hair?
    i was heard about them and was wondering are they good for my hair? i’m a african american teen girl. and if they what products would be the best for me? i also need something for breakage and i perm my hair from time to time but if you could include something for when i go natural would be nice to…….so anything any1 can tell me would be GREAT!!! lol sorry if it seems like alot just really want something thats good for my hair that not expensive!

    • ANSWER:
      ok so i havent tried the organix yet, but i DO have 2 bottles in my cabinet that are waiting for me to use. i have heard good things about it though. ok and for stopping breakage i recommend perming your hair less, but u already said u are going to go natural, good for you! you will learn so much about how to care for your hair online, like youtube,,, just read,read,read and watch the how-to videos. these sites were all made by women who started blogs about their own natural hair, whatthey do to it, what products, what to stay away from, how to style, make it curly, and make it soft and moisturized. i have been natural for 2 months, and i am still experimenting with products myself. i am in love with trying out new conditioners, so i buy them like 4 a week! conditioner is your new bff, i wash with herbal essence hello hyration shampoo (it doesnt make my hair dry), and i use 2 of my conditioners(some ones that i use all the time are herbal essence(any of them that are for moisture), suave(coconut and humectant). i use store brands bc i cant afford natural conditioners(not when i can buy 8 suaves for that price), i dont use grease, it leaves residue, i use natural oils from the grocery store like olive, almond, avacado, an grapeseed. i also buy tea tree oil sometimes for dry scalp. but just do your research! and good luck

    What are the best products or treaments for African American hair that is damaged?
    I am Black mixed with Indian. My hair is breaking and is extremly damaged. Sometimes my hair is fine and sometimes it gets somewhat nappy from some things i use on it. I am trying to stop breakage and promote growth and healthy hair. I have a relaxer, but I think that starting breaking my hair in the first place. It hurts just to comb my hair, not that it is tangled. But my roots hurt. My hair is constantly just breaking and coming out when I comb it. To grow out the relaxer would be and extremly long and hard process.

    Does anyone know of any *working* products to use on African American hair. My hair is easily weighed down, so I need something light. I haved tried alomost every shampoo in the stores.

    —>Please, if you know of any treatments/products please inform me.

    Feel free to email me anything you might not want to share with alot of other people at msz.auhtentik@yahoo.

    • ANSWER:
      I agree with Sunshineview !!!
      But if you really want to do it yourself at home…
      This is what you need (read carefully, its alot, but it will change everything!). You need to make sure you hair has MOISTURE (is moisturized) …

      I use “Just For Me” kids relaxer (Im 21, but Mixed, so I can’t use the strong adult African-American perms because they break my hair.) Its always better to use a weaker perm for your hair than a really strong one. A perm/relaxer that is too stong is the major cause in hair weakness, breakage & drying (its a sign of over-processing). I advise that you choose the best for you (Your Choice) but make sure its not too strong. Dont buy the strongest one on the market. Start weak and if you need to increase then do it next time around.

      I also use “Motions CPR” Conditioning Treatment EVERY week. After you wash your hair, use CPR, put a plastic cap on and sit under a hooded/bonnet hard-hat dryer for 10-15 mins, then wash it out. (This is Deep Conditioning) And this is the BEST thing you can do for weak, thin, dry or damaged hair… hint *CPR (Critical Repair and Treatment). It really does seal you hair cuticles and flood them with protein and moisture. It repairs your hair and make it so much stronger and grow fast too. It also keeps your hair healthy even if it already is. It’s great!!! …Motions CPR

      That will stop the breakage and add moisture. The next thing you need is a Protein Restructurer. Perms/relaxers and other harsh treatments distroy the natural protein-bonds in our hair. This will not rebuild them, but it will resturure the bonds that you do have left. (Thats why its best to use a weaker perm because it doesnt cause as many bonds to break.) Motions has this also and it works really well to start restructuring your hair. Healthy hair will hold moisture better. …Protein Restructuror

      I get my hair straighten once every season (fall, winter, spring & summer) so thats also the same time I get my hair trimed. You need to trim your ends too. This is very important to slowly get rid of those dead/split ends which causes moisture lost. Split ends causes your hair to break, because it cant properly hold moisture, which causes your hair cutiles to open wider and break. This makes hair thin from the loss of stands and stunks hair growth. (Split Ends = Dry Hair and Broken Hair !!!)

      * Make sure you are being kind to your ENDS, dont use curlers or flat irons unless absolutely nessary (use rollers more). Stay away from the blow-dryers (try to use sit-under dryers). General Rule, “Stay away from HEAT.” …Leave in Conditioner …Greese/hair dress …Moisterizer

      You can find all of this at Sally’s and any Black hair store and most of it at Wal-Mart.

      Also our hair is made of protein (all protein), so you may want to look into your diet and make sure you are getting enough. Taking a women’s multi-vitamin (or pre-natal) or Biotin everday will make sure you are getting enough of it, along with calcium which our hair also loves. You have to take care of your hair from the inside and out. Hair products take care of the outside. But you also have to check on the inside… your diet! to make sure your hair has what it even needs to grow and thicken.

      I hope I have helped.

      Shampoo & Conditioner (Creme of Nature Shampoo & Conditioner all in one) It’s great.
      * Dont use Detangling shampoos though (they are good but not what you need), always use Mosterizing shampoos.

      If you need any more tips or how-to’s send me a note. Good Luck.

    What’s the best hair care products for african american hair?
    Well i already know the basics about hair care, but what’s the best hair care line for black hair-or just hair period, cause i want my hair to grow but eventhough i follow the rules of hair treatment, my hair still has breakage and split ends, and gets dry really easily…i trim, deep condition, basically no heat, etc. it has to be the product im using.

    • ANSWER:
      ok well try NIOXIN shampo and conditioner you can usually get it at the beauty supply its its made to grow hair but i mostly notice my ends started to get more healthy because i flat iron the shit out my hair… also black and sassy ol spral and olive hair sheen works really good and makes it healthier those worked best for me!! hope i helped

    Best products to use on African American hair?
    I’m giving my hair a break from the relaxers due to breakage and thinning. What products would best be suited for going natural? Would breading my hair or using a hot comb be too much stress on my hair?

    • ANSWER:

      Go to Afro-Amer website. They have tons of tips suggestion etc. just as long as you don’t buy propagandas that promises this or that for your hair.

      You’ll get more there than what you’d find on YA

      I used to own a website, and I did some research to help members with their hair, not about Afro, but I stumbled on their website that was informative.

    AFRICAN AMERICAN HAIR! What is the best product to use to stop breakage?
    My hair has been breaking for as long as i can remember. Its still pretty and very healthy, except for the breaking. What can i use to stop the breakage?


    • ANSWER:
      ok, everyday styling and relaxing is wut causes breakage. 2 keep hair from breaking, get it cut 1/2 an inch every 6 weeks and whenever u go 2 relax ur hair, just 2 touch it up, use on roots only 2 keep it from ruining all of ur hair. keep it washed and use a strong leave in conditioner once every one or two weeks. hope i helped :-)

    African American women and natural hair? Breakage?
    So I have been transitioning from relaxed to natural hair for quite a while now (6 months) and have heard rumors that once Black women begin to transition to natural hair, their relaxed hair must be clipped off or it will break off. I use 100% natural African American hair care products from this site ( and have not experienced any relaxed hair breakage. In fact, both my hair textures seem to be healthy. So my question is, for those who have natural or are transitioning, did your relaxed hair break off? Is it normal for rlaxed hair to NOT break off during the transition period?

    • ANSWER:
      When I transitioned my hair never broke off…so i just cut it off slowly until it was all long and natural.

    What are good hair products for African Americans?
    I am a sixteen-year old African American girl. I have really thick, dry hair. I want to know what kind of products should I use on my hair (shampoo. conditioner, perm etc.) Also what kind of flat iron should i use and a product that would keep it moisturized and prevents breakage when I flat iron it.

    • ANSWER:
      shampoo: tresemme anti breakage shampoo
      conditioner: tresemme smooth & silky for dry and damaged hair

      for conditioner, i usually massage it into my hair and then pop a shower cap over it for a few hours, sometimes overnight, and the longer you keep it, the softer it will be when you rinse out your conditioner. your body heat under the cap will help soften your scalp, making it feel like a conditioning treatment at a salon.

      hair oil: i use blue magic, its the best for me, but i give myself hot oil treatments as well.

      hope i helped!

    does any one know what products work best for color treated african american hair?
    i had my hair colored in october and it its starting to break off around my edges. i was wondering if any one knew of any good hair products that could help stop the breakage

    • ANSWER:
      Mizani….. they have a whole range of stuff for just this problem…. oil treatments, leave in conditioners… all especially made for dryer, color treated hair…. its sold in salons.

      Plus if your not using cholesterol…. get some…. put in on leave it on like an hour a week youll be amazed how much it improves your hair… and its very inexpensive…….. they sell it at sallysbeauty supply, dollar stores, walmart….. just about everywhere…

    Can African Americans use garnier frutice products on their hair?
    I want products to make my hair stronger, and stop breakage and i have seen a lot of African American women talk about Garnier Frutice products for their hair. but i wasn’t sure if those products are right for our hair. has anyone used it, know about it, or have suggestions?

    • ANSWER:
      go to to the discussion board and ask this question. They have a lot of info on hair products and hair care.

    What hair products is good for African American hair?
    I am an African American female who has hair problems. Combing and managing my hair is not my issue. My hair does not grow because it is very dry and my edges is brittle and breaks off from time to time. I want to go all natural since I notice when I stop using perms and heat my hair grows. My hair is not thick and long how it use to be. I need products that give moisture, that fixes split ends, damage, and breakage. I looked at products like organic stimulator, mizani, and dr. miracle does not work for my hair as much. Suave works noce but it does not help my dry hair or damaged edges.

    • ANSWER:

    African American Hair and Cantu Products?
    -I have African American Hair, and It was chemically demanged when I used (Perms/Relaxers) on my Hair. So today I shaved off my hair completely going all NATURAL (Currently a Fade Now) and was wondering about “Cantu Products.” will it work for my type of hair? Before I shaved my hair I had really, really thick hair it held (Heat, Water, and Oil) so what “Cantu Products.” should I use? Do I get the shampoo wash my low fade hair once a week or twice a week, then use the Cantu Leave In-Conditioning cream and rub it on my scout? If so do I do this when ever I wash my hair, or do I apply the leave in conditioning once on my scout a day?

    More Information: I’m also Pregnant so hormone activitys also makes my hair grow 10x faster then it did before, even when my hair was relaxed I would get 1-2 inches of new growth every week, and would have to perm my hair every 6 weeks which basically was making my hair flat, but ot was alot of breakage. So how should I go about the Cantu products with my hair? My sister is a relaxer freak and continues to try and put me down saying Cantu products won’t work on natural hair it does nothing for African American Hair at all but dry it out (Wondering how she knew this when she never used the Product) so can I have some information and advice here?

    • ANSWER:

    african american hair products?
    i am 13 and black. i do get relaxers (and i know there damaging and i am not going to stop getting them) i don’t go in gor them during the summer time and i wash my hair at home.
    what is a good shampoo or conditioner for black people that helps with breakage and helps your hair to grow?

    also how long will it take for my hair to get shoulder length if it is currently at the center of my neck and in the front it is at my chin (bangs)

    please answer from experience!!!!
    i am female!!!
    and what products wil help with a receding hairline? (i have little blond hairs growing on my hairline)

    • ANSWER:

    Best hair care products for African American hair?
    Well this last year or so I have really stopped taking care of my hair.

    As I get older (Just turned 19) I realize more the importance of taking care of my hair. Recently I have been asking around for some advice on the best of the best hair care products for Kinky (Nappy) Black hair.
    I haven’t had a good relaxer on my hair in a while, mainly because I am trying to find the best relaxer also.

    This Saturday I plan on putting a relaxer on my head and starting my new hair care regimen.

    So some of the products that I have been recommended are:

    Optimum Anti- Breakage Relaxer (Super … Due to the thickness of my hair)

    WEN Haircare

    Carol’s Daughter


    • ANSWER: has some really great hair products designed for black hair.

      one of my coworkers hair was falling out and i recommended the power gro hot oil treatment. her hair stopped falling out and it started growing. she was very happy with the results.

      they sell relaxer too. but she didn’t try those so i don’t know how well they work.

    Good products for African-American permed hair? What and what not to do with African-America permed hair?
    okay so i got my hair permed when i was 12 (im 14 now) and i go to the hair salon like every other week you know just to get a wash and rinse and a touch up once every month. my hair has been through A LOT. my hair is doing pretty good now but at first I had a lot of breakage and I had to get a really big awkward haircut once (I didnt know how awkward it was at the time lol). but anyways, it’s been like…2 years I think for my perm. at first I just got plats and braids like every other girl haha. i’ve never had weave or anything like that. my hair is about the length of my whole head. it doesnt go all the way down to my shoulder. but i get trims and stuff to keep it growing. im just wondering, is there anything i can do at home to keep it up? you know, make sure it’s healthy. because the next thing i know is that i have breakage or something and im like …i didnt do anything to my hair so how could i have breakage (i dont have breakage right now) but my hair dresser gave me something to use on my hair at home just to make it shiny and i rarely wash it on my own. i just wanna know what and what not do with it. i know this was a long question ahaha but yeahh thanks for reading :D

    • ANSWER:

    what hair growing/thickening products are good for african americans?
    My hair broke off and thinned in the top alot. I was wearing sew in weaves I maintained for two years w/o perms.It really grew my hair all but the top. I really didnt notice it until I decided I was gonna wear my own hair so I permed it, and thats when I saw the thinning and breakage. I’ve been using doo gro products for the last week. I also used Doutex Protein to help strenghen it.

    • ANSWER:

    good products for natural african american hair?
    After transitioning for only about a month or two, I did the Big chop last night. My hair is very kinky and dry, I believe it is type 4 hair. Im only 17, all the women in my family have relaxed hair, or weaves, so no one can really give me advice about how to take care of my hair, on the journey to going natural. I would like to know what products (shampoo’s, conditioners, oils, gels) should I use on my hair? Should i take any vitamins? What are some easy manageable styles that I should try? Also my hair is very damaged due to having so many relaxers and weaves over the years, there for it breaks off easily near the crown, is there anything I can do to prevent that breakage? and should I wear anything over my hair when I’m sleeping?

    • ANSWER:
      ~You should use a non-sulphate shampoo or, a moisturizing shampoo labeled for “damaged/color treated hair”
      ~Any conditioner but, personally I’ve learned that it’s best to stay away from ‘cones. Read the lists of ingredients and if it ends in ‘cone I wouldn’t use it because they stop moisture from getting into your hair and it’s too hot for all that.
      ~For moisturizing you need a good leave-in conditioner.
      ~If you live in a dry climate stay away from products with glycerine in them since that is a humectant and drags the water from the atmosphere to your hair. If there is no water in the atmosphere however, humectants drag water out of your hair.
      ~ Oils seal in moisture they DO NOT MOISTURIZE. I know you were probably taught that they do but, they don’t. I like using EVOO or Coconut Oil personally but, jojoba and avocado are also great choices for sealing.
      ~ Gels- stay away from gels that contain alcohol. Eco-Styler is a good brand.
      ~ You can take vitamins if you’d like. Since we live in America and all the food is processed and all the nutrients are sucked out of them it’s probably a good idea.
      ~ Styles – Comb coils and wash and goes until your hair grows a little bit more
      ~ Moisture, moisture, moisture to prevent breakage. Deep condition at least once a month.
      ~ Yes, you should wear satin/silk or sleep on a satin/silk pillowcase if you are relaxed or natural because our hair is dry and satin & silk keep in moisture.

      Also, check out,,, and youtube (type in “natural hair”) for hair care tips and advice.

    What type of deep conditioner/leave-in is good for african american hair?
    My daughter is 3 1/2 and is bi-racial. I am Italian and her Dad is Jamaican and her hair has his texture completely. It has no softness to it. I have tried several (when I say several I mean LOTS) different products to stop breakage and will not dry her hair out. I want something with no alcohol and no mineral oil/pretroleum. She already has breakage around her hairline and I need to know what to do to fix it/stop it.

    • ANSWER:
      I think you should join naturally curly and ask them for definitive answers. In the meantime here are my thoughts…. is also good.

      Hairline breakage – How is she wearing her hair? Pulling the hair into tight ponytails can cause breakage at the hairline. Also look at combing technique – comb from the bottom of the hair to the roots only when her hair is wet. Use a wide tooth comb to do so – the jilbere shower comb comes highly recommended from my source websites as do denman brushes. You could get a microfiber towel or use an old t-shirt to dry her hair when washed as normal towels can cause friction on the hair and result in breakage.

      more breakage info –

      It sounds like she needs moisture moisture moisture on her hair – do you already use a moisturising shampoo and conditioner on her hair? I see you know about mineral oils and alcohol being damaging so assume you might use moist poos and conditioners already.

      She may benefit from conditioner washing. Conditioner naturally has cleansers in it but if you substitute shampoo for conditioner – use conditioner as you would shampoo, rub scalp, rinse conditioner out by letting water run over hair but leave some behind on the hair then let it dry. Try sealing moisture into her hair with jojoba oil after washing and conditioning and after moisturising.

      Also try massaging her scalp with a natural oil like jojoba esp where the edges/hairline has gone. Do it weekly and see how her hair responds. This issue is going to take time and patience.

      As to products – these are some that the hair forum ladies use
      kids organic shea butter moisturizing lotion – moisturiser
      sheamoisture leave in conditioner – leave in
      keracare humecto – conditioner
      Organic Root Stimulator replenishing pack or hair mayonaisse- deep conditioner available at beauty supply/hair shops for black people or sallys.
      joico k pac
      oyin handmade honey hemp conditioner – conditioner that many prefer as a leave in.
      oyin handmade – whipped pudding – hair moisturiser –
      shea butter is good but if her hair is not v kinky then it might be too heavy
      Aubrey organics honeysuckle rose conditioner – deep conditioner with rave reviews on hair forums
      kinky curly knot today – leave in
      Kenra MC – deep conditioner

      generally a deep conditioner is one that can be left on for 10 or more mins. You can add a touch of olive oil or castor oil to the conditioner to make it more moisturising.

      Aubreys and oyin are organic natural prods but some find these expensive. Organic root stimulator is reasonably priced though and easy to get your hands on whereas oyin is online. I believe Whole Foods does Aubrey’s organics.

      please check out longhaircareforum as they are the best at giving advice. Sadly there’s a small fee to join to ask direct questions or you could lurk around there and use their search function to pick up tips.

    where can i buy the hair product megatek for african american hair?
    does it really work for growth and breakage repair?

    • ANSWER:
      try a sally beauty supply

    What are the best products to use for thin hair that has breakage?
    My hair is thin, comes down to my neck and gets on my nerves sometimes (uugghh) lol ! I wish it was thicker and longer, is there any thing I can do about I get doobies here and there but maybe I’m not using the right products, or am I using the wrong products… I would love some helpful advice please. Thanks. Keep in mind : I am an african american female lol

    • ANSWER:
      Protein treatments are the best in these situations and also trim your ends whenever you see damage. Also, when you put too much heat on your hair it causes breakage and it also thins your hair out (I know from experience lol). Try Aphogee protein treatments every month or every two months, to much protein can actually cause damage. Also, if your hair is relaxed keep it off your shoulders as much as possible when it is at this length. This is why you always see black women with shoulder length hair as the hair is brushing against their clothes and breaking off. And another reason why people think we can’t grow long hair, even though we get touch up on relaxers meaning our hair grows just fine. Exercise also helps with hair growth because of the blood flow to the scalp. L-Cysteine also helps with hair growth as well, I started taking it on Saturday so I am waiting for results.

    What should I do to my hair to prevent further breakage?
    I’m an out of state student and I don’t really have a lot of time to do my hair, so braids would seem like the best option, but I have some pretty bad breakage in the middle (I’ve had it for awhile now) and on one of my sides. I don’t want to make it worse and really want it to start growing back, so perm with a treatment every so often is my next idea.

    Oh yeah and if anyone knows of some good hair products for African American hair please let me know.

    • ANSWER:
      Aphogee is a great product for damaged hair. You can only find them online or at the Beauty Supply store (Black Beauty Supply Stores) Try Aphogee Two Step Protein treatment.

      If your braid your hair, the breakage will be there at the ends of the hair when you take them out. It will give your hair a chance not to be damaged further by combing, styling etc.

      A relaxer will not “fix” the problem. Relaxers on damaged hair is never a good idea. Relaxers work by breaking down the the proteins in our hair that makes Afro hair curly or kinky. It will also deprive your hair of moisture because it’s the most drying thing you can do to your hair and black hair is dry anyway. Im not saying dont ever relax, Im saying try to get it healthier first. I suggest cutting off the damage and braiding it up to prevent further breakage and when you take out the braids you can start new.

      If you dont braid it, please get rid of the damged ends and start doing protein treatments & deep conditioning treatments.

      my user is : Jnicole07 and these sites saved my hair practically.

    What is the best way to protect my hair against breakage and itchy scalp? What products are good or best?
    This is for african american hair.

    • ANSWER:
      Punk just told you to stick your head in olive oil. LOL That is really not very nice. You will smell like a garden salad.

    How to care for my three year old african-american daughter’s hair?
    I have noticed that my daughter’s hair stays dry no matter what products I use and she is also showing breakage around the edges. I put her hair up in hair balls is that part of the reason why? What product can I use around her edges. I have used Dr. Miracle products but the seem to make her hair real dry and nappy. There is also breakage in the back of her hair and it is thinning. She has thick hair like mine. How should I style and take care of it?

    • ANSWER:
      Aww.. poor thing…

      Well she’s too young for a perm.. i would suggest waiting until she’s at least 8 years old. But Im guessing that youre not black so i would suggest taking her to a black hair salon and letting them do it, because if its done wrong then you will not only burn her half to death but her hair will fall out also.

      If im not mistaken… Dr. Miracle is not for 3 year olds. The most u can do to her at that age is grease her scalp with hair grease… it doesnt really matter what brand. I would also advise using hair wax on her hair when you put it in the little afro puffs. I think the correct name for it is “curl wax” and its typically dark orange. This will help with the breakage. And only wash her hair once a week bcuz washing it everyday will also cause breakage…

      If u have anymore questions… feel free to email me..

    Does Doctor Wonder Anti-Breakage Gro Cream really work? Plus, how can I grow my african american hair out?
    I just bought Doctor Wonder’s Anti-Breakage Gro Cream. No, it’s not the strengths cream, it says on the container anti-breakage gro cream.My question is does it actually work? I have pretty bad breakage and I want to stop that breakage. I want to grow my hair longer than it is.My hair is thick,shoulder and length and it’s relaxed. I want to grow my hair to be about back length. Any hair products recommended for hair growth? When I got about in 5TH grade my hair grew out to be pretty thick then, all of a sudden it stopped growing? What am I doing wrong? I use this oil therapy shampoo, I use Shea butter leave in conditioner. Then I also use carol’s daughter leave in black vanilla leave in conditioner spray. Recently I started putting coconut hair grease on the ends of my hair. How long will it take me to get my hair to about back length? By the way I’m 13 and I’m in 8th grade, so what grade would I be in til my hair gets that long if i take care of it? I tried going natural but that broke my relaxed hair off because I didn’t know you had to cut all your relaxed hair off. So, can anybody give me tips to help my hair growth, how to take care of it properly,and does the Doctor Wonder Anti-Breakage Gro cream work. Thanks:)

    • ANSWER:

    What is the best hair product to buy to help with hair breakage?
    I’m an African-American woman with some hair breakage and I was wondering what would be the best product or recommedation for my hair?

    • ANSWER:
      i use optimum care by soft sheen-carson… i love it.. the shampoo is called anti-breakage therapy and the conditioner is called stay strong conditioning or somethin….. then try the tea tree leave in treatments by Proclaim.. They come in lil packets…You can get all this at Sallys.. Good luck!

    Does anyone use carol’s daughter products in their hair?
    I have relaxed african american hair. Are there products any good? What would u recommend for relaxed hair? I am interested in moisture, body and strength/ anti breakage.

    • ANSWER:
      I bought carols daughter shampoo and it smells so good on my sisters hair… im not sure if it really does anything though and each shampoo they have they tell you what its good for. There’s one that’s like a milkshake that’s good for moisture.. But my sister has natural hair so i don’t know how it works on relaxed.

      answer mine plz:;_ylt=Ans5cIn3T6S1l52I2OKOR_Dsy6IX;_ylv=3?qid=20100516202841AAQvEVN

    I am African American &I started taking this Hair, Skin & Nails Formula from GNC? Has this worked for anyone?
    The Hair, Skin & Nails Formula has about 1500 mcg of biotin per pill.


    The instructions says to take 2 pills daily with food. Do they mean take 1 pill in the morning and 1 pill at night or do they mean take 2 together?

    Also, have these GNC pills helped with the growth of anyones hair? If so, how long did it take for you to see the results?

    Also, for those who are African American, how does this product work for you? I have very thick hair and its hard for me to grow it out. Basically my hair grows very, very slow.

    Also, is there any advice that someone can give me to minimize breakage (since I have a relaxer) and help promote growth?

    Does exercising help promotes hair growth? If so, by how much?

    If i go and work out, how can i protect my hair from sweat damage since I have a relaxer?

    • ANSWER:
      I too take the exact same pills from GNC. However, I only take one per day. That is because I also take vitamin e, c, calcium, and fish oil supplements. I haven’t really used it long enough to see any difference. I have noticed a difference in my skin, but I think that’s because I stopped eating junk and replaced my snacks with veggies. I also drink 64 oz of water/day.

      I can however give you tips on reducing breakage. You should start by focusing on keeping your hair healthy as opposed to making it grow longer. IMHO, I don’t think it’s about making your hair grow longer as opposed to retaining the growth that you have and reducing breakage.

      I always say moisture moisture moisture is the key. When you wash your hair (try and only do that once a week) use a conditioning shampoo. I’m not necessarily talking about a 2n1 either. Every single time you wash you hair you should always follow with a deep conditioning treatment. I also like to incorporate a heating cap into my deep conditioning routine. I’ve found that this helps to reduce (excessive) shedding and breakage.

      Have you considered an apHogee treatment?,default,pd.html

      It’s done every six weeks and it aids in the treatment/prevention of breakage. It’s a powerful protein treatment. It also requires a hooded dryer. You can also use a blowdryer, but a hooded one is easier on your arms since you would have to dry your hair without actually touching it.

      Daily moisturizing is also important. You should try wrapping your hair every night. Also, make sure that you don’t tie your scarf tightly because that can cause breakage around your edges.

      As for exercising, you should do that anyway. All exercising will do for your hair is increase the flow of blood to your scalp which would place nutrients there. It aids in keeping your hair healthy, but don’t expect some miracle where is you do this exercise for this long then your hair will grow this fast.

      Also, what the heck is sweat damage? Do you mean like keep your relaxer from “sweating out?”

      When your working out and you have a relaxer my only advice is to keep your hair tied up or wrapped. That’s what I used to do.

    Will Mane and Tail shampoo and conditioner grow out my African american hair?
    My hair is very thick and its relaxed. Will Mane and tail work on my African american hair? I’ve been searching the web and looking at what people are saying about this product. Overall everybody has been saying it works very well. I’ve read it makes your hair grow very long and it makes it shiny. A friend of mine uses this product and she said this products makes your hair grow very long. In May her hair was at her shoulders. she sent me a picture and now its down past her shoulders.I was very shocked with her results and i really wanted to try this product but i was scared of the results. the thing is, is that shes white so i thought maybe that why her hair grew so fast with that product. But, some others have been saying this product contains a lot of protein and it makes your hair hard. I know for a fact that too much protein isn’t good for African american hair. What I’m looking for is for people to answer who have actually used this product and has experiences with it. Would you recommend this product? how many stars would you give Mane and tails out 10 stars? If I were to use Mane and tails how would my hair turn out? how long will it take for me to actually see results? what will this product actually do to my hair? My hair is already thick and it comes to my shoulders. It has broken off so I’m trying to repair the breakage. would mane and tails help the breakage? if not what products would? I also heard that mane and tails was made for horses but now supposedly humans use it. Please only people you have used this products answer this and give your honest opinion thanks : )

    • ANSWER:

    Vegan hair care for African American hair?
    Does anyone know of any good vegan hair care products for my natural (no chemicals) black hair that will make it healthy? I stopped relaxing about three years ago. I keep my hair braided or in double strand twists for the most part, and I keep away from heat. But I still have lots of breakage, knots, and split ends, and my hair always feels…”crunchy” is my term but it’s really thirsty hair. Plus if there are any natural women out there can you tell me about your regimen?

    • ANSWER:
      You can boil flax seeds…in water…just take a cupful of them…boil them in like…two or three cups of water..and it will make a gel..then you strain the flax seeds out of the mixture.

      You can bottle the gel and use it on your hair. =o)
      All natural AND vegan!! =o)

      I hope this works for you!! Make sure to get the ends of your hair cut every few months to avoid split ends/or at least to get rid of them. Good luck!!

    I have a question for african-american women?
    I am african-american and have had hair breakage in the top center section of my head. My hair started to break in that area almost 12 years ago and everytime is starts to grow it breaks right back off. At times it looks like someone to the scissors to it because it’s an even breakage. Sometimes it’s not an even breakage. But what concerns me the most is that it is thin and the texture of it is dry and coarse. Even when it grows back it is very dry and if I even comb it the wrong way it snaps off. That area of my scalp is always very itchy. I will put oil on that area but it will make it itch worse. I have had a relaxer for the past 13 years but before that I wore a press and curl. If you part my hair down the middle in that area you can clearly see the difference in length, thickness, texture, etc.

    Does anybody know what could be causing this? What can I do to treat this? I am now going to a new stylist and she uses good products and is into “healthy” hair growth.

    • ANSWER:
      OMG! so sorry to hear that. There are so many things that cause hair breakage from poor diet to bad products to too much heat to even too much protein conditioning without an adequate moisturizing conditioner to even waiting too long in between relaxer touch ups. But the fact that it is located in one area makes it sound as if your breakage is due to a physical problem like a roller setting technique or a flat ironing or a tight ponytail or something so try to ease up on those things if you use them. The best thing I can recommend if it is due to chemical or product damage is that you make sure that you relax your hair no sooner than six weeks but no later than 8-9 weeks and also that you use no other relaxer but Affirm fiberguard sodium hydroxide ( lye) formula in mild or normal strength and that you use mizani products for washes and conditioning. Also when relaxing make sure your stylist follows the steps with the affirm fiberguard :
      1. base the scalp properly
      2. apply preservo to whole hair and then relaxer to the new growth only
      3. use sustentance for 5 minutes after rinsing out the relaxer but before the neutralizer
      4. neutralizing shampoo
      and then follow up with a good deep conditioner from mizani.

      I hope that all helped! OHHH and use a huge wide tooth comb to comb your hair, not a regular one until after you comb it with the gigantic wide tooth comb first.

    Hair breakage… How do you fix,maintain and prevent this from happening to your hair?
    I am african american woman with fine hair. I just took out my micro braids and my hair is broken off something terrible. I wanna put a perm in it because it is kinda rough around the edges but I think it will make hair more weak. WHat steps do I take to treat maintain and prevent hair breakage for strong u healthy hair and also I would like thicker fuller hair are there any products you guys suggest worth trying or any special teqniques you use to take care of your hair if its good let me know I am only looking for answers of experience. I am open to using products for caucasians to because I have used pantene in the past but I want to treat my hair from the roots

    • ANSWER:
      Read the article “Dealing With Dry Hair” at

    How can I stop hair breakage?
    I’m an African American female with relaxed hair. Some parts of my hair recently broke off in the back. how can I grow them back and prevent furthur breakage. Also, are their any products that are excellent for thick relaxed hair, and how can I maintain my hairstyle?

    • ANSWER:
      Well, you firsthave to figure out WHY your hair is breaking. Is it the type of hairstyles you wear? Like you putting you hair in a ponytail that’s too tight. Is is heat damage? Flat ironing every. Is it overprocessing? Leaving your relaxers in for too long? Is your hair too dry? Is it lacking protein? Or is it a combination of these things?

      Now, once you determine what it is, try to eliminate those problems or stop them as much as you can.

      Now, what you need to do is trim off your split ends because if your ends are severly split, they’ll split further up the shaft and your hair will eventually break completely off. If it protein your lacking, you need to do protein treatments. Aphogee carries a good one that I highly recommend. If your hair is lacking moisture, you need to get a really good moisturizing shampoo/conditioner. And you need to get a water-based moisturizer to use on your hair EVERYDAY! You also need to be deep conditioning weekly. If it’s the heat you’re having a problem with, you need to learn to STOP flat-ironing your and STOP blow drying it until it’s a bit stronger. I know it’ll be hard at first, but I haven’t blow dryed or flat-ironed my hair in like 3 months. As for overprocessing, when you get your perms, the perms should be placed ONLY on the new growth. Putting on your hair that’s already relaxed weakens the hair strand therefore causing it to break. Another thing it you need to be sure that you wrap your hair EVERY night with a satin scarf. That keeps moisture in and doesn’t dry your hair out. Alot of things some people don’t know is wearing your hair down on your shoulders causes the hair to break because it’s rubbing against your clothes which in turn cause the moisture to come out and that cause breakage. So, you should try wearing your hair up as much as possible… Don’t use ponytail holders, use a clip.

      A good moisturizing shampoo and conditioner are Tresemme. (Which I use ALL the time and LOVE) Also, Infusium… Which is pretty good.
      A good moisturizer to use everyday is Organic Root Stimulator’s Carrot Oil.
      A good deep conditioner is Organic Root Stimulator’s Replenishing Pak (Like the girl mentioned above) and also a good Cholesterol where you can find pretty much anywhere.
      And a good protein treatment is Aphogee’s.

    what type of products you suggest for itching breakage and loss of edges?
    this is gigi i asked the question was about itching, breakage,and hair loss around the edges. im an african american do you think we can get lice and is head and shoulders is good for my type of hair oh and my hair is already short.

    • ANSWER:

    Does anyone have any tips for coarse african american hair?
    After I get my hair relaxed and straightened at the shop I’m not able to get it back that way, so my first question is, what is your technique and what do you use?
    I also was wondering about a hot oil treatment product and how you use it?
    I currently just started using Nexxus botanical and humectress to streghten my hair from bad breakage and John Frieda’s leave in conditioner and Secret Weapon to control my flyaways.
    Also I was wondering about straightening blams, hair serums and curl defining products…what do they do for really coarse african american hair and what are the best brands for my texture of hair?
    please help
    This would all help so I’ll know what to do for my daughter’s hair when she gets too old for ponytails, she has the same texture of hair as me: thick and nappy, but I don’t want to put a perm in my hair since that was what damaged my hair
    I meant to say relaxer in her hair, not mine, mine is already chemically relaxed

    • ANSWER:
      if you want to learn more about african american, mixed, or just straight up curly/kinky hair, just visit ;

      tons of threads in the forums regarding hair health, straightening, styling, and numerous products.

      good luck.

    How will my results be for African American hair getting a blowout at a Dominican salon?
    I’m African American, with 4a/b type hair. I’ve heard good and bad things about the Dominican salons, but I want to give it a try cuz my homie’s mom is Rican and told me they’d hook me up. Her hair texture is a bit less kinky than mine, but she relaxes her hair like I do, so it’s not that different. I’m concerned about the heat though as my hair is prone to breakage from overprocessing, heat styling, and I sometimes sweat in my scalp with causes frizzies and dryness. I’ve decided to wait to go until my hair is back at it’s healthy, uniform length (almost chin length).

    Do you think I’ll have any problems? Should I have them just blow dry the roots cuz of my breakage issues? Should I bring my own products?

    I still plan to go to my regular stylist for relaxers, but I just want to stretch the time in between them because it only takes about 4 weeks for my new growth to be visible. From what I’ve read, I must insist that they moisturize and condition my hair prior to my roller set. I also read that some kind of heat protectant should be used prior to the blowout process. Any other ideas and suggestions would be appreciated.

    • ANSWER:
      I have heard they can get hair super straight but I have heard many people experienced hair damage becuase of the high levels of heat many Dominicans use. if your hair is prone to breakage I would not go, but it’s up to you. Every salon will be different, I have also hear many of them have a prejudice against Blacks, like they will talk about you in Spanish. I’m just telling you what I have heard. You can straighten your hair yourself. I am natural now but when I used to straighten my hair this routine was good:

      (before any heat put a heat protection product in to put a layer between you and the heat and don’t do this every day or every week)

      YOU WILL NEED: Plastic cap/plastic bag, blow dryer, medium sized rollers, portable hair dryer, professional straightener, deep treatment conditioner, moisturizing shampoo, leave in conditioner, protein treatment, heat protectant product, wrap lotion. Whew~!

      1. Shampoo hair with moisturizing shampoo.

      2. Apply a protein treatment like Aphogee 2 Step. You should be doing a protein treatment regularly if you have relaxed hair. Relaxed hair=damaged hair. Especially if you straighten regualrly. Definitely do one before you go to any Dominican salon. Protein products do not “heal” hair but they coat hair and fill in crack temp, which stops breakage. Wash out after 15 minutes or so.

      3. After the protein treatment of choice, put deep conditioner in hair and put plastic cap/plastic bag over hair. Sit under a dryer for no less than 15 minutes. I do it for 45 minutes.

      4. Rinse out product and use a good leave in conditioner and spray hair liberally with a heat protectant. I like Tresemme.

      5. Next, roll hair on medium sized rollers with a wrap lotion.

      6. Then sit under dryer/heater until hair is about 70% dry.

      7. Remove rollers and blow dry the hair with a round brush section by section. Apply more heat protectant.

      8. Finally go over hair with a straightener lightly for shine. And you’re done.

      Also you don’t have to straighten to have a “hair spa day”. Take a day once a month to deep condition and do a protein treatment on your hair. Also you know you can stretch hair relaxers for months right? I personally love embracing my hair texture (4AB) but even if you keep relaxing def. educate yourself about your hair. You sound like you know some already and that’s a good thing. Too many of us are letting hair stylists damage our hair becuase we don’t know anything about it. I highly recommend for you. Best of luck.

    What are some products for my hair breakage?
    im an african american male. i’ve been growing my hair for about 3 1/2 months. about a month ago i noticed my hair was breaking off on the front right side only. on this side its a lot shorter than all the other sides. im pretty sure this is bcuz of my hair being super dry and brittle, my hair is also very thick and course. can sum1 please tell me some products i can use to stop this? i heard coconut oil is good. i rely just need a good hair regimen shampoos, conditoners, moisturizers, oils, ……etc

    • ANSWER:

    products to prevent and help repair hair breakage and split ends?
    i am an african american woman. i have been letting my hair grow for about 2 years and it’s much longer, i would like to continue growing it; but ive noticed alot more breakage on the ends and split ends over the past few months. i have been using tresemme and im thinking that could be whats causing it. my hair is very coarse and thick so unfortunately i do have to relax my hair but i try to use mild relaxers and i do trim my hair. does anyone know of a shampoo, conditioner, or some product that can help prevent and repair my breakage so that my hair can continue to grow healthy and strong.

    • ANSWER:
      I know it sounds goofy but ketchup has been known to stop your ends from splitting…My mother is a cosmetologist and she has been using this technique for years and you need to have dark hair but you must have dark hair because you added that you are african american. This worked for my mother, I know it will work for you to. Just apply maybe twice a week but you dont need too much just about a hand full and leave it in for 5 min or so… good luck.

    African American Hair Question?
    I’m expecting, and I have not relaxed my hair during my pregnancy, and have no intention to. At this time, I’m not even really sure if I want to relax after giving birth. Right now, my style is to just wash, flat iron and curl. I want to try to cut back on hot curling my hair. If I roll it at night, will it still cause breakage to my ends?? I don’t think I’ll be able to skip out on using my flat iron. Is there a product hat I can put in my hair to make it easier to comb and straighten, especially towards my scalp?? And what flat irons are best for African American hair?? Will I be able to possibly wrap my hair after it has been flat ironed well?? Or if anyone has any ideas as to what I should do to my hair to make it more manageable, please let me know. Thanks in advance for any decent answers.

    • ANSWER:

    Help with nappy, course/kinky african american hair?
    My parents are both jamaican and my hair is so course/kinky.
    My hair has always been that way I started hot combing it and it helps, but lately there’s been alot of breakage and my hair is also very thin and dry now. It really looks bad, and expecially since I play tennis I sweat in it alot… what products can I use to help my hair. I want to wear my hair down but I don’t want to use a relazer, heard it’s bad for hair. Wish I had the “good hair” like some mixed african americans..

    • ANSWER:
      Not all african american hair is nappy. Me myself i have got a relaxer it isn’t that bad as people say. Don’t keep using the hot comb it does a lot of damage. You should go get a dominican blow out.! Don’t get to many but one once a month is good it will make your hair very straight and pretty.! :) Also when you play tennis it will flow in the wind very nice.! You can wear it up or down when you get the blow out.
      -muchh helpp.!

    Any good products for heat damage protection and breakage you can refer to me?
    I use to use Tresemme, i like it I thought it was good but I no longer live in the states and they don’t sell much Tresemme where I am lol. Soo i need a new line.
    What do you guys use?
    What works good?
    I’m African American and do perm my hair.
    thanks to the 6 of yu who gave real answers so far.
    im looking for reviews now ;]

    • ANSWER:
      W/e you do don’t use pantene its so horrible for your hair and i don’t know why they still even have it on the shelves.
      I would suggest Infusium 23 its really good and Herbal essences but review before you get because some of it doesnt work but i absolutely love the smell and the dangerously straight line

      Good luck

    Permed African American Hair.?
    I have very fine hair, although it’s numerous in the amount of strands. My problem is, recently I’ve been experiencing breakage in the back. I’m not certain if my hair is asking for a rest, putting in braids and the like. I’ve had natural hair for numerous years and wouldn’t mind going natural again if it didn’t mean I had to cut off all of my hair.

    I have started the deep conditioning regime to try and stop the breakage. I am looking for suggestion, products etc.

    I’ve lost some weight recently from working hard and stress. Any insight on if that may be effecting the condition of my hair would be appreciated as well.

    Positive feed back please.

    • ANSWER:
      Yes your diet can make your break your hair maybe try a vitamin while on the diet But MOST important STRESS is the 1 cause of hair lose so if you are under allot of stress that can do it right there Try A vitamin with keratin in it . Good luck by the way if it is stress and diet don’t worry it will grow right back after you are all done worrying

    Can I use Softsheen Carson Optimum anti-breakage shampoo and conditioner if i have white people hair ?
    I bought this product at the store and I looked it up online the day after. It looks like its made for African American Hair. It seems to work for me though, but i want to know if you can use it on all types of hair.

    • ANSWER:
      Does it say that it’s only for african american types of hair? I’m assuming it doesn’t. Just as Nexxus does not say on it’s label that it’s only for white people’s hair.

      If it works on your hair then that’s all that matters. I have afro hair and that stuff wouldn’t work on my hair and I stopped using products in the ethnic hair aisle because most are loaded with bad ingredients. But I have no problem using products that’s not specifically marketed to blacks, like Nexxus and Neutrogena, for instance, and those work better on my hair. Some blacks have the same misconceptions about hair products, and assume that they can only use products in the ethnic hair aisle or products that are specifically marketed toward blacks, and that’s definitely not true.

      Don’t be fooled by the marketing. Many products are for all hair types.

    My hair is falling out! HELP! (African-American)?
    But, here’s the deal. I purchased a Mizani perm (i usually used soft and beautiful, but there wasn’t any in stock) and put it in my hair. Apparently even the mild was too strong for my hair (no, i don’t have that “good grade,” but it’s not coarse either) because it started burning really bad, and we had to rush to get it out. My hair didn’t straighten properly, so I got another perm one month later (if my hair has new growth, and isn’t permed, it will also break & fall out). Well, my hair started to fall out A LOT! It fell out in the back, in the middle, in the sides, and a little on the front. It’s not even an inch of hair in a lot of places…and it’s still falling out. And where it’s broken off really badly, it feels brittle! I used the aphogee treatment once already, but it hasn’t stopped the breakage. I just used hair mayo 2. I want the breakage to stop. Do you know of any hair products and techniques I should use to help promote hair growth? Any help would be appreciated!!

    • ANSWER:
      How awful. The best advice I have is to get your hair the healthiest start from the inside as it grows out. That would be a good diet and vitamins. And the side effects will be good for the rest of you too. Here’s one article with ideas of good food choices:

      If you go to the health food store, I’m sure you could find vitamins that will nourish your hair and skin too.

      Meantime, go shop for some cute hats and scarves and have some fun.